The Independent: Apple’s 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro is ‘a vision of the future’

Apple’s 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro is the most powerful and advanced iPad Pro ever, pushing the limits of what’s possible on iPad. The Independent’s David Phelan calls it “a vision of the future.” The addition of the Apple-designed M1 chip delivers a massive leap in performance, making iPad Pro the fastest device of its kind. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro features a new Liquid Retina XDR display that brings extreme dynamic range to iPad Pro, offering a stunning visual experience with more true-to-life details to the most demanding HDR workflows.

With its incredibly thin and light design, iPad Pro is more powerful than ever.
With its incredibly thin and light design, iPad Pro is more powerful than ever.

Cellular models with 5G deliver even faster wireless connectivity when on the go, and to provide users with pro-level throughput for high-speed accessories, iPad Pro now includes support for Thunderbolt. Additionally, an all-new Ultra Wide front camera enables Center Stage, a new feature that automatically keeps users perfectly framed for even more engaging video calls.

David Phelan for The Independent:

I’ve been testing the model with a 12.9 inch display for more than a week… Apple’s iPad displays have always been top-notch, but this is in a different class. Even on the loading screen, you can see the difference. Previously the white Apple logo would cover the centre of the screen but if you looked carefully, you could see little glimmers of backlight around the edges.

On the new 12.9 inch model, there is no visible backlight at all, just none, thanks to more than 10,000 backlights which can be turned on and off in 2,500 local dimming zones as needed. The result is a screen image with much greater contrast, deeper black hues and bright, vivid colours.

This new display looks sensational and it’s worth the price increase for this alone.

The other big upgrade this time is the processor… To put a processor capable of running a desktop computer into a tablet is unprecedented.

It indicates that Apple is aiming to make a pro tablet that can work every bit as fast as a high-end computer. An iPad is different from a Mac or a PC, but this one is as powerful. Although every Apple tablet is a fast performer, this is something else.

MacDailyNews Take: We wrote earlier today about future-proofing your hardware, Phelan agrees, writing, “You might think you don’t need the power of the Pro, and you may be right, in which case the iPad Air is a great alternative which is more affordably priced. But, let’s remember that iPads are very durable, so you’ll likely have your next tablet for a long time. Well, there’s no harm in choosing a device with plenty of headroom: as app developers get their acts together, that power will be exploited for games, fast video and photography apps and more.”


  1. “No one will ever need more than 640k RAM” – Bill Gates

    “But what will anyone ever do with that much power?” – Walt Mossberg on the coming of PowerPC Macs
    in Wall Street Journal

    “I’ll never work with personal computers. They’re toys. I’ll stick with mainframes and minis.” – Thelonious Mac, 24 hours before buying his first Mac… a MacPlus.

    The entire paradigm of the iPad is so clearly the future of computing its wishful thinking to disagree with it. I know it is not the conventional desktop we’re accustomed to, but just a little polish in the multitasking area and file management area and most of us will never look back. I also think that those of us who complain about certain IT level apps missing from the iPad should STFU and go write them ourselves.

    I feel about the iPad the way I felt about the first Macs back in those days. I’d found the future but no one was listening to me.

    1. If the iPad is the future of computing then it’ll be the future that is forced upon us, not the one we want or voted for. By “most of us”, if you mean hordes of normies who just use email, surf the web, browse social media and watch Netflix, you are probably right though. The more I’ve tried to use iPad OS for my normal work the more repulsed I am by it, it’s a cobbled-together prison with no windows. A heavily controlled App Store terminal that is a poor imitation of the freedom that Mac OS offers.

      Maybe iPad OS 15 will dramatically change my perspective but knowing Apple it’ll be another lipstick-on-a-pig, iterative improvement that won’t even include basic functionality from the 20th century like the ability to see the size of a folder in Files, a file transfer progress bar or two apps stacked horizontally. I’m sure we’ll get at least half an hour on Messages and more diverse Memojis at the very least.

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