Ohio secretary of state on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s idea for voting on iPhones: ‘Preposterous’

After Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested voting on iPhones this week, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, the state’s chief elections officer, said he “aggressively” opposes Americans casting ballots via their mobile devices, calling the idea “preposterous.”

Ohio secretary of state on Apple CEO Tim Cook's idea for voting on iPhones: 'Preposterous'
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Brooke Singman for FOX Business:

“Not on my watch. Not in Ohio,” LaRose said Wednesday. “I think this is a classic example of one of these, kind of, elites, thinking they have a simple solution to a complex problem.”

Cook made the suggestion this week during an interview with The New York Times, calling America’s voting infrastructure “pretty arcane… I think we’re probably all having the wrong conversation on voting rights. We should be talking about using technology… We do our banking on phones. We have our health data on phones. We have more information on a phone about us than is in our houses. And so, why not?”

But LaRose said the “most important” thing with regard to elections is “public confidence,” and the confidence that “every vote is counted fairly and free of fraud and shenanigans… The public confidence is much harder, and lags behind technological competence.”

LaRose described the election process in Ohio, saying that “every ballot has a paper trail” which can be audited. LaRose touted Ohio’s election audit of having an accuracy rate of 99.98%… “The idea we would let people use iPhones or any other mobile device to do something as crucial as casting a ballot is just preposterous,” he said.

As for Cook, LaRose said he is “sure” his “intentions are probably good… He wants to see more participation. I want to see more participation,” LaRose said, saying “any patriotic person” would. “But trying something untested, like voting on iPhones — it [could] result in a loss of confidence.”

As for big tech companies in general, Republicans have criticized them for censoring conservative viewpoints. Just this week, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita said he was investigating Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter for limiting conservative content.

“I share that concern,” LaRose said. “Because it is evident that there is a bias by a lot of these tech companies toward the left, and the whole cancel culture idea of censoring people whose opinions we disagree with is a really corrosive and dangerous thing.” He added: “Why would you want to allow those same individuals to have any control over the actual process of elections? That’s, again, why it is a terrible idea to have voting on iPhones.”

MacDailyNews Note: LaRose also said that there are “a lot of good things technology can do as it relates to running elections… but when it comes to actually casting ballots, tabulating results, that should never be connected to the internet — it should not be something that happens in an unverifiable measure.”


  1. What is this infatuation with trying to get to 100% of voter participation?

    Look around.

    Shouldn’t we strive for maximum participation by INFORMED voters?

    We don’t need votes from people who were paid with a free meal or coffee or worse to vote the way the gift-giver told them to vote (as happened last election, verifiably). That’s fraud. We don’t need that kind of “participation.”

    Half of the people on this planet and in this and every country are below average intelligence. I’d rather they didn’t bother to cast their vote based on someone’s eye color, some one-liner delivered in a televised non-debate, some Kardashian’s opinion, etc.

    This is the reason why we have a dementia patient who can barely put in a couple hours per day of work, if he even does that much, or even walk without danger of falling in control of the U.S. nuclear arsenal today.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Most people are not informed.

      They only watch one channel. Only listen to one priest. Only one religion.

      The clear and only choice would be to restrict voting to only informed voters.

      Or actually even better, only a few leaders.
      Or in the perfect world, only one person. The one and only perfect person!

      A new king who will know the best for the people. To undo the whole constitution and go back to the only true form of democracy, dictatorship with a king to rule for all, amen.

    2. Exactly! Imagine a voter block being swayed by some [insert random alphabet letter] anonymous high level government plant that is going to save the country from itself. Oh wait…

    3. You are being more open about your goals than usual. Democrats are dumb. Dumb people should not be allowed to vote. Q.E.D. Republican laws expressly aimed at reducing Democratic turnout are great.

      1. Georgia Republican Introduces ‘Voter Suppression’ Bill to Adopt Election Laws from Joe Biden’s Delaware

  2. The Real Kraken: What Really Happened to Donald Trump in the 2020 Election

    Eric Holder was a big loser on election night. He was the guy raising tens of millions of dollars to make America safe for Democratic redistricting. A red wave turned Holder’s dreams into dust in state legislative races. State legislatures are where the redistricting action is, and the GOP flipped three chambers red, gaining 192 state house seats and 40 state senate seats nationwide.

    Republicans now control both House and Senate chambers in 31 states. The country is a huge swath of red legislative control with Democrats largely confined to the cultural monoliths on the Pacific coast and urban Northeast.

    The red wave extended to the United States House of Representatives, where for now, Republicans have gained nine seats.

    But this wasn’t supposed to happen. The president isn’t supposed to lose when all the Republicans are winning.

