S&P 500 and Dow indexes fall as U.S. weekly jobless claims hit a two-month high

The S&P 500 and the Dow indexes fell on Thursday after data showed U.S. weekly jobless claims hit a two-month high, while a rise in megacap tech stocks, including Apple which was up over $2.00 ((+1.42%) in morning trading, offered some support to the technology-heavy Nasdaq.

Why Apple stock is struggling


The Labor Department’s report showed the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits increased by 51,000 to a seasonally adjusted 419,000 in the week ended July 17.

Investors have been closely following the health of the jobs market on which the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy hinges, especially after a series of higher inflation reading recently sparked fears about a sooner-than expected paring of policy support as the economy reopens.

Economically sensitive S&P 500 sectors declined in early trading, with energy dropping 1.2% after rising in the last two sessions. The S&P 500 technology sector was the biggest gainer among the 11 major sector indexes.

At 10:00 a.m. ET the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 62.20 points, or 0.18%, at 34,735.80 and the S&P 500 was down 1.53 points, or 0.04%, at 4,357.16. The Nasdaq Composite was up 24.87 points, or 0.17%, at 14,656.83, boosted by Apple Inc, Amazon.com, Facebook Inc, Google-owner Alphabet Inc and Microsoft Corp.

MacDailyNews Take: Fly to Apple safety, everyone!


  1. Maybe the Biden Administration should hand out free money to those who don’t go to work. Those who are working, could pay for it. Those who don’t want to contribute to the payments could just choose to collect payments instead. Fixed

  2. Since early 2020, the number of people jobless has tended to track the trends in Covid infections. When cases are rising, employers are hesitant to expand and those entering the job market (high school and college graduates, veterans, etc.) cannot find work easily. So, this is squarely on the consciences of those who have been discouraging vaccination and other reasonable voluntary public health measures. We aren’t facing a choice between addressing the virus and having a sound economy, because we cannot have a sound economy until we manage the virus.

    1. You are more than welcome to get fully vaccinated and stay and home with a mask on. You will probably be quite safe. Biden will even PAY you to stay home. I love the USA!

    2. Ice Cream Cone Joe seems pretty concerned about the recent rise in cases. He is really pushing the whole vaccination thing. He’s talking about possible mask mandates (including for those fully vaccinated). In CA, the dems are talking about another lockdown. Will students be returning to school in September? I’m not so sure with the big teachers unions demanding “zero risk.” Zero risk? That will neeeever evvver happen.

      Meanwhile, is anyone asking about the busload and planeload of UNmasked democrap superspreaders from TX? Aren’t cases on the rise? Why were they unmasked? Shame on them!

      Speaking of busses and planes… if the current vax/ covid situation is such an existential threat, then why is Strawberries & Cream bussing and flying illegals all over the US? When they packed up for their dangerous journey to the most racist country in the world, did they remember to bring their proof of vax? Something is WAY off about all of the above. The dems are all f–ed up. TxLoser defends them. Not the rest of us.

        1. Yes, Biden got more votes than even the Messiah Obama did. You can really feel the love and adoration for Biden across America. Everywhere you go… everyone you talk to just loves him! Don’t get me started on how much people love Kamala. Americans from coast to coast might just love her MORE than Biden. Is that even possible? True Americans are so glad mean Trump is gone that they don’t mind lower wages, higher prices and inflation. Americans of all ages are welcoming the wild wild left’s crazy policies. True Americans know that the highest gas prices in years are just a small price to pay to be rid of Trump. Biden is incredible! He is just so popular! Here is to 7 1/2 more years!

        2. Get over it? Have you? Obviously not. The ultra-wacko left press hasn’t gotten over it ether. So, now it our turn and we aren’t going to just “get over it.” We are going to get louder. And we aren’t going to stop. So you go do what you want to do… like pay a little extra next time you fill up the tank. Us? We are gonna gladly bitch about it every day! So, Txy, it is you who has to get over us.

