Florida murder suspect used iPhone to track victim, police say

A Florida murder suspect observed a man buying expensive items at Orlando’s Mall at Millennia and attached an Apple iPhone to the victim’s car so he could track and later to rob him, according to the Orlando Police Department.

Derrick Maurice Herlong, 37, was Monday arrested and is facing several charges: first-degree murder with a gun, home invasion robbery with a gun, carjacking with a gun and grand theft. (WKMG)
Derrick Maurice Herlong, 37, was Monday arrested and is facing several charges: first-degree murder with a gun, home invasion robbery with a gun, carjacking with a gun and grand theft. (WKMG)

Adrienne Cutway for WKMG CLickOrlando:

An 11-page arrest warrant was released Thursday detailing how police came to identify Derrick Maurice Herlong as a suspect in the shooting death of 32-year-old Jacaris Rozier, who was killed at a party on North Hyer Avenue in the Thornton Park area on Feb. 19.

Though Rozier was the one killed, police said they believe Herlong was actually targeting another man who was also at the party.

That man said that earlier in the day he’d gone to Mall at Millennia and purchased expensive items at Gucci and Louis Vuitton. After his shopping trip, he put his purchases in his trunk, drove from the mall to a gas station for a five-minute stop, then went to the party in Thornton Park.

As he was entering the party, two masked men with guns forced their way inside, ordered everyone to the ground and demanded their valuables, according to the report.

Records show the culprits pointed at the man who had been shopping and demanded the keys to his Lexus while also stealing a Christian Dior bag, a gold chain and a wallet from him.

Police said one of the masked men fired a shot during the home invasion, killing Rozier.

Though the culprits took the Lexus with the Mall at Millennia purchases inside of it, the vehicle was located a short time later at which time a tow truck driver noticed that a nylon bag with magnets had been affixed to the undercarriage and inside the bag was an iPhone, according to the report… Detectives determined that it had been placed on the vehicle to be used as a tracking device.

MacDailyNews Note: According to the Orlando Police Department, Herlong is facing charges of home invasion robbery with a mask and firearm, first-degree murder with a firearm, carjacking with a firearm, and grand theft.


  1. But according to Democrats, colored folk be too stupid to get a voter ID, yet this piece of filth managed to repurpose technology to track his victim.

    1. What a way to expose your incivility!

      Voter ID could be as fast and easy as Apple TouchID or FaceID, but your side of the aisle refuses to consider current technology for voter registration and validation.

      If you had bothered to listen to what mainstream reasonable Democrats say, they overwhelmingly advocate automated voter registration and vote verification processes so that bottlenecks don’t needlessly extend wait times. You may refuse to admit it, but forcing people to wait in line for hours while an intentionally understaffed and poorly trained staff scrutinizes the paper IDs of every person who they think looks suspicious IS DEFINITELY VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT.

      Also, my mother volunteers to help elderly voters at the local senior center. Many of them don’t drive and have no passport. They literally have no form of ID that isn’t paper based and easily falsified in the eyes of officials. You clearly have no idea what a hassle it is for some people to vote.

      Worse, you proudly display your lack of empathy here regularly.

      1. There is no such thing as a “reasonable Democrat” any longer. That’s an oxymoron. The reason Republicans are against using electronic voting is the prevalence of machine tampering.
        And since Democrats won’t acknowledge, nor address the issue properly, the Republicans advocate for doing it the old fashion way (which alleviates most of the issue.

        1. It is indeed easy to “alleviate most of the issue” by having the legislatures dictate the outcome of elections, rather than trusting the voters.

          The “prevalence of machine tampering” is very nearly zero, except in the fevered minds of those who do not just oppose the Democratic Party but the very concept of democratic elections that reflect the views of all citizens and not just the “right sort of people.”

        2. Wow, TXloser, that’s one of the dumbest things you have ever said. Given the depth of stupidity of many of your other posts, that’s quite the accomplishment, congrats

          The voters did not decide the election.
          The legislature did not decide the election.
          The corrupt democrats and complicit courts decided, with the permission of the corrupt Republicans.

          How f’ing stupid do you need to be to believe that Dementia Joe and the Ho got more votes than any other President in history?

          Tough to smell the roses with your head that far up your ass, huh?

      2. “…listen to what mainstream reasonable Democrats…” where might one find such a creature?

        “…they literally have no form of ID that isn’t paper based…” but “ your side of the aisle refuses to consider current technology…” and if current technology were approved, your side of the aisle would say the other side is suppressing voters cuz they don’t have access to the technology. If they were carried TO the technology to be registered, you’d complain they had to wait too long in line to put their face or their finger on the scanner. And if it was invalidated, you’d say their face had changed, or they lost that finger, or any other number of things. You guys don’t WANT fair voting – and you’re fighting all attempts to make it so. If not, there would be a bi-partisan group coming up with an agreed upon method, and it wouldn’t be voted along party lines with Dems saying, we’ll just have Smirkey break a tie. That’s not attempting to fix the problem.

  2. With the building of a new kind of DA in the US, maybe he’ll receive probation for 6 months?
    Incarceration would be too cruel and consistent with whyte privilege.

    It all started in math class and the correct answers that caused Derrick seek another avenue for success.

    1. Why are you demanding that?

      By the way, 13.4% of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the US Census Bureau. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52% of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008.

      1. So… according to you and the numbers you present… the 48% of homicides that are non-black perpetrators, should be ignored?

        How about drawing comparisons based on poverty level, education level? BTW… forget US Blacks altogether, US white murderers lead the world.

        1. So, per apple cynic, being poor is a free pass to enable people to murder, rob, beat their fellow citizens to death. Thank you for finally exposing the fact that you have no morals.

          Take a walk off a long pier; over very deep water.

    2. That’s like demanding BLM on their next march arising from another incident to publicly acknowledge “White Lives Matter”. I think we both know how that will fly.

      MDN did not publish his picture, they just screen grabbed what the City of Orlando Police Department created. What, MDN now has to photoshop things in order to meet with your approval.

      We know whites can rob and murder and be charged with the same charges, but it is not about white. BLM, the Media, the Entertainment industry, Professional Athletics, the Recording industry, Liberal Democrat politicians and your typical college flunky SJW have made sure that America gets the message, that the only approved color is BLACk! So, it just looks as if the Orlando Police Department was keeping up with the times via photo affirmation.

      But I’m just wondering if LeBron James will tweet his photo with “You’re Next” hashtag ‘Accountability’?

        1. No, it’s because the ‘Only BLM’ and their ilk are just “stupid”!

  3. You’ve got to hand it to criminals, they sure come up with the most innovative ways to rob and murder. The thought wouldn’t have crossed my mind in a million years to use an iPhone like this.

    May the victim Rest In Peace, and may this degenerate promptly receive the death penalty.

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