    Something’s fishy.

    Indeed, something profoundly fishy happened in the 2020 election, but it wasn’t the Kraken or Venezuelan communists running remote software when they can’t even make the red lights work in their own country. Those shiny objects will play out with time and examination of evidence.

    What happened in 2020 is something more fundamental and profound. What happened in 2020 is cultural and systemic, and sadly, generally legal. Until Republicans, and more importantly Trump supporters, understand what happened to them this year, it will happen again.

    Two things happened in 2020. First, COVID led to a dismantling of state election integrity laws by everyone except the one body with the constitutional prerogative to change the rules of electing the president – the state legislatures.

    Second, the Center for Technology and Civic Life happened.

    If you are focused on goblins in the voting machines but don’t know anything about the CTCL and what they did to defeat Donald Trump, it’s time to up your game.

    The Center for Technology and Civic Life and allied groups are responsible for building an urban get-out-the-vote-machine of the sort that Democrats could only dream up on a bender fueled by jugs of Merlot and all the legalized pot they could smoke.

    The Capital Research Center has this deep dive into what the Center for Technology and Civil Life did in just Georgia. It starts with this:

    “This year, left-leaning donors Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan gave $350 million to an allegedly ‘nonpartisan’ nonprofit, the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which in turn re-granted the funds to thousands of governmental election officials around the country to ‘help’ them conduct the 2020 election.”

    “Help.” That’s a good one.

    What these grants did was build structural bias into the 2020 election where structural bias matters most – in densely populated urban cores. It converted election offices in key jurisdictions with deep reservoirs of Biden votes into Formula One turnout machines. The hundreds of millions of dollars built systems, hired employees from activist groups, bought equipment and radio advertisements. It did everything that street activists could ever dream up to turn out Biden votes if only they had unlimited funding.

    In 2020, they had unlimited funding because billionaires made cash payments to 501(c)(3) charities that in turn made cash payments to government election offices.

    Flush with hundreds of millions in new cash, government election offices turned those donations into manpower, new equipment, and street muscle to turn often sluggish and incompetent urban election offices into massive Biden turnout machines across the country – in Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit, Lansing, Philadelphia, and Atlanta among dozens of others.

    Philadelphia’s election office budget was normally $9.8 million. The CLTC gave Philadelphia $10 million, more than doubling the city budget.

    Those millions were used to hire local activists as city employees to drive around and collect ballots. The millions bought new printers and scanners to accommodate mail ballots. Philadelphia established brand new satellite election offices across the most Biden-friendly neighborhoods in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The millions bought scores of convenient drop boxes across the same neighborhoods where mail ballots could be conveniently dropped. Even though laws limited third parties from collecting and dropping off multiple ballots, people were photographed dropping off bundles of ballots at the boxes.

    If voters couldn’t muster the initiative to travel a few blocks to the drop-off boxes or new satellite offices, the city went to them to collect their ballot.

    CLTC dollars flowed through Philadelphia election officials to the pricey public relations firm Aloysius Butler & Clark. They designed billboards, posters, bus advertisements, and print ads. Radio advertisements and street marketing all added to the blitz.

    In Philadelphia and the surrounding urban counties that received millions of dollars in CLTC grants, turnout exploded.

    The plan worked.

    In case you still don’t follow: Hundreds of millions of private charitable dollars flowed into key urban county election offices in battleground states. The same private philanthropic largess did not reach red counties. Urban counties were able to revolutionize government election offices into Joe Biden turnout machines.

    All of this is legal. Do not allow your shock and confusion about what happened in 2020 lead you to mislabel all of this as “voter fraud” or “quasi-legal.” The Left excels at making the unprecedented real and the seemingly illegal, legal.

    The hundreds of millions poured into urban election offices by the CTLC and affiliated charities also explains how Trump dramatically increased his share of the black and Hispanic vote and still lost. Hadn’t we been told that if Trump could increase his share of the black vote by only a few percentage points that he would win? Well, he did, and he lost.

    Even if Trump increased his share of the black and Hispanic vote, the opening of the urban turnout floodgates through private donations to government election offices easily swamped Trump statewide in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan.

    It doesn’t matter if Trump has 15 percent of the black vote in Detroit if turnout there soared by 92,891 Detroit votes, which it did. It doesn’t matter if Trump has even 20 percent of the black vote in Atlanta if turnout in DeKalb soared by 54,550 votes, which it did.

    This also explains how the GOP was so successful everywhere… except at the top of the ticket. A flood of blue votes gushing out of deep blue urban areas has a statewide effect only for statewide candidates. It doesn’t affect legislative races outside of the cities.

