Apple’s legal battles set to heat up in the European Union

The European Union’s Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager issued a reminder that the tech giant’s legal battles across the Atlantic are heating up.

Aoife White and Natalia Drozdiak for Bloomberg News:

Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition
Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition
Vestager warned that a probe into the company’s Apple Pay product is moving ahead on top of an investigation — escalated last month — into how the iPhone maker requires software developers to use its in-app purchasing system.

The Apple Pay case is “quite advanced” and “is something that we’re pushing forward,” Vestager said in an interview with Bloomberg News.

Apple Pay is the only mobile payment solution that can use the iPhone’s near-field communications “tap and go” functionality to make contactless payments.

While the EU is weighing potential rules over how phones should grant access to rival payment providers, she sees a need for more urgent action from antitrust enforcers.

“Legislation also takes a long time and a lot can happen in the market in the meantime if we don’t investigate,” she said.

MacDailyNews Take: The ditzy Vestager has yet to concoct a case that she can win against Apple.

The EU should not attempt to force Apple to open full access to iPhone’s NFC chip. Protecting iOS users’ security and privacy is paramount.


  1. “…the EU is weighing potential rules over how phones should grant access to rival payment providers…”

    Payment providers have always had to earn their place at a retailer’s point of sale, and earn their place in a customer’s wallet. Why would they automatically get a place on a mobile device? Let them earn it through negotiations with the platform owner.

    Do payment platforms automatically have a right to exist? Do they have a right to use another company’s hardware and software? A right to another company’s customer base?

  2. “I want and deserve what’s in your back pocket.”

    One of the absolutes in the liberal’s toolshed.

    Where does this need/expectation come from…and so unabashedly so?

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