Apple probes supplier after workers at Wistron plant in India ransack factory

Apple said on Monday the company is investigating whether Taiwan-based contractor Wistron Corp failed to follow supplier guidelines at an iPhone assembly plant in India, after some workers ransacked the plant in a protest over unpaid wages.

Apple's iPhone XR
Apple’s iPhone XR


Thousands of contract workers gathered on the grounds of the Wistron site on the outskirts of India’s tech hub of Bengaluru on Saturday demanding unpaid wages and better working hours.

As police arrived, the crowd turned violent and video from the scene showed people armed with rods and sticks smashing equipment and vandalizing cars, causing what the company estimated at $60 million in damage.

“We have teams on the ground and have immediately launched a detailed investigation at Wistron’s Narasapura facility,” Apple said in an email, adding it was dedicated to ensuring everyone in its supply chain was treated with dignity and respect.

Videos taken by employees in the Wistron factory showed men, many wearing masks due to the coronavirus outbreak, destroying security cameras, windows and other equipment… The crowd smashed four cars, two golf carts, stole laptops and smartphones and destroyed other office equipment, according to a police report filed by Wistron and reviewed by Reuters.

In the complaint, Wistron accused more than 5,000 contract workers and some 2,000 unknown people of destruction of property. It put the losses at 4.38 billion rupees ($60 million).

Police have arrested 149 people over the violence, a senior officer said, while a search was on to identify and arrest more perpetrators as the investigation continues.

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Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence. — Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Apple being in India is a huge mistake. That is selling and manufacturing. Apple should get out of India because India is a problematic and unfair country. It is not worth for Apple to be in this Android (aka CHEAP) loving place.

  2. Disparity is growing. I see evidence on my bicycle rides along the river trails. What is the lesson that a segment of society run by the powerful and connected will learn from the rebellion by powerless, desperate, non-unionized, underpaid, maltreated workers? Will the powerful and connected preach to them the righteous question dripping with a false, manipulative moral righteousness, “Don’t you think that you are lucky to be working at all?” Of course they will.

  3. I think it’s unfair if the labours had not received their due payment on time ,but the overreaction by the labours vandalising &robbing the companies property will surely leave a bad mark for other foreign establishments to invest in India;I can not yet believe that labours could have gone to such extent without some anti India hand to instigate them;If its anti India instigation than the instigators should be dealt firmly;cause China will be having the last laugh;

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