Apple stock earns IBD rating upgrade

On Thursday, Apple received an upgrade to its Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) Relative Strength Rating, from 67 to 74. The Cuppertino Colossus reportedly plans to boost iPhone production to 90 million units for 2021, up from 75 million in 2020.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Investor’s Business Daily and Julie Mak:

This unique rating identifies technical performance by showing how a stock’s price movement over the last 52 weeks measures up against that of the other stocks in our database.

Decades of market research reveals that the stocks that go on to make the biggest gains typically have an 80 or better RS Rating as they launch their largest climbs.

In terms of fundamental health, Apple has posted rising EPS growth over the last two quarters. Revenue growth has also increased over the same time frame. Apple stock holds the No. 1 rank among its peers in the Telecom-Consumer Products industry group.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple will report their fiscal 2021 third quarter results on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 right after market close.

As always, we will have the results for you as soon as they are released, right around 1:30pm PDT / 4:30pm EDT. Just check our homepage on that date at that time.

The company will also conduct a conference call with analysts to discuss third fiscal quarter results is scheduled for Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 2:00pm PDT / 5:00pm EDT.

Listen to the conference call live here:

As usual, MacDailyNews will cover the Apple Q321 conference call with live notes. Visit check our homepage on that date around 1:45 pm PDT / 4:45 pm EDT for the link.


  1. Apple stock is a joke! It goes down when it should go up, it goes up when it should go down.. it was 149 the other day now its down to 146? Nothing changed ! No earnings change,, no knew products.. its being used as a casino by the large investors.. I will start using it as a casino too.. when it looks high I will sell.. wait a day or two and then buy in again 3 dollars lower and wait for it go up again.. then sell and repeat.. Apple needs to deal with this volatility.. look at Amazons price and Googles price and Microsofts price.. Apple is a joke at 146 a share.. thats why it is being used as casino..

    1. What can Apple do about that? Apple can’t really be blamed. As a retail investor, you should take advantage of this game the big investors play. You know Apple is worth more than it is, so each time the big investors take the stock down, you could buy some shares on the dip. Apple stock isn’t going to stay down. Also, with Apple buying back shares, they can also take advantage of buying back shares on those dips. I do feel a game is being played with Apple stock but that’s how it’s been for years. It hasn’t really hurt me as a long-term investor. Apple stock is still rising and the company is still strong. Those Apple gamblers can’t be stopped because they enjoy the game so much. Stocks go up and stocks go down and there are those who make money from the constant churn. I believe Apple will finish the year at around $180, so I have no worries, whatsoever.

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