Apple WWDC costs $50 million annually

Apple Fellow Phil Schiller testified on Monday in the Epic Games v. Apple trial that the company’s annual worldwide developer conference (WWDC) costs the company about $50 million annually to run. Schiller also said that Apple is building a new center at its Silicon Valley headquarters to assist developers.

Apple WWDC costs $50 million annually. Apple to hold Worldwide Developers Conference in all-online format June 7-11

Apple’s WWDC21 will offer unique insight into the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Building on the record-breaking participation and education from last year’s online conference, WWDC21 is an opportunity for developers to learn about the new technologies, tools, and frameworks they rely on to build innovative and platform-differentiating apps and games.

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

Apple has held the conference for decades, typically in San Francisco or San Jose, California, for a week at a time. Last year, Apple held the event virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s event, beginning June 7, will also be held virtually. Before temporarily moving the conference online, Apple charged developers more than $1,500 each to attend.

Schiller also disclosed that Apple is building a facility at its Apple Park campus for developers so that they can work on their applications at a company facility and receive support from its engineers.

MacDailyNews Take: We would have guessed the in-person WWDC events would cost even more, but Apple would hardly notice regardless.


  1. Where’s that slimy toxic hellstew, CynicApple, to complain, moan and whinge? Where is it? Hiding under its usual rock called TXLosederrr?

  2. Whatever. they can afford it. I am much more interested in what they are actually creating. Millennials and younger have pretty much destroyed tech from the top down. The day any company at all announces something interesting, I’ll be there; until then, ‘Meh.’. i could care less. Silicon Valley is a graveyard milking the ghosts of former innovators until there is nothing left, and i think we are getting close to the point where that kind of caosting will simply be an impossibility.

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