  3. Didn’t Biden and Kamala BOTH badmouth the vaccines? Next question… why is the current vaccination rate the highest in the current covid hotspots?

    1. Ah, a visitor from the Mirror Universe! In this world, the US counties with the highest per capita number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are also among those with the lowest percentage of fully vaccinated individuals. There may be a lot of shots being handed out in the hotspots now, but those folks won’t reach maximum immunity for six weeks yet. In the meantime, there is so much virus in the air in public places that it is infecting those who are vaccinated, too. They aren’t getting as sick as those unvaccinated, so almost all of them are surviving, but they wouldn’t get infected at all if not for the invaders from the Mirror Universe spreading misinformation.

      1. “The US counties with the highest per capita number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are also among those with the lowest percentage of fully vaccinated individuals.” Wow! Are you a scientist? Maybe those unvaccinated people can go get vaccinated. Maybe, just maybe.

        “There may be a lot of shots being handed out in the hotspots now.” What? People are getting vaccinated? And how is that a bad thing?

        “But those folks won’t reach maximum immunity for six weeks yet.” Correct, because it takes six weeks. It might take longer than six weeks if “lots of shots” are not “handed out in the hotspots now.” Again, are you a scientist? Doctor, maybe?

        “In the meantime, there is so much virus in the air in public places that it is infecting those who are vaccinated, too.” Maybe because it is virus. Maybe because the vaccines do not prevent infection. Maybe because it is a pandemic. I’m not a scientist or doctor, but I think there would be less wuhan virus in the air if there were no wuhan virus or pandemic. But, again, I’m not sure.

        “They aren’t getting as sick as those unvaccinated.” What? Oh no! All of the “shots being handed out in the hotspots now” might lead to people not getting as sick as those who are unvaccinated? This is terrible! Maybe the dems can shut everything down for ANOTHER 18 months. You know, until we reach”zero risk.” Whatever that means. I’ll go ask a teacher.

        “so almost all of them are surviving”. Sad, just sad. Oh, wait, so additional vaccinations will lead to a higher survival rate? I hope so.

        “but they wouldn’t get infected at all if not for the invaders from the Mirror Universe spreading misinformation.” Didn’t Strawberries & Cream Kamala (and other dems) tell everyone how excited they were to get the vax? Or did THEY seed doubt and spread misinformation for political reasons. Oh.. yes, they did.

        Historically, people have been vaccine hesitant since the first attempts at vaccines over a hundred years ago. They were and still are hesitant for many reasons; religious beliefs, general fear of unknown “strange” chemicals being put into bodies, political reasons (like Biden “threatening” the unvaccinated). Vaccine hesitancy is nothing new and a hundred years from now, some people will still be hesitant for their own reasons. What would you prefer? Military come in, strap you down, and shoot you up?

        Oh, by the way, didn’t China just announce that they do not want and will not cooperate with any investigation into the Wuhan virus’s origins at the lab in Wuhan? Gee, why would that be? Really similar to democrats country-wide unwilling to cooperate with election audits. See any parallels? I’m sure you don’t.

        1. Yes, those who are unvaccinated can get vaccinated, and those who do will be much safer in about six weeks, as will everybody around them. That does not alter the fact that we would already be safer if they had their first shot more than six weeks ago, like perhaps when the vaccine was opened up to lower-risk populations about four months ago. If they had, the Delta-variant surge in the Ozark states would be no worse than in New England.

          That they did not get vaccinated months ago is largely attributable to the Governors of the hotspot states minimizing the threat of the virus and assuring their citizens that it was safe to resume their lives as if the crisis was over. Even with infection rates and hospitalizations skyrocketing, that message has not changed much, and it is being amplified by misinformation from the Mirror Universe.

          1. Biden at last night’s CNN townhall : “You are not gonna get covid if you are fully vaccinated”

            Didn’t fully vaccinated members of his own Whitehouse staff test positive THIS week? Didn’t fully vaccinated maskless democrats from Texas test positive in DC this week?

