VERTICAL Video (!) Shot on iPhone by Academy Award-winner Damien Chazelle

We, and perhaps, you, have been known to bemoan the scourge of “vertical video” shot on iPhones and iPhone wannabes the world over by, let’s face it, rank amateurs.

VERTICAL Video (!) Shot on iPhone by Academy Award-winner Damien Chazelle
If you don’t have an Academy Award, don’t shoot vertical video!

Apple believes that everyone can take great photos and videos. And, to that end, the company offers some great free tips and techniques to help you take even better ones — and enjoy them — with your iPhone here.

However, a new video release by Apple, places an iPhone 11 Pro, vertically, into the hands of eminently accomplished filmmaker Damien Chazelle and, voila, “vertical video” becometh art:

Apple’s YouTube Channel:

A journey through cinema history is reimagined for the vertical screen in Damien Chazelle’s “The Stunt Double,” a short film Shot on iPhone 11 Pro.

Watch as classic genres are flipped on their side, from action movies to silent films, spy flicks to westerns, reframing and modernizing the movie magic we know and love.

Original Score by Grammy Award® winner Lorne Balfe. Listen here Or on iTunes

MacDailyNews Note: Unless you’re a world-class filmmaker like Damien Chazelle, please, for the love of all that is good in this world, shoot your iPhone videos in landscape (horizontally), not vertically!

Bonus Vertical Video:


  1. Vertiscope totally sucks even if Spielberg or Hitchcock were to use it. Let alone this Damien guy whose films I have largely disliked. Personally I prefer pleasant peripheral side information (which gives space for the panoramic and action), not more sky & ground or ceiling & floor. This is pathetic. Visual claustrophobia.

    1. But the end result you get with vertical is (typically) a bad/unwatchable video. Is adjusting the phone sideways that much of a burden that you’re ok with unwatchable video?

      1. I turn it sideways, a two-handed ordeal for a $1200 product, ya know?

        Why can’t it record horizontal video while being held vertically? Why can’t it be selectable choice on the display: “record horizontally”? Why did we have to have crap video in the ether for 13 years?

  2. I’ve always wondered why Apple, a company renowned for locking down its products, didn’t save users from themselves by locking video recording in landscape mode.

  3. Vertical video itself is not bad. Just use it when motion is primarily vertical or expected to be, like rocket launches, falling objects, jumps, climbs, rappelling, etc.

  4. For those that don’t understand why horizontal video is so much more compelling, your visual acuity box is “landscape.” Don’t believe me? Put your arms as far out as you can to your side until you no longer see them. Then draw a box with your hands right at the edge of your peripheral vision. It is landscape shaped.

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