Apple working towards replacing passwords with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

With a new iCloud Keychain “passkey” feature that was previewed at WWDC 2021, Apple is working toward a future without passwords.

Apple Password Manager Resources open source projectMike Peterson :

In a WWDC developer session called “Move beyond passwords,” Apple teased a new feature called “passkeys in iCloud keychain.” The feature is available for testing in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, but isn’t yet ready for a full release.

Essentially, passkeys are pairs of private and public keys based on the WebAuthn standard. They work basically like a hardware security key, but are stored securely in iCloud Keychain.

This means users won’t need to carry hardware keys with them — their iPhone, iPad, or Mac will contain the passkeys. More than that, passkeys will be synced across various devices, meaning they’re recoverable even if a user loses all of their devices.

MacDailyNews Take: As those who provide tech support to parents and in-laws, anything secure and private that kills passwords is A-OK with us!


  1. You know, I don’t mind passwords. What I mind is that every website has different requirements for their passwords. 6 digits, maybe 8. Use a number, use a capital letter, use a character, but not a dash. And don’t you dare use a slash. Except at that site, where a slash is OK but an asterisk is not. Oh, and no repeating characters. Honestly, could there not just be a standard?

  2. I have so many passwords I wish I had a computer to keep track of them.
    – It would have to be something handheld with no networking whatsoever – that is the only way to make anything hack-proof. Putting your passwords in the cloud sounds like the opposite of safe.

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