Apple reportedly working on successor to Pro Display XDR

Apple is internally testing a new external display with a dedicated A13 chip and also Neural Engine which is is likely to be the successor to Pro Display XDR.

With Retina 6K resolution, gorgeous color and extreme brightness and contrast ratio, Pro Display XDR is the world’s best pro display.
Apple’s Retina 6K Pro Display XDR

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

The new display is being developed under the codename J327, but at this point, details about technical specifications are unclear. According to sources, this display will have an Apple-made SoC, which right now is the A13 Bionic chip — the same one used in the iPhone 11 lineup.

Along with the A13 chip, the external display features the Neural Engine, which accelerates machine learning tasks. Although rumors suggest that Apple has been working on a less expensive display for regular users, the new external display with a dedicated SoC will likely be a new model to replace the current Pro Display XDR in the future.

MacDailyNews Take: Someday, we hope to have an Apple display “for the rest of us” with which we can replace our dual 27-inch 4K LG 27UK850-W units, $449.99 at Amazon currently)


  1. A 4k 42 inch screen makes an excellent monitor, that has several advantages over Apple’s monitor. The DPI is lower, but you can still have more stuff open at once and readable. And you can have about ten of them for the cost of one Apple display.

    (Curved would be nice at 42′ or so. But I don’t know if anyone makes that.)

  2. I love my old Apple LED Display. It’s more than 10 years old and the image still beats most new displays, but the resolution isn’t what we expect these days.

    Apple really needs to get this figured out. With so many people buying MacBooks, most Mac users are, by definition, having a sub-optimal Mac experience. If people want to cheap out and buy a $300 display, fine. Buy make sure there’s something available in an iMac-class display for those who care.

    1. “Apple really needs to get this figured out.” In complete agreement.

      Apple seems to do this sort of thing…not “wrapping” a sector completely and or, enduringly.
      Certain products come/go with a curious laxness and often creating a disappointing uncertainty.

      Besides “what’s on the desktop” branding, controlling the technology that hits the user’s eyes would seem to be VERY much an Apple type of concern. So much marketing energy is used to promote the iPh and iPad screen technology, but the verve often goes limp when it comes to real (sizable) pieces of screen real estate. Frankly, I don’t get it.

      I’m not sure about a 42″ curved screen, but with Apple (seemingly) becoming a production/media focused company, an industry-best, sizable screen that would fill the desktop space, but would also augment the sleeper ATV system…a good strategic move, imo.

    2. “If people want to cheap out and buy a $300 display, fine.”

      CORRECTION: If budget conscious people want to buy a quality display at an excellent price without the Apple logo and Apple high price, fine.

      There, I fixed it for you FANBOY.

      Oh BTW, I care too. I care about quality and price, that’s called bang for the buck. That’s called prudent business budgeting.

      The last thing on planet Earth I care about is forking over more money to the richest company in history for ridiculously OVERPRICED MONITORS. Got it?

      For fun, I just slap an Apple logo sticker on my non Apple monitor and good to go…😎

      1. Some people use their Macs to make a living, so it’s easy to justify spending a little more. Especially if image quality is important to the work you’re doing.

        But beyond creative professionals buying for image quality, there are millions of regular Mac users who would be better served by an Apple display (optimized resolutions, proper ports, avoiding the poorly designed interfaces, etc.).

        Apple should have an iMac-quality (and iMac-range cost) display available for MacBook and Mac Mini users, and as a second display for iMacs.

        1. “Some people use their Macs to make a living”

          That would be me a creative professional for decades.

          Regarding “image quality” Apple is NOT the end all be all. Plenty of monitors below $500 that fit the bill and serve my needs.

          I detect more of elitist Apple snobbery and a weak argument. Obviously you are not a creative PRO which explains your fanboy naïveté.

          If other manufacturers can build a quality display for $500 or less, no reason Apple cannot do the same. Oh wait, bean counter Cook…🙄

      2. Apple itself pushed people into buying displays from other brands (at a variety of price points) because they didn’t want to bother with their own, even their XDR display doesn’t have a logo on the front and a cheap-looking name label on the back. I suppose you could attach a post-it with an Apple sticker on it as a reminder. I bought an HP V28 4K display for $330 that I’m very happy with. Whatever Apple could bring even at $500 and 27″ would be a downgrade for me, knowing them it would require a dongle to be compatible with my 2015 MacBook Pro, if at all.

    1. Q: When is new iMac coming ?
      A: Some time in the near or distant future.

      R: Want larger screen
      A: Move chair and position your eyes closer to the screen

      S: Still using my 2011 iMac
      A: Improvise and save money. Instead of spending money on apple products, invest in (more) AAPL. Your future self thinks me.

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