61% iPhone and iPad users intend to buy Apple’s new AirTag

Over six in 10 (61%) iPhone and iPad users intend to buy Apple’s new AirTag, SellCell finds in a new 2021 Apple products survey.

The Washington Post bemoans that Apple's AirTags may be used for stalking
Apple’s AirTag
Apple's new AirTag tracker (side view)
Apple’s new AirTag tracker (side view)


Respondents were asked what they like best about AirTags, and these were the answers – in order of the number of votes received: “reliable as it leverages Apple’s robust Find My network” (42%), “great value for money” (19%), ‘strong privacy features’ (15%), “uses replaceable batteries that last about a year” (10%), “has plenty of accessories” (6%), “personalization with engraved text, emojis, numbers” (5.3%), “better overall design than rivals” (2.7%)

54% think what Apple charges for AirTags is a good deal, 32% think it is reasonable, 14% feel it is expensive and should be cheaper.

A massive 67% think accessories should come with the device and not be purchased separately.

Nearly 8 in 10 Apple users (78%) are satisfied with how Apple handles privacy with AirTags, as opposed to 22% who aren’t.

57% of those buying AirTags would get the $99 four-pack bundle, whereas 43% would buy them individually for $29.

When potential AirTag buyers were asked what they intend to track with the device, these were the responses – in the order of the number of votes received: Keys – 42.4%, Pets – 34.8%, Luggage – 30.6%, Bike – 25.8%, Purse / Wallet – 23.3%, Airpods case – 19%, Kids – 15%, Car – 10.2%, Drones – 7.6%, Partner – 6.9%, TV remote – 4%, Laptop bag / Rucksack – 3%, Eyeglasses – 1.1%, Jacket (in a cloakroom) – 0.7%, Other – 0.6%.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple has yet another hit on their hands! (And, buh-bye, Tile.)


  1. Buyer beware, the snazzy precision finding feature Apple heavily advertised with directions and haptic feedback is limited to iPhone 11 and 12, which have the U1 chip. All other devices that support Air Tags will only show you a general location on the Find My map and you can make it chirp when in range.

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