Morgan Stanley: Apple iPhone sales in China are quickening, expect continued strength with ‘iPhone 13’

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says that Apple is seeing huge demand for iPhones in China, ahead of the expected launch of the new “iPhone 13” family expected to be introduced in September.

iPhone 13 and 13 Pro dummy units (Photo: Sonny Dickson)
iPhone 13 and 13 Pro dummy units (Photo: Sonny Dickson)

Rachit Vats for Benzinga:

Apple’s iPhone shipments in China in July were up 79% on a year-over-year basis, as per estimates by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

While iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the most popular models in China, iPhone 11 sales remain “resilient,” the analyst said.

The jump in July numbers far outpaced China’s own handset vendors, which saw just a 27% increase over the same period.

Apple’s share of the installed base of smartphones in China grew by 90 basis points in July to 20.7%, a 27-month high.

Huberty said the demand indicates iPhone can see continued shipment strength after the launch of the new iPhone 13 model this fall.

MacDailyNews Take: This locomotive is still picking up speed!


  1. Apple picking up speed! Great! Just in time to start assuming every single user is guilty until proven innocent by scanning every single photo I jack into iCloud, and scan every iMessage for the same.


    Of course, this is totally counter to their Privacy bent, and this type of solution can easy be re-purposed for speech (which Apple will probably deploy against political opponents and information they want to silence, labeling it whatever so as to book burn your free speech rights), and this is clearly pushed into Apple by the Feds.

    Apple, after a decade or more pushing back the Feds to create a back door, have finally given them a tool to spy on data coming into and out of the iPhone. Spying IN the iPhone, or spying on data going in and out – effectively very similar.

    Why did Apple cave?

    Based on the NSA’s game of spying on regular Americans – the game of guilty until proven innocent (this is what Totalitarian regimes do), all in the name of keeping us “Safe” another game – people over the course of history have proven the majority will give away freedoms for perceived safety almost every time (15 days to stop the spread for instance is ongoing and may now never end – your freedoms be damned in the name of safety so sayeth the stupid Schwartzenegger – ironically voicing our recent policies across the nation).

    Bottom Line: I am inferring agencies spied on top brass at Apple, and finally were able to find information of who knows what type, to blackmail them into putting these systems in place. Of course, the child pornography is the golden calf where no one – obviously so – would ever want to say we shouldn’t stop that. So that is the soft spot to deploy systems that can be amazingly easily repurposed for all sorts of spying – on every single iPhone and iCloud user in the world.

    Once Apple caves they will continue to cave. That’s the way exposure pressure on humans works.

    What to do?

    Simple, but aggravating. Turn off iCloud photo sharing and use a 3rd party app, or online service, to purpose your iPhone photos to and from and to your Mac/PC. That is, if our massive security bureaucracies aren’t already spying on those solutions already of course…

    As for iMessage, if anyone has a solution for this tool, I think we are all ears.

    1. You sound upset, have you been watching your quota of Ted Lasso. It will make you feel much better.

      Besides, it is very possible that the reason Apple is doing better is that they’ve included this new snooping technology as requested by the CCP, and they responded by putting the word out, “It’s ok to buy iPhones for now.”

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