            Maybe he only watches CNN. Further, given Biden’s state of mind – or lack of state of mind – I can forgive him.

            1. You are right. Biden should have said

              You almost certainly won’t die of Covid-19 if you are fully vaccinated.

              According to the Texas Department of State Health Services (run by Greg Abbott appointees), 8767 people have died in Texas of Covid-19 between February 2021 and July 14. Of those, 0.5% were fully vaccinated. Of those 43 fatalities, 95% were over 65 and 75% had serious preexisting conditions. Most were male and most were white.

              Most vaccinated people with positive tests have a very low virus load. Very few even develop symptoms or become infectious. The two-dose vaccines are apparently about 88% effective in preventing symptoms and 96% effective in keeping patients out of the hospital. In Texas, only 43 have died out of 12.5 million fully vaccinated—0.00034%. Since February 2020, 53,000 unvaccinated Texans have died.

            2. Hey Txy, you are right again! “You are right. Biden should have said”

              But, that is NOT what he said. First, he spewed MISINFORMATION. Period. Saying that you won’t get COV if you are fully vaccinated shows that he has NO idea of what is going on. Admit it Txy. Can you admit it Txy? You can’t. Period.

              Second, did you hear him “talk.” Call it a stammer, if you like. But, we know better. Duh! I guess it is too late for you to have or ADMIT to buyers remorse. Biden ain’t all there. The only unscripted softball questions that he can take are about what flavor he is licking today. You love it! But, we think it is horrifying and sad.

              We’d much rather have mean Trump back!

            3. Txy makes excuses for Ice Cream Cone Joe. You do realize that when Cone Joe make a RARE in-person appearance that the disaster you are witnessing is Joe at his BEST. That’s right, his handlers make sure he is “good and ready” before they handhold him to the stage. You think they are going to just toss Joe to the lions at the drop of a hat? Impossible. Contrast with Trump taking daily live unscripted hostile questions from the pinko press for 4 1/2 years. Daily. Agree with Trump’s answers or not.. fine, but at least admit that sometimes Joe can’t even string a sentence together. Joe can’t take a question unless it has be submitted to the WH in writing in advance. Yep, Joe has a few issues upstairs. So, Txy, you just keep denying it. That’s ok. We know better.

            4. Hi Txy!

              Cone or Don? Don, for sure!

              Stormy? Really, Txy, that is the best you can come up with? Looks like you watch too many episodes of “the wall are closing in” “existential threat” “Russian collusion” Rachel Maddow’s fake news show.

              So, Txy, tell us whatever became of the fake Stormy story? What became of her lawyer, Avenatti? Didn’t he just get sent to prison last week?

              The only things that are taking a licking is Joe’s cone the wacko left’s arse

            5. Txy’s post…

              “Ice Cream Joe.
              Stormy Daniels Donald.
              Take your pick.
              81 million Americans did.
              The rest took a licking.”

              Txy, are you suggesting (admitting?) that Ice Cream Joe got more votes than any other person (for any office) in America’s 245 year history? If you are, I’m not sure if I should be more concerned about you or the Ununited States of America.

              Uh, what I… what I mean, well the point…. Oh.. I better not answer the question… I’ll get in trouble… lick, drool, drip, lick

            6. So, could Txy please address why Joe is bussing and flying thousands of illegals from the southern boarder around the USA during a pandemic? Are all of them fully vaccinated? How can we be sure? Aren’t covid and vaccinations a high priority right now? Doesn’t seem like it.

              If there is so much damaging misinformation going around (probably by racist straight white males), then why are vaccinations up around the country in Covid hotspots? Isn’t there a lot of misinformation? Is the misinformation about the supposed misinformation just pandemic panic porn? Wouldn’t few people getting the vaccine better support the fake “misinformation” narrative? But, each day there are more people being vaccinated.

              Can anyone think of even one good reason that any American should trust, believe or follow this administration’s guidance and leadership (or lack thereof)?

