Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall is an awful Apple analyst

Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall is an awful Apple analyst.

Rod Hall, Goldman Sachs senior equity analyst
Rod Hall, Goldman Sachs senior equity analyst
Hall is so bad at his job, that last September, Apple even had to take the rare step of publicly disputing a negative call by Hall. Last October, Hall claimed that his team of genius “analysts” at Goldman wondered if anybody would buy 5G iPhones as they did not believe that 5G offers consumers much in the way of additional utility.

On September 13, 2019, Hall slashed Goldman Sachs’ price target for Apple shares to $165. One quarter later, Apple shares sold for $327.85.


On Friday, April 17, 2020, Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall downgraded Apple stock to “sell” and cut his price target from $250 to $233.

Currently, Apple shares are
trading at $447.65.

Ooh, so close, Rod! You’re only off by $214.65 per share.

A random number generator would be a better predictor of Apple share prices than Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall.

Given his limited reasoning capabilities, we doubt that, if pressed, Rod Hall would be able to analyze his way out of a wet paper bag.MacDailyNews, July 17, 2019

Keep being so wrong about Apple, Rod, and we’ll keep reporting just how wrong you are.


  1. Because Rod Hall is not tech savvy, therefore, he doesn’t know about AAPL intrinsic values. An average person does not have the knowledge about technology. Plain and simple.

  2. How does someone like Rod Hall keep his job with consistent professional inaccuracies – I’m truthfully intrigued why Goldman Sachs would even keep this guy on the payroll – they should be embarrassed, he must be well connected with the power that be ??

  3. The market has not priced things correctly. Let me get this straight, idiots from BoA price Apple wrong, repeatedly, then have to lift the price substantially over market, but downgrade the stock? They are almost as bad as Goldman Sucks’a** , which continues it’s amazing record of being 100% wrong about apple. Managing to beat broken clocks with its amazing record of incompetence.

    This stock is going well over $700. Why? The market has not figured this out:

    5G is bs. The market is setting stupid expectations for 5G. Most consumers dont care at all, their LTE speeds are crazy fast good enough for them. 5G is a red herring. It will cause a little bump, but for most consumers wont move the dial to cause a super cycle of iPhone buying.

    The key are apple glasses. If Apple releases them in 2021, for the first 6 months all the ‘experts’ will crap on them say how lame they are. Like Apple Watch. Like AirPods. But, assuming Apple does a good job and people like them we have 2 possibilities: 1) Good, 2) Next wave.

    1) Good scenario. If the uptake is just like AirPods or Apple Watch that is the Solid sales, adding solidly to the wearables. Probably doubling wearables revenue.

    Scenario 2) Is a next wave phenomena. If Apple Glasses are like the original Mac and the original iPhone, starting a computing revolution, ushering a new gen of tech from which there is no going back, the new ‘must have’ the sales will be crushingly good. It will ramp and ramp and ramp and follow the iPhone trajectory of years.

    But regardless of it’s scenario1 or 2, here is the Key kicker. For at least 5-7 years glasses will require an iPhone to work, much like Apple Watch/AirPods. That means a SUPER CYCLE of iPhone sales as it’s likely that apple will require the latest phones to use apple glasses.

    That means $700 for apple will be cheap by 2022.

    1. While 5G is no where near the ubiquitous panacea that its promoters claim, there are many scenarios where it will be very beneficial. As just one example think of the Long Island Expressway or the 405 in LA with either of them having a major traffic accident/jam. You can be stuck there for a LONG time and concurrently not be able to get a cell connection even with LTE or LTE-A.

      Apple glasses will fit your scenario 2 if, and only if, they can come in appropriate prescriptions. There are a lot of iPhone and Apple Watch users that wear prescription glasses. Additionally there are people like me what when I wear glasses I wear aspheric lense.s (I can tell the difference between spherics and aspherics.)easily Can I get Apple glasses in an aspheric prescription? If not, I won’t buy them no matter how “neat” the user interface is.

  4. Please Goldman Sachs keep Rod Hall. He is brilliant at giving me stock guidance. Rods incredible aptitude for consistently getting it wrong is truly an amazing skill. Whatever he says I always do the opposite and have made a ton of money investing against his suggestions. Thanks Rod for the wonderful tips.

  5. And here comes cancel culture movement in action. Without any consideration of this guy curriculum you just call him names, disregard his past accomplishments, ignore the fact that Apple itself try and reach him to correct what it believes is wrong, and his predictions are off but who could, except converts, believe without its mortar-and-brick stores Apple would thrive as it is doing?

    Go on, drink your hateful Kool-aid

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