Apple’s 12-inch MacBook goes ‘vintage’

The 12-inch MacBook with Retina display is now considered vintage by Apple, meaning it’s no longer eligible for repair from Apple or authorized service providers.

Apple's MacBook with 12-inch Retina display
Apple’s MacBook with 12-inch Retina display

Uzair Ghani for WCCFTech:

Apple blew everyone away with the 12-inch MacBook back in 2015. Not only it was the smallest and thinnest notebook Apple had every made, but it was a technological marvel in a lot of cases. But even after its launch, it was severely marred by the weak Intel Core M processor under the hood. To make matters worse in terms of performance, it was designed to be completely fanless, something which Intel doesn’t play nice with… Thanks to the M1 processor in the latest [MacBook Air] upgrade, the MacBook can’t look any worse in terms of performance.

If you already own the 12-inch MacBook then it is important to know that it is no longer eligible for repairs directly from Apple or from one of many authorized service providers. If something does go wrong at this point, you might want to turn to a third-party, unofficial repair channel.

MacDailyNews Take: We love the good ol’ vintage MacBook (early 2015) and its successors released in early 2016 and mid-2017, even processor- and keyboard-challenged as it were. We’d love to see Apple take another crack at it with Apple Silicon and the Magic Keyboard!


  1. Bringing it out in a year with a M-1 processor would bring sales up – especially for younger ages, like thru 12th grade. Especially if Parallels fixes out with a Win link

  2. I expect that this is roughly where the M2 MacBook Air is headed. Take the 18 hour battery down to 8 hours to accommodate a thinner, lighter form factor (Apple always does), and slim down the bezels. The MBA begins to look a lot like a vintage MacBook with little compromise on performance.

    Hope so, time to replace my 2015 MacBook …

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