    But what about fraud, you might wonder. Sure enough, fraud was a problem. There is a long list of things being reported as fraud that are not fraud that will need to wait for another day to address, but the singular fact is the rush to mail balloting created weaknesses all across the system.

    Mail ballots went to dead people. Mail ballots went to abandoned mines in Nevada. Mail ballots went to vacant lots in Pittsburgh. Mail ballots went in the garbage. Mail ballots were voted by people other than the voter.

    I successfully argued in court that Virginia election officials violated Virginia statute when they issued rules that ballots can arrive late and without a postmark. But sadly, that case was one of the few instances of success at blocking the Democrats’ frenzy to throw out election integrity laws. By and large, the Democrats succeeded in tossing out state laws related to absentee ballot verification, deadlines and a whole range of laws all in the name of COVID. By and large, GOP efforts in court failed. It was a courtroom bloodbath that created vulnerabilities across the system.

    The important point to understand is that elections are messy, and in 2020 hundreds of millions of dollars thrown at lawsuits and at election officials made the 2020 elections the messiest ever. Elections are also complicated, and you don’t always need outright fraud or communist hackers to craft a scheme to defeat Donald Trump. Why take that risk when you can do it all mostly legally by simply fundamentally transforming the entire process?


    1. Let me summarize:

      We can’t trust the voter registrars, we can’t trust the election workers, we can’t trust the county or state-level elections officials, we can’t trust the Secretaries of State or Governors from either party, we can’t trust Bill Barr, we can’t trust the cybertech head at Homeland Security, we can’t trust the state or federal trial judges, we can’t trust the appellate judges, we can’t trust the Supreme Court, we can’t trust the Electors, we can’t trust the Congress, and we can’t trust Vice President Pence or Senator McConnell.

      But we should trust you.

      1. Let me state the truth. You can trust anyone except Democrats. Democrats entire election strategy is based on fraud. They want to vote for the dead, they want register all felons, they want the voter rolls to never be cleared of the dead and those who have moved, they want to register illegal aliens, they want the voting machines connected to the internet, they want to count votes until they win, whatever amount of time that takes. Democrats entire election strategy is based on fraud. And, often it works. If it didn’t they would never win a national election.

        1. So we should trust the 27 Republican governors, the Republican election officials in places like Georgia and Arizona, the Republican former US Attorney General, the Republican former cyber security head, several dozen Republican-appointed judges, and numerous other Republicans who upheld the 2020 election results.

          Good. I trust them on that issue, too.

  3. If Apple has control over Parler and Parler’s Terms of Service which Apple came around to not liking and Apple and Fake Woke Big Tech put their collective ‘foot on the neck’ of Parler causing Parler to die. Who’s to say that Apple would apply the same scummy tactics to election outcomes they don’t like?

    Sorry, Fake Woke Big Tech, Apple and Tim Cook included, you have not given me any reason to trust you, therefore, I DO NOT TRUST YOU! Especially when it comes to my vote.

  4. Many thanks to both of you——while the article regarding what actually happened in the election is long, it reveals things most of us weren’t aware of and it all makes sense. Can you also spell the name of the other miscreant causing mayhem to our social norms? It’s spelled S-O-R-O-S. Whatever he went through under Hitler’s reign has resulted in his efforts to destroy the USA. And he has an activist (with big $$$) to continue it after he meets his maker and goes to H-e-ll.

  5. You should see the Time Magazine article…

    ‘… There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy…”

    The Time Magazine article sent shivers down my spine as they essentially APPROVE of and laud what amounts to a conspiracy between The Democrats, news media, corporations, and social media, to effectively caricature Trump and push Biden into office. Biden supporters reading this article should come away knowing they were brainwashed. Trump supporters should come away with a better understanding of fascism… and why their bums felt mangled after the election.

    Fascism as in “… The concept of fascism is dependent on the merger of corporations with the state. The power inherent in government is combined with corporate power, this brings the majority of power in a nation under a small group of individuals. This is known as an Oligarchy. It is this combination of government and corporations that truly defines the concept of fascism…”


    1. So, America is under assault from a conspiracy that includes a plurality of Big Business, Labor, Democrats, Non-Trump Republicans, Establishment Conservatives, Movement Progressives, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans (outside Florida), Native Americans, College-educated White Americans, Urban Americans, Suburban Women, and others.

      This “small group of individuals” constitutes an Oligarchy that is hugely outnumbered by people who think like you. Got it.

    2. And so the only option to defeat this “fascism”, is to go true fascism in a nazi like way, with hanging state enemies like Mike Pence, for not abandoning the constitution and turn this country into a dictatorship.

      Sure, totally make sense brother.

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