Google, following Apple yet again, to allow Android settlers to opt out of ad tracking later this year

Once again following an earlier move by rival Apple to further bolster privacy protections on iPhones, Google will allow Android settlers opt out of being tracked by advertisers on their smartphone applications, but, unlike Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, Android settlers won’t be opted out of ad tracking by default.

Google breakup. Image: Google logo

Nico Grant for Bloomberg News:

The option will become available in late 2021, with a Google Play services update, the Alphabet Inc. unit said on a support website. Developers will no longer be able to see a user’s unique advertising ID if that person has declined to receive personalized ads. Unlike Apple’s feature, users won’t be opted out of ad tracking by default.

For months, Google has been mulling a way to give Android users more control over ad tracking with a less stringent approach than Apple’s… Apple roiled the mobile advertising industry in April when it debuted its App Tracking Transparency feature, which requires users to opt in to being tracked by apps for personalized advertising.

Google said the Play services rollout will affect apps running on Android 12 devices starting in late 2021 and migrate to other devices with Google Play in early 2022.

MacDailyNews Take: Just like their fake iPhone operating system, derivative Google’s ad tracking “solution” is half-assed.


      1. Agreed. Abbreviated obtuse style of communication is frustrating. Allows for too much misinterpretation. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Sorry, friend AC…

  1. This change smells funny. An ad company doesn’t cut off part of their leg, “just because”. Google is getting it some other way.

    Betcha; $100 bucks.

    1. No question. See… what’s more important, the freedoms of the 1st Amendment or those of the 4th? Of course it’s both, and to deny either while promoting the other is hypocritical.

  2. 4th and 1st should never have been amendments in the first place…LOL.

    “The second amendment cannot be changed”.

    “Yes it can…’s called an ‘amendment”. Ha ha, that skit was so good.

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