Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers a warning to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Days after lawmakers introduced “antitrust” legislation that could disrupt business practices of tech companies like Apple, Tim Cook, called Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress to deliver a warning, The New York Times reports citing “five people with knowledge of the conversations.” Cook warned that the antitrust bills were rushed, would crimp innovation, and would hurt consumers by disrupting the services that power Apple devices like the iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

See also: 91% of contributions by Apple employees have gone to Democrats vs. 9% to Republicans since 2004 — October 5, 2018

Cecilia Kang, David McCabe, and Kenneth P. Vogel report for The New York Times:

The calls by Mr. Cook are part of a forceful and wide-ranging pushback by the tech industry since the proposals were announced this month. Executives, lobbyists, and more than a dozen think tanks and advocacy groups paid by tech companies have swarmed Capitol offices, called and emailed lawmakers and their staff members, and written letters arguing there will be dire consequences for the industry and the country if the ideas become law.

The bills, the most sweeping set of antitrust legislation in generations, take aim at Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google by trying to undo their dominance in online commerce, advertising, media and entertainment. There are six bills in total…

Thirteen nonprofits, most of which have received funding from the tech giants, wrote a letter to lawmakers decrying two of the bills. NetChoice, one of the groups, hosted a public panel on Tuesday featuring Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah and a leading member of the Senate antitrust subcommittee, to cast skepticism on the proposals. A prominent Republican lobbyist and fund-raiser, Jeff Miller, has been trying to stanch the support for the bills within his party, reaching out to members of Congress on behalf of his tech company clients…

Representative Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, and Mark Meadows, who was chief of staff to President Donald J. Trump, wrote in an opinion piece on Fox News’s website that the bills would give the Democratic administration more control over the tech companies. “Democrats are weaponizing legitimate Republican anger about Big Tech’s abuses to encourage Republicans to support these bills,” they wrote. “But Republicans should read the fine print.”

Ms. Pelosi pushed back on Mr. Cook’s concerns about the bills, according to two people with knowledge of the conversations. When Mr. Cook asked for a delay in the Judiciary Committee’s process of considering the bills, Ms. Pelosi pushed him to identify specific policy objections to the measures, said one of the people.

MacDailyNews Take: Early days. In the end, even though we hope for more to be applied to the real monopolists – cough, Google/Facebook, cough – these “remedies” will end up being all hat and no cattle.

Since Apple holds nothing close to a monopoly in any market in which they compete, there can be no monopoly abuse to remedy. The company cannot abuse something that simply does not exist.

Even as we attempt to move away from the ad-supported model, we back whatever remedy or remedies will introduce competition back into the online advertising business, which is broken, in part, because far too much power is concentrated with Google/Facebook. This situation is exactly why antitrust laws exist.

Imagine if your livelihood depended on one company that had not only monopolized web search (and, thereby, basically controlled how new customers find you), but also controlled the bulk of online advertising dollars which funded your business and which they could pull, simply threaten to pull, or reduce rates at any time? Now also imagine if you believe this monopolist basically stole the product of another company that is the very subject of your business? How much would you criticize the monopolist thief’s business practices?

You might guess that it would be a tough road to walk. (We’re only imagining, of course!)

That would be a good example of why monopolies are bad for everyone…

In the meantime, stop using Google search and Google products wherever possible. Monopolies are bad for everyone.MacDailyNews, July 14, 2016

If you haven’t already, give DuckDuckGo a try!

With this unprecedented power, platforms have the ability to redirect into their pockets the advertising dollars that once went to newspapers and magazines. No one company should have the power to pick and choose which content reaches consumers and which doesn’t.MacDailyNews, November 9, 2017

We’d like to see real competition in the online search and advertising markets restored someday.MacDailyNews, March 20, 2019


  1. Apple (and Google and Facebook and Amazon) employees funded and voted in unthinking lockstep for these Democrat idiots, so it’s karmic – even though nothing much will happen from any of this for any of the four companies. The 2022 midterms, with many states have shored up voting integrity (imagine that), will be here before you know it.