              Who decides what misinformation is? Who decides who gets to decide what is misinformation?

              Lefty wack jobs are unable to answer these questions… including ALL of the lefty wacks in the current fake administration.

            7. The number of vaccines being administered in covid hotspots is up for the same reason that the number of firefighters is up in wildfire hotspots. Duh!

              Joe Biden got more votes in 2021 than anyone else in American history because there were more registered voters in 2021 than at any other time in American history. Duh!

              Stormy Daniel’s suit was dismissed because the Federal courts could not handle the caseload if calling somebody a “liar” was actionable. The court never got close to deciding whether her allegations (and those of 20+ other women) were true. It remains pretty much he-said-she-said with Trump’s credibility the deciding factor. Duh!

              Russian collusion in 2016 also remains an open question. There are still pending indictments issued during the Trump Administration against Russian nationals for interfering in the election. Duh!

              All of which is peripheral to my major point that misinformation from the Mirror Universe about the virus since January 2020 has cost a lot of lives and continues to do so.

            8. Gallup Poll shows least popular president ever’s approval rating dip to all-time low. Even after 27 months of nonstop hugs, kisses and arse licking from the press, social media and Hollywood (I always trust Hollywood, don’t you)? How can this be possible? Duh!

            9. Ah, yet another post from the Mirror Universe where Biden’s 3-month average approval number of 53.3% makes him the “least popular president ever,” compared to Trump’s second-quarter average of 38%. Biden’s current number is about 50%, which is still more than 38% unless you are looking in a funhouse mirror.


              Do you people really think that nobody is going to fact-check the things you make up?

          2. Hey Txy, I’m back.

            Firefighters and wildfires. Again, what is all this terrible misinformation about? People are getting vaccinated, yet the libbies just keep ranting about misinformation. Maybe the real misinformation is that there is all this terrible misinformation killing people. Isn’t it true that in Chicago, you are more likely to be murdered than die from Covid? Yet, we hear nothing about all black on black crime in Chicago (and other cities). Is unreported information misinformation? Duh!

            So, what you are saying about the supposed Stormy situation is that there is nothing to say about Stormy? You do remember all the misinformation America was fed about Trump’s supposed Stormy problem? “The walls are closing in” etc… Seems that was… misinformation. Duh!

            Same for Russian collusion. Everyone in the corrupt government has been digging from top to bottom for OVER five years and what? Tell us Txy, what happened? You mean to tell me that the left controlled Whitehouse, House, Senate, FBI, NSA, CIA and DOJ cannot find enough Russian dirt in over five years to nail Trump? Either Trump is WAY too smart for the House, Senate, FBI, NSA, CIA and DOJ or… maybe, just maybe… it is all just more… misinformation. Duh!

            All of which is peripheral to my major point that misinformation from the wacko libs about the vaccine, Stormy, systemic racism, Russia, Wuhan, covid, Ukraine, Chinese hackers, Hunter, global warming, fake impeachment, China, the terrorist insurrection that was more devastating that 9/11, Russian hackers and more is… just misinformation. Duh!

            “Mr President! Mr President! There is a raging pandemic of misinformation killing MILLIONS of Americans every day, inflation that we haven’t seen in YEARS, gas prices are sky high, salaries are down, government spending is at a record high in your first painful six months in office, the southern boarder is out of control, but please sir, could you tell us what flavor you got today?”

            “Strawberries & Cream, duh!”

            “Oh! Thank you Mr. President! Thank you!” (insert emoji of entire leftwing media blowing fully vaccinated, masked, socially distanced kisses)

            Can anyone think of one good (or even a bad) reason that any American should follow, believe or trust this administration’s leadership and guidance (or lack thereof)?


            1. What is this terrible misinformation about?

              It is about minimizing the impact of the coronavirus, resulting in pockets of the country where vaccination rates are pathetically low months after the shots became available. Some of these minimization efforts cite laughably false “alternative facts.” For example:

              Isn’t it true that in Chicago, you are more likely to be murdered than die from Covid?

