Sensor-shift optical image stabilization said to expand to entire ‘iPhone 13’ family

According to an article preview published today by DigiTimes, the entire iPhone 13 family will feature sensor-shift optical image stabilization (OIS). Currently, only the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers sensor-shift OIS.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

“Apple’s next-generation iPhones slated for launch in the second half of 2021 will all come with sensor-shift stabilization technology, according to industry sources,” the story preview reads.

Korean publication ETNews shared a similar report earlier this week claiming that at least two iPhone 13 models will be equipped with sensor-shift stabilization, with LG Innotek expected to remain the supplier of the necessary components.

Apple first introduced sensor-shift stabilization on the Wide lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple equipped iPhone 12 Pro Max with a larger Wide sensor with bigger pixels to gather more light, for more detail and color in your photos. And the company engineered a stabilizing solution that moves just the sensor, keeping it even steadier than before. That’s sensor-shift OIS, and it’s a game changer.

Until now, sensor‑shift optical image stabilization was only on DSLR cameras. This is the first time it’s been adapted for iPhone. Owners of Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max get more precise stabilization than ever.


  1. I love the sensor shift in my Pentax DSLR. All lenses, new and old benefit. With astrophotography, it uses your GPS location and moves the sensor with the rotation of the earth for longer photos of night time skies and stars… Not that I will do that with an iPhone, but the tech is cool.

  2. Rapid innovation at Apple is what we have been asking; Now we are getting it.
    For some, however, the speed of change is radically fast and, along with rapid social change in race and ethnicity in governance, a concomitant fear stoked by grifter Donald, Q-Anon rich backers who funded them, those who see these alterations as an attack on their insular, stable world view, the concomitant loss of their economic status caused by Wall St.’s hard core unapologetic Capitalism, the percieved loss of White racial status caused by open borders,… all these factors drove White stormers, Blue Lives Matter, Promise Keepers, Skinheads, and their legislative allies to invade Capital Hill with the intent to threaten legislators into stopping the legitimate election of Joe and Black Kamala. So it’s the rapid change on most levels.

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