Russia demands Apple, Google ban Kremlin opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s app

Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor has demanded that Apple and Alphabet’s Google ban Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s app from their stores, Interfax news agency reported on Friday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Navalny began actively promoting the app after the authorities last month blocked access to his main website and 49 other associated sites and called for blocking social media linked to him.

Roskomnadzor said that the app “is used to promote and implement the activities of extremist organizations.”

MacDailyNews Take: Which might sound like a familiar refrain in some other countries around the world.


Roskomnadzor cited a Russian court ruling that found jailed Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation an extremist organisation and banned it. Navalny’s allies have published news and blogs through the app after Roskomnadzor blocked their websites.

MacDailyNews Take: By the way, for those concerned about Apple’s recent announcement that the next version of iOS will install a mass surveillance backdoor into Apple devices, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) has created a petition to let users speak out.

The EFF petition, which we have signed and recommend that our readers sign as well, reads as follows:

Don’t Scan Our Phones

The “child safety” changes Apple plans to install on iOS 15 and macOS Monterey undermine user privacy, and break the promise of end-to-end encryption.

I urge Apple to reconsider these systems. Continuous scanning of images won’t make kids safer, and may well put more of them in danger. Installing the photo-scanning software on our phones will spur governments around the world to ask for more surveillance and censorship abilities than they already have.


Your Name

Tell Apple: Don’t Scan Our Phones


  1. It’s time that sourpuss sit down with the board and make it clear that you sacrifice some sales to integrity now or all sales in the future. Just say FU to Russia.

    1. Wish Cook would send the same FU to the communist government in China. But wait, too much in bed putting all manufacturing eggs in one basket. Caretaker CEO needs to go…

  2. “the board…and make it clear that you sacrifice some sales to integrity now or all sales in the future.”

    I think Apple is at the point (my view), and or, will soon be at the point to make effective such thinking.

    There are many instances today, in business, govt, education and others where this “sacrifice” would bring concrete benefit.

    Speaking personally, I hunger to see it.

  3. See what you started Tim? You got bent with China. You got woke to idiot millennials plus. You wanted to be with the cool gang of Facebook and Twitter.

    Now, China is coming back again for another bite of the apple, pardon the pun, and Russia wants you to censor opposition like is done by woke Social Media and Big Tech does it in the USA, because they know, thanks to Afghanistan lunacy, you can’t go running to that half brain dead schmuck Joe Biden seeking help and recourse.

    Tim squeezed that toothpaste out of the tube. There is no putting that toothpaste back in that tube!

  4. I suppose that it is better that wars are fought with products and information then bombs and bullets. But it is still war, and people will still get killed. We need leaders who can speak in complete sentences and understand what is going on.

    1. Wars are fought with bombs and bullets. Taliban? ISIS? Al-Qaeda? Tech facilitates these wars. Who propped up Puppet Joe? The press and big tech. They (along with Joe) shoulder some of the blame for the current bombs and bullets in Afghanistan… as well as the future global horrors to come. Reap what you sow. Now, please pass the ice cream

  5. Losing freedom is often part of bullet & bomb wars, but it’s also part of info-wars. If one wins the war, but loses freedom, the “win” is flimsy, or superficial.

    One of the wars is mostly clear and tangible and the other is mostly concealed and filled with deception being sold as truth. Both are bad, but the “winners,” or those winning in the info-war have little incentive for the war to end…after all, they’re not experiencing casualties. This can’t be said of the B n B War.

    To say there’s an info-war isn’t a conspiracy. Truth lost = freedom lost.

  6. Why should I pay a premium for products from a company that acts like every other company. As for upgrading OSes…forget it!

    As far as petitions go they only work up to a point and the bottom line is that as an act of disobedience they are pretty tame. If you want Apple to take notice hit them where it hurts and that means in their hip pockets.

  7. Apple is going to be in a real bind now. Reality is all the products and components are in China. “China” will dictate to Apple what they will do not the other way around. When you overcommit ANYTHING to one country, manufacturer etc.. no matter socialist or not your screwed. Trump wanted to test China now a video card costs more than a child birth. China lost no money they just increased our cost to the stratusphere and lowered all product availability. That my friends is real power now hot air. If Russia and China want Navalny’s app banned Apple will ban it. If there is a standup to oppression or child labor it will be magically “filtered” out. The whole child censorship is just a guise for full control. Exploiting children is a “ugly” term that Apple thought they could use to get their Chinese censor and screening system in place. Problem for poor Timmy is we aren’t that blind. I think its safe to say that these big tech companies “must” be broken up. If they cannot manage themselves responsibly then we have to protect ourselves against them. Oil used to be the product we depended on the most now its components for anything computerized. China knows this all to well.

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