        1. And it was instantly obvious to anyone with a brain why that could never work. It was not the first time Trump had embarrassed his own staff of experts.

          (Is it worth explaining the technical problem with using those things inside the body? Would anyone here actually listen?)

            1. Read your own posts. It is one thing to disagree with me, but you’ve got nothing but brainless insults to back that up. It’s like your whole world view is about mindlessly opposing anything science says.

          1. “And it was instantly obvious to anyone with a brain why that could never work.”

            Huh, obvious to anyone with a brain you say. So, who explained and made it obvious to you?

          2. And, now, a break for some truth:

            The Systemic Con Behind Wokeism

            There are lots of reasons why wokeism spread like wildfire once America lost its collective mind during the pandemic, quarantine, self-induced recession and rioting of 2020.

            Wokeism was never really about racism, sexism or other isms. For some, it illustrated a psychological pathology of projection: transferring one’s own prejudices onto others in order to alleviate or mask them.

            So should we laugh or cry that Black Lives Matter’s self-described Marxist co-founder might be a corporate grifter? According to a New York Post report, Patrisse Khan-Cullors has accumulated several upscale homes, and one of her foundations failed to report significant donations to the IRS. Is it the case that the more Khan-Cullors professes Marxist ideology and damns toxic whiteness, the more she feels comfortable living in a $1.4 million home in Southern California’s ritzy Topanga Canyon area?

            Consider Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), an outspoken liberal icon. He’s one of the Senate’s most woke members. Yet Whitehouse turns out to be a member of a de facto all-white beach club of elites in Newport, Rhode Island. Is Whitehouse committed in the abstract to rooting out white privilege so he can concretely relax amid it with fellow bluebloods?

            Barack and Michelle Obama occasionally venture out of their multimillion-dollar Washington, D.C., mansion or their Martha’s Vineyard estate to lecture the country on its systemic racism. Does such sermonizing square the circle that the Obamas have no desire to return to their Chicago home — a city where hundreds African-American males were murdered in 2020, most of them by other black men?

            Joe Biden frequently lectures America on its racism, and he unleashed the bureaucracies of the federal government to root out mythical white supremacist conspiracies. Does penance explain Biden’s fixation on systemic racism? When he condemns anonymous white racists, does his outrage mitigate his son Hunter’s reported use of an anti-Asian slur in a 2019 text message?

            The second catalyst of wokeism is the distraction it provides from scary problems that threaten American civilization. While the country consumes itself in demanding more than 12% representation of Black actors in television commercials, it is nearing $30 trillion in national debt. Eventually, the astounding red ink will require recessionary belt-tightening, more inflationary money printing, or both.

            The woke Biden administration can’t stop hundreds of thousands of immigrants from illegally entering the United States this year. Almost all are in need of free American health care, housing, food and legal subsidies. Violent crime is spiking at an alarming rate. Yet few dare say why that is — or how to stop it.

            America can’t seem to face the likelihood that Chinese researchers engineered a gain-of-function virus — with oversight from the Chinese military and subsidies from the United States.

            So instead of offering real solutions to these crises, we war with each other over whether the deceased children’s book author Dr. Seuss or the plastic toy Mr. Potato Head were racist or otherwise exclusionary.

            When our elites are clueless about national debt, inflation, illegal immigration, crime, soaring gas prices and a global pandemic, they reassure themselves that at least they can cancel out Father Junipero Serra or knock down another statue of Robert E. Lee.

            Finally, the hysterias of wokeism are being channeled for profit — if they do not already reflect the reality of many of our most woke being the richest among us.

            One reason why Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle and LeBron James hype charges of white racism is to remind America that one can become rich as Croesus yet remain a sympathetic victim.

            For next-generation grifters such as Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, to claim that America was, is and always will be racist means more than just speaking gigs and book sales. The solution for the pseudo-crises they invent is the mass reeducation of self-confessional whites — with lucrative consulting fees for both, and for thousands of others.

