Facebook tries ads to convince users to allow themselves to be tracked

Facebook on Thursday launched an ad campaign that attempts to convince users to allow themselves to be tracked so that Facebook can serve them personalized advertising, ahead of upcoming plans by Apple to prompt iPhone users to opt in to allow apps to use their personal data for targeted ads.

ad tracking

A new App Tracking Transparency feature across iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS will require apps to get the user’s permission before tracking their data across apps or websites owned by other companies.


A commercial will air on TV, including during the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday, Facebook said.

Facebook’s ad spending behind the campaign is in the millions of dollars, according to a source familiar with the matter.

MacDailyNews Take: Why not just light piles of cash afire?

The campaign to convince users to warm up to ads comes as Facebook, which faces several U.S. antitrust lawsuits, has accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior in using its control of the App Store to limit app developers’ collection of user data from other apps.

MacDailyNews Take: Facebook ads that aim to convince users to allow themselves to be tracked by ads? Seems like a tough sell. 🤣

Facebook is to privacy as Chernobyl is to nuclear power.MacDailyNews, February 3, 2021


    1. I deleted ’em years ago but, last time I looked, they were sendingki an email EVERY morning at 7:30 telling me I’d missed a whole lot of exciting stuff. I made a filter that deleted all FB email straight away without even going through spam, which has worked well. But somehow they managed to send one a few days ago that got through. Seems that in spite of their verbal diarrhoea they DO want Australian customers.

  1. There is an advantage to being followed, if you are willing to surrender the privacy. Consider that the ads I get on FaceBook are unobtrusive, off to the right of the page, or in the stream where they are attractive and never block content. More importantly, they are highly targeted. Compare that to the often annoying in your face ads from MDN, that are anything but targeted.

    Facebook ads for me are almost exclusively technology related. I get ads for USB-C hubs, portable external monitors, raspberry-pi kits, MDM software like JAMF, project management software, Mac related tech, and so on. MDM gives me ads for women’s clothing.

    Looking closely at What Facebook knows about me, they know where I am via IP, they know the devices I use, they appear to have already figured out I’m building hybrid clouds for people now, as I’m getting ads for collocation facilities. They know I have a watch fetish. They know I have a pen fetish. They know I like old film noir movies and war movies. They know I read a lot. They know I love animals. They know I need to lose weight and I need a hell of a lot more exercise. They know I am politically conservative, and very active in the black conservatism movement.

    These are things I do not care if they know. I enjoy the targeted marketing. Still, it should be my decision to accept the surveillance. They should charge people who do not wish to be tracked or something, but they should be totally OPEN about their practices behind the scene.

    I also see through Apple’s virtue signaling. By crushing competitors (that’s right, competitors) like Google and Facebook, they help to pave the way for their “enhanced shopping experiences.” Nothing Apple does is for your good. We just get lucky when their desire for profit dovetails with a halfway decent product offering. Apple cares nothing about your stinking privacy. They care no more for your privacy than that of the peoples of Communist China. They only care about how much you will pay for precious little.

  2. Wanting to be a/the focus of advertising isn’t on my to-do list. Maybe that’s the distinction?
    As well, though maybe I’m naive about Apple’s security and privacy intentions, I don’t have any doubts about FB’s. Since the inception, the company has ALWAYS brought a portion of malevolency & deception along for the ride.

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