High-end iMac powered by advanced Apple Silicon may not launch this year

According to a new leak, Apple’s high-end iMac release may not be until 2022, with it apparently being launched later than other anticipated Mac updates with the advanced Apple Silicon “M1X” chip in order to spotlight the rest of the Mac lineup.

The all-new iMac models in green, pink, blue, and silver will be available for purchase at Apple Store locations, and all seven colors of iMac will be available at apple.com and on display at most stores.
Apple’s all-new 24-inch iMac

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

According to serial leaker “Dylandkt” on Twitter, a “high end iMac” will be released in 2022. The iOS developer later explained that the model is not expected to be released in the fourth quarter alongside “other M1X Macs.”

Dylan reasons this to be the case because “Apple simply does not want their devices to compete for attention.” There is also the belief that delays in product releases have led to the extended timetable.

Apple is thought to be working on new models of a 14-inch MacBook Pro, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, an updated MacBook Air, and an overhauled Mac mini.

MacDailyNews Take: Imagine the sales Apple would generate with a well-priced 30-inch M1X iMac!


  1. Maybe they’re rethinking the design. I don’t think new 24-inch model is particularly attractive. It’s not terrible, a technical marvel, but it just looks a bit plain and utilitarian. Too many straight lines, like a boxy economy car. The new big iMac (as planned) probably looks similar, just scaled up. The old (current) 27-inch iMac style is more interesting visually.

  2. the weird 4.5k resolution of the new iMac creates an expectation that the bigger iMac have 6k at least. I wonder if that is slowing things down? Apple has this awkward inversion in their lineup now where the low-end has longer life expectancy then the high end. Maybe the iMac form factor doesn’t make sense at the high end, and the mini-pro will do better there?

    1. Yet another call for a “mini Mac Pro”?

      Give it up.

      Apple has not shipped such a computer since the demise of the IIci and IIcx. (I don’t consider the Performa series and their Mac equivalents as fitting this category.) In the 28+ years since those stopped shipping Apple has shown zero desire to ship a “small pro model”.

      1. To nitpick, the Quadra 700 mini-tower came after Mac IIci; it was a baby Quadra 900 (the pro Mac of its time). And later, there was the Power Mac G4 Cube.

        If the rumored M1X Mac mini is replacing the current (dark grey) 6-core Intel Mac mini, it won’t be a mini Mac Pro, but I’d call it a Mac mini Pro.

      2. Speculating is fun… I’d like to see the Mac mini with M1X recycle the name ‘Power Mac’. The top end version would outperform the Intel Mac Pro’s specs and cost much less but has no internal upgradability, keeping it more robust and cheaper to run and support.

        There will be no iMac Pro, just a larger version of the current model. Slight price bump.

        And the Mac Pro will receive another Intel update, extending it’s life, but outperformed by the ‘Power Mac’ mini.

        Hey, anything’s possible.

      3. One of my favorite Macs was the original Beige G3. It had expandible/replaceable everything. Ram, hard drive, CD drive, and three slots that I used for a video digitizer and a Firewire+USB card.

        And it all just worked. And it was reasonably priced. Sometimes I miss beleaguered Apple.

        1. The single Mac that I used longest was a Power Mac 8100, one of the original PowerPC Macs. It eventually had a G3 upgrade card that installed in a very “makeshift” way, but it worked. I used it through Mac OS 9.1 (last supported version) until I replaced it finally with a Mac running Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).

  3. If the high end iMac is pushed to Q1 2022, I hope it will ship with an M2 chip (faster [higher instructions per clock], higher clocks, and more capable cores and more of them than the M1) rather than an M1x (potentially faster and more cores based upon the M1 cores).

  4. I literally have $2500 sitting in the bank waiting for the new 27-30 inch iMac whenever the fuck it comes out. It has been sitting there for nine months, money just sitting there. Does Apple want that money? Someday?

  5. @Wozzeck. Feeling the same! I’ll be disappointed if they don’t release it in time for Xmas shopping and truly don’t think the high end 30″ iMacs will cannibalize says of the smaller 24″ consumer line. I suspect it’s more about supply chain issues if this rumor is true.

    My old Mac mini with an old Thunderbolt display is…um…old. So tired of seeing the processor chug along on Mail and Calendar refreshes…

    C’mon, Apple. Pretty please? Don’t Grinch us?

  6. “Apple simply does not want their devices to compete for attention.”

    Seems like dumb reasoning. Yes, spacing product releases can be strategic for optimizing consumer anticipation, but this seems like a bit of punishment as the community wanting/needing a bigger screened iMac is earnestly waiting, size-able and touches some of the “pro-market.”

    If the wait is truly into ’22, may the M2 compensate for the delay.

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