              No that isn’t true. From January 1, 2020, to July 1, 2020, there were 1306 homicides in Cook County, Illinois, 970 in 2020 and 336 so far in 2021. During that same period, 11,108 people in Cook County died of Covid-19, about 8000 in 2020 and 3000 so far in 2021.

              So, if you are one of the 2.5 million adult residents of Cook County who are not fully vaccinated, you are more likely to die of Covid than of homicide.

              Yes, you are more likely to be murdered than die of Covid-19 if you are vaccinated, but that is a reason to get vaccinated, not to argue that Covid is a smaller problem than murder. They are both problems, but that is not a justification for ignoring one in favor of the other (and yes, I have seen plenty of stories in the mainstream media about the upsurge in crime; if you haven’t, you aren’t looking).

          3. Rasmussen : Fifty-one percent of non-dead voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Biden, who received more votes at 3:45am than any other dementia patient in American history, compared to 52 percent who have a somewhat favorable opinion of Trump. More people have an unfavorable view of Biden (48 percent) than Trump (46 percent). The survey, taken July 6-21, found that 45 percent of adults disapprove of Biden’s performance, however agree with his taste in ice cream.

            Biden, who is adored by all wackos and just concluded his second quarter in office, received high marks from Democrats (90 percent) and mediocre remarks from Independents (48 percent), though his ratings among those groups are the lowest to date.

            Independent poll data analysis did not explain how or why Biden’s favorable rate had slipped despite rising food, appliances, car and gasoline prices. They suggested that another 7 1/2 years of data may be needed to extrapolate trends from the country’s downward slid.

            According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the surge of documented, masked and fully vaccinated invited illegal immigrants who have entered the country was on track to set an all time yearly record of 1.7 million. The CBP also issued another reminder to Cuban civilians fleeing the peaceful brutal commie regime that they, strangely, are not welcome in the United States. The Biden Administration did, however, applaud the recent protests in Cuba against China’s massive contribution to global warming as well as shortened hours at ice cream shops in rural areas of Cuba.

            CBS News reports that, In contrast to the Administration’s view on the Cuban and southern border issues, Biden, when asked if there were those in the Democratic Party who wanted to further defund the police, eloquently and coherently responded, “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids.” Psaki, via her Twitter account, has said she will not provide further clarification of Biden’s remarks at Monday’s WH press briefing because she quit.

            Meanwhile, CNN plans to re-air their highly rated one-hour townhall PSA titled, ‘Warning Signs of Dementia’ after enjoying record viewership during its original live airing.

      2. You tell ‘um, Txy! You tell ‘um! The current administration is trustworthy and has been since 3:45am November 4, 2020; they are the ONLY administration in recorded human (and monkey) history to be completely transparent and 100% trustworthy. I can’t think of a single teeny tiny itsy bitsy reason that anyone – a n y o n e – would ever dare, even for a nanosecond, question this administration’s misinformation. I’m sure you can’t either.

  4. “Manage the virus.” So easily rolls off your lips…like magic. Management is hardly magic as the Virus seems to say f-off…as the new strain doesn’t seem to care little if you’ve been vaxxed, or not.

    It should be added…you refuse, can’t and willfully dismiss the NATURAL human response to incentive. Give humans a “living wage” to sidestep work and MANY will take the opportunity. It’s well publicized, large sectors of people have taken a break from work because of the govt hand-outs.

    “we cannot have a sound economy until we manage the virus.” I bet you didn’t know that 2020 showed records in actual productivity? Please don’t show your expertise in confusing a matter…
    this point doesn’t not imply the Virus is helpful/desirable for a healthy economy.

    1. “we cannot have a sound economy until we manage the virus.” I agree! But, look on the bright side, we can have inflation, a higher Consumer Price Index, higher gas prices and an ice cream cone. Thank god Trump is gone! Lick, stammer, drip, stammer, burp!

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