            America is systematically being conned by those who disguise their hypocrisy, who manipulate the guilt-ridden, who have no interest in solving America’s most dangerous problems, and who get or stay rich by hyping an America in need of massive rebooting.

            Victor Davis Hanson, classicist and historian at Stanford University and the Hoover Institution, June 24, 2021

            1. And not one mention of Trump refusing to release his tax returns, yet magically fair and balanced.

              Hypothetically… how would you react if Trump was money laundering for Vlad and then got his help to be in the Oval Office?

            2. Most excellent!

              I can’t believe nosy people still care whether or not he released his tax returns — it’s none of their effin’ business!

              The way Trump is hounded incessantly 24/7 for over five years by Congressional panels. fake impeachments, Big Media, Commiecrats and AG’s I say keep them to yourself DON. The hell with the search and destroy bastards!!!…

      1. There’s WINNERS, and there’s LOSERS.

        And now, in the comments below, we can see why LOSER Tau Myx is so vehement with his comments and his disdain for WINNER Theloniousmac.

      2. No response of detailed disagreement regarding the content of Firsty’s post, got it.

        Instead the all too typical reaction of a Leftist facing alarming impending reality. Yup, nothing but insults.

        Remember, that won’t take the hurt away on Election Day. Buckle up junior…

        1. Firsty’s post expressed his opinion. He is entitled to that and no “detailed disagreement” is going to change it. If he were to assert some credible and legally admissible evidence to support his opinions, that might be subject to debate. He hasn’t, so it isn’t.

          1. Opinion?

            Obviously you don’t know 96% of Big Tech campaign dollars went to Democrats in 2020.

            My opinion is guess they all voted for Trump…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

            1. Nobody is disputing that most campaign donations from Silicon Valley went to Democrats, or that most of the votes of Big Tech employees went to Biden and other Democratic Party candidates. That follows from the fact that Americans with college educations favored Biden by 55% to 42%, while white voters without a college education voted 64% for Trump. The more years of education that a voter had, the more likely that he voted for Biden. Silicon Valley has a lot of people with advanced degrees.

              The only thing one could argue about what First Then said is his unsupported assumption that Democrats can be bought by campaign donations, so it is surprising when they follow policies that make their donors uncomfortable. Just because some other political party (which shall remain nameless) mindlessly promotes the interests of its donor class does not mean that the Democrats are bound to do the same.

      1. It got creepier yesterday when Biden bowed down in front of the media and whispered several things but the STUDiEST COMMENT yet to struggling small businesses the backbone of USA — pay your workers MORE.

        What, like the people you are paying much more than they ever made with taxpayer dollars to sit at home so mom and pops can’t find help. While he famously said he “sees no evidence of that.”

        I know dozens of people in a small town. Did the president look with his eyes closed?…

            1. “Forcing people to work without paying them enough to live IS slavery.”

              TxUseless forcing people to work is against the law you LYING POS!!! You are disinformation SLIME.

              The only slavery left in the greatest country of all time is A-HOLES like you preaching submission to woke policy that alienate the overwhelming majority of good citizens.

              Shove it where the sun don’t shine…🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

            2. I consider giving people a choice only between (a) accepting wages that cannot sustain them or their families in the long term, or (b) refusing that job and starving in the short term, to be forcing people to work, which is involuntary servitude, better known as slavery.

              The prevalence of that practice—which was perfectly legal—in the 1930s created massive social unrest that was only defused by the Fair Labor Standards Act, which prescribed limits on working hours and wages below subsistence level. Undoing the Act by allowing the payment of wages that are now below subsistence level due to inflation is a formula for social disaster.

              The point Biden was (inartfully) making was that the problem might not be that the modest unemployment benefits are too high, but that wages that cannot support the workers who earn them are too low.

            3. TxLIAR no business is conducting “slavery” you Leftists POS!

              I REPEAT: “TxUseless forcing people to work is against the law you LYING POS!!! You are disinformation SLIME.
              The only slavery left in the greatest country of all time is A-HOLES like you preaching submission to woke policy that alienate the overwhelming majority of good citizens.”

