Steve Jobs email confirms Apple mulled tablet Mac, 15-inch MacBook Air in 2007

An internal email written by late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs that was made public as part of discovery in Epic v. Apple and highlighted by Twitter account TechEmails on Wednesday, offers a window into the tech giant’s hardware strategy just after the first iPhone launched in 2007, plans that included a tablet Mac and a 15-inch MacBook Air.

Steve JobsMikey Campbell for AppleInsider:

While most topics of discussion have since been revealed publicly, there are tidbits that offer insight into projects that failed to make the cut.

For example, Jobs refers to a 15-inch MacBook Air that was scheduled for launch or internal planning in the first half of 2008. Apple would go on to debut a 13-inch MacBook Air in a classic 2008 unveiling that saw Jobs pull the svelte thin-and-light out of a manila envelope.

Interestingly, Apple also appears to have considered the introduction of a tablet Mac prior to the introduction of iPad in 2010. A brief mention in Jobs’ email, a “tablet” was teed up for discussion under the Mac category.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple went in the correct direction with the iPad, so the “tablet Mac” in this Steve Jobs email isn’t so intriguing, but we’d love to see a 15-inch MacBook Air!


      1. What is different now is that the CPU and board really are the same thing with even the same amount of ram. There was no reason to think my A12 with 3 gig of ram would ever run MacOS.

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