Apple’s all-new M1X Mac mini said to offer even thinner chassis, magnetic power connector

In his latest video, serial leaker Jon Prosser – get that checked, Jon! – claims that Apple’s forthcoming M1X-powered Mac mini will also introduce a new generation of industrial design for Apple’s diminutive desktop Mac.

Apple's all-new M1X Mac mini
Apple’s all-new M1X Mac mini

This all-new model is expected to become the high end Mac mini, replacing the current Intel-handicapped unit, with the current M1 Mac mini sticking around as the entry-level machine.

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

According to Prosser, the 2021 Mac mini will feature a new external chassis with a “plexiglass-like” reflective surface on the top, in an otherwise aluminium enclosure.

The M1X chip will enable Apple to offer a full lineup of ports… including four USB4 / Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A, Ethernet, and HDMI out.

It will seemingly use the same style of magnetic power connector that Apple debuted in the M1 iMac. Prosser speculates that the glass-like top finish may mean that Apple launches a range of two-tone color options for the Mac mini, akin to the colorful iMac lineup.

MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye, Intel snail. Hello, big, big Mac mini sales!


  1. So, does this imply that the Mac mini will be returning to the dark days of having a power brick too? YUCK! That is all I can say. It was a nice move forward in 2010 when the Mac mini ditched the brick and went to an internal power supply. And it is nice that it has had a moderately generic power cord. I just do not see the need for the magnetic thing here. M1X – Great. The power thing? Maybe not so much.

    1. Exactly, the power cord gets plugged in once when you get the machine and then it stays there, you don’t want it accidentally getting pulled out because it has no internal battery like a laptop. Most people aren’t leaving their desktop power cords hanging around in high traffic areas.

  2. I kinda doubt if Apple will use different colour top for this. White is the cheapest colour for natural plastic/vinyl molding. But a bit of pigments in thin flat plastic plate won’t raise the cost, I suppose. Glass-like? Nah, it’s probably the same polished look as older Apple TV box or Airport router. They probably did this to go for cheap. Aluminum is a good heat sink but they figured that heat is no longer an issue. Nevertheless I rather wish they continued using al box. My 2018 Mini is awfully quiet (I jacked up RAM to 32Gb which should have helped) but the top is still rather hot and fan is always running around 50°C @1600rpm range (no sound though). Under heavy load, it instantly jumps up to 70°C @3000rpm area (I hear fan). But I am eager to test out M1 chip machine. A spare Mini won’t hurt :-).

  3. Not in favor of magnetic port on this unit. I use my mini in my entertainment center and all the wires it will accidentally get unplugged constantly if fumbling around with wires. And as someone else mentioned I don’t want the external brick!

    1. I guess it depends on how strong the magnet is? And what its intended purpose might be? Has anyone tested kicking the cord on one of the new iMacs and seeing if they would likely release before toppling onto the floor? Or it designed as the new 3-finger salute, or perhaps a way to keep from damaging the back of the iMac when users need to unplug?

      I like the concept, but was it ever explained somewhere? Unlike laptops, I probably only need to unplug my Mac mini maybe once or twice a year?

      Did Apple ever explain the purpose of going magnetic on its desktops?

      1. True.
        The socket looks deep for the machine and chance of tripping on power code is not many compared with laptop. MagSafe power cord for older laptop was very useful as it was strong enough magnet yet relatively easy to detach when hitched. Straight pull might detach it but lateral force? Cheaper to make it that way? Will see.

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