              Shove it where the sun don’t shine…🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻


            4. Thank you for illustrating the point I make below about why I would be uncomfortable about posting my actual identity on a site where I have been profanely threatened with physical violence.

          1. Small businesses has been paying an appropriate wage for services rendered for over a hundred years and no problem.

            That is until Leftists loud mouths like yourself and sleepy Biden chimed in somehow this is wrong.

            Pandering to the youngster woke crowd for votes too lazy to apply themselves and work towards a career ladder want everything handed to them in an instant. F*sk the lazy snowflakes!

            Obviously you don’t care that paying a living wage for the smallest mom and pop businesses will break them and thousands have already closed for good. Thank you Commicrats for your help, cough, cough, doing NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE as usual.

            No comment on Biden paying workers to stay home making more money than working? Gee, what a surprise.

            Essentially the root of the problem Biden created shuttering businesses the same as Democrat governors in lockdown states.

            You don’t see it, you never will. Guess it’s Trump’s fault…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

            1. So, you say “paying a living wage for the smallest mom and pop businesses will break them and thousands have already closed for good.”

              Have you considered that a business model that only works if the workers are paid less than enough to live on might be unsustainable? Forcing people into those jobs by eliminating the social safety net just gives them the choice of dying fast or slow. It does not redeem the fundamental inhumanity of paying less than a living wage. Mom and Pop slave owners aren’t any more moral than the labor camp managers in China.

              Of course, one would not expect an understanding of morality from somebody who is still upset about the public health measures that saved countless American lives. Apparently, NLM (No Lives Matter).

        1. Point taken and absolutely TRUE. Also the biggest carrier of his water was Big Media not questioning Biden hiding in his basement a first for a presidential campaign, while simultaneously attacking Trump on a daily basis. Add the Facebook, Twitter, et al. of Big Tech bias and he was against all rapid fire communication odds…

  2. MDN seems to have forgotten famous iBook lawsuit… monopoly or not, they never recovered this part of business and if it grows, it’s just by accident.

    I don’t like to see political halfwits meddling in tech, but the libtards ought to reap shay they saw. Som many were boasting to support brain dead Joe… cry me a river now Mr.Cook

    1. This is correct. The problem isn’t that congress is investigating Apple, the problem is that progressive politicians are trying to rewrite the legal definition of monopoly and monopolistic abuse. Instead of looking at what benefits/hurts the customer, some people want to focus anti-trust law on what benefits/hurts business competitors (i.e. political benefactors, national companies, cronies, etc.)

      In the iBooks case, Amazon was the actually monopolist, but Apple got the legal shaft, convicted of monopolistic transgressions.

    1. You forget the ballot box.

      But then again, the number of homeless crapping on the streets after shooting up added to the record number of illegals voting in the state, probably safe since honest voting standards Were vanquished many years ago.

      She will be in till the end and it can’t come soon enough. The most
      partisan disrespectful habitual LIAR and most disgraceful Speaker of the House
      of all time.

      Two FAKE IMPECHMENTS to her credit, and ZERO historical accomplishments to bring Americans together. Her only claim to fame, look I was born a woman.

      Just wow man, that’s rad just pass me the doobie…

  3. MacDaily News, please have people register with real names to avoid these ratholes.
    I come here to read the latest on Apple, not politics.

    1. I would generally agree about using real names, except that there are significant contingents of posters here who have threatened physical violence against posters of a different ideological stamp. The Jan. 6 event shows that threats can easily escalate into actual harm. People who blithely talk about hanging traitors or burning folks to death might actually do something if we provide them with the means to find us. At a minimum, it would provide them with easy cyber bullying targets. I live within 30 miles of InfoNews world headquarters and I personally know people who required extra police patrols after Alex Jones targeted them. We have all heard of people who were forced to move after conspiracy theorists decided that they were crisis actors, rather than bereaved parents. I don’t want some guy shooting up my house like Comet Ping Pong.

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