Spring Loaded: Powerful new iPads, Apple Podcasts+, AirTags among possible debuts

At Apple’s “Spring Loaded special event on Tuesday, starting at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT, is expected to reveal powerful new iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro models, a new Apple Podcasts+ service, Apple AirTags item trackers, and possibly more.

Apple Spring Loaded event icon
Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event icon

Stephen Nellis for Reuters:

Macs and iPads accounted for $52.3 billion during its fiscal 2020, and analysts expect updates to the top-end iPad Pro models on Tuesday, including better display and processing technology.

“The Pro iPads are not the volume sellers, but they blur the line between Mac and iPad. How Apple differentiates between the iPad Pro and the Mac will be very interesting to watch,” Ben Bajarin, principal analyst for consumer market intelligence at Creative Strategies.

Analysts also expect Apple to take aim at podcasts, which have become a focus for its streaming music rival Spotify Technology SA, with a subscription service.

Apple may also release tracking devices called AirTags that would use the same technology that helps Apple customers locate lost phones and ear buds to locate lost wallets or keys.

MacDailyNews Take: Beyond iPads, Apple Podcasts+, and AirTags, our fingers are crossed for iMac to graduate to Apple Silicon and, hope “springs” eternal, two sizes of Apple-branded displays priced for consumers!


  1. Here’s another vote for a consumer priced Apple monitor …. but I am slightly concerned that Apple’s idea of consumer priced might be somewhat different from my idea of consumer priced.

    1. Yes, hence the whole flaw with the idea.
      A friend of mine has his Mac Mini connected to a 43″ 4k TV, and the results are quite nice. He has it a bit further away than most people would have an iMac. I’d like to do the same thing if they produce a Mini-Pro.

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