Goldman Sachs’ so-called Apple analyst Rod Hall finally gets a clue

Rod Hall, Goldman Sachs senior equity analyst
Rod Hall, Goldman Sachs senior equity analyst
Last August, we told you flat out that Goldman Sachs’ analyst Rod Hall is an awful Apple analyst and wrote, “A random number generator would be a better predictor of Apple share prices than Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall.”

This wasn’t our first critique of Rod, who seems to have graduated from the Laura Goldman School of Apple Analysis:

Given his limited reasoning capabilities, we doubt that, if pressed, Rod Hall would be able to analyze his way out of a wet paper bag.MacDailyNews, July 17, 2019

Longtime readers might remember Laura Goldman. She put a “Sell” on “Apple, the company that created the iPhone” back on May 21, 2007. Apple shares closed that day at $3.44 (adjusted for both dividends and splits). Good call, Laura!

Finally, many years and many lost dollars late, Rod seems to have miraculously stumbled upon a clue.

Brian Sozzi for Yahoo Finance:

“We are upgrading our rating from Sell to Neutral after Apple posted another large beat and implied a raise vs. our June revenue expectations. Our original view that the iPhone cycle would disappoint in the midst of COVID was clearly wrong. Not only has Apple done better than we expected on iPhone during the cycle but Mac and iPad have also materially outperformed our forecasts,” analyst Rod Hall said in an early morning note Thursday after Apple’s second quarter earnings.

Hall acknowledges that since he placed Apple’s stock on Goldman’s closely watched Americas Sell List on April 16, 2020, shares have surged 86%.

MacDailyNews Take: 🙄 Don’t take Apple investment advice from anyone with “Goldman” on their business card.


  1. Rod didn’t get a clue, he just threw in the towel. I read AAPL had “too good” of a quarter and it’s not sustainable so thats the reason for lackluster stock performance today. 🤦🏻🙄😂

    1. Can you actually believe this shiat?!? To good of a quarter so lets hammer the stock. Freakin’ Anals. So many Apple haters… They should be jailed for this! LOL!

  2. It hasn’t made a difference to Apple no matter what Rod Hall has said. He was only hurting his own clients and that’s not good, at all. Unless he’s right about all the other stocks he covers, I can’t imagine how he is able to keep his analyst job. Telling people to actually Sell a stock that performs well above average is just plain evil or plain incompetence. I don’t know how he can be wrong about Apple so many times and yet his employer doesn’t question his ability.

  3. Apple’s challenge is how to transfer off the weak debt riddled USA dollar and get the company to safer invest and operation ground. Soon American big government will increase taxes on big “greedy” corporations to pay there fair share. Smart companies will transfer wealth and assets outside of the USA before the collapse of the debt/dollar. Will Apple lead the way or be left holding the bag ? Apple needs to be proactive and start to silently lessen exposure to the USA/dollar.

    Same for private investors in the stock market. Why entertain a federal capital gains tax of up to 45% when many places like Hong Kong have 0% capital gains tax. All the Americans think they are better then China but let’s check back in 10 years. China has already won but arrogant Americans think not. Apple will always have a home in China. We make all the products and soon will buy more Apple products then America so Apple should move here and leave America to past history. It’s a new age.


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