Survey: 8 in 10 iPhone users want Touch ID to make a comeback (due to face masks)

According to a new survey, in the COVID-19pandemic face mask era, 79% of iPhone users want Apple’s Touch ID to make a comeback in the future iPhones.

Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor
Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor

Abhin Mahipal for SellCell:

For this survey, we collected responses from more than 2000 US-based iPhone owners with an iPhone X or newer models.

Since the outset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have become an integral part of our everyday wardrobe… Wearing face masks, however, has hindered the face recognition technology of newer iPhones, and users have been struggling to get their phones unlocked while in a public setting.

A whopping 79% would like to see Touch ID make a comeback in the upcoming iPhones. An In-display fingerprint reader is the most anticipated security feature in the upcoming iPhones at 56.2%, followed by the Touch ID power button at 14.1% and the Iris scanner at 9.7%. Other responses — Voice unlock (6.9%), Trusted devices-based lock (6.1%), On-body detection (4%), Trusted location-based lock (2%), and pattern lock (1.1%).

MacDailyNews Take: The report is based on an online survey – conducted between December 2-7, 2020 -involving more than 2000 iPhone phone users, aged 18 years or older, based in the United States. The stated “motive of the survey was to collect responses from iPhone users regarding the frustrations/ issues of Face ID while wearing masks,” so, of course, those frustrated with Face ID would be more prone to wanting Touch ID.

It’s also unknown how many of the survey respondents know that since iOS 13.5, Face ID got an added feature to make it easier to unlock your phone if you’re wearing a face mask: Just swipe up once from the bottom of the screen while you’re wearing a mask, you’ll see the option to enter your passcode immediately.

In the post-COVID era, sans face masks, we’d expect this lust for Touch ID to decline precipitously.


    1. You know what site you’re on…right?

      This site is about a Tech company and their products and services.

      If you want to discuss 3rd world issues…idk, maybe try a none Tech news site.

  1. Whilst Covid was a surprise element to everyone – Apple could use the Touch ID developed for the latest iPad Air and incorporate it along with facial recognition and give users the choice.

    To say that people could just enter their passcode – is a bit obvious, and also cumbersome.

    Touch ID was developed so that people didn’t have to use a passcode – facial recognition, so that people didn’t have to touch the front of the screen.

    I am sure that people who use facial recognition to unlock their phone are aware of the passcode, but using the passcode for things like Apple Pay – are moments of inconvenience – which is why the technology was invented in the first place.

    Facial recognition doesn’t work with face masks, so either make the software better, or give the user the choice to use a Touch ID button

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    1. Again the biggest disadvantage of Face ID vs Touch ID is that with Face, you have to pick up the phone.

      Cooking at home during the pandemic, I can’t tell you how many times I open my phone with my pinky while reading a recipe.

    2. Agreed.

      FaceID is an elaborate gimmick to jack up the cost of iPhones.

      Touch ID has always been faster, more flexible in operation at all angles and guessing more secure.

      Taking it away proved to be a HUGE MISTAKE. Why not offer both and simply allow users to have a choice and decide on their own?

      Basically comes down to the Left knows better than you do without comprise…

      1. TouchID is only faster if you are comparing it to faceID on a iPhone X. On an 11 or 12, faceID is so face and unobtrusive that Touch ID is a nuisance when traversing webpages that are constantly refusing to open until you “touch for passwords.”

  2. “Just swipe up once from the bottom of the screen while you’re wearing a mask, you’ll see the option to enter your passcode immediately.”

    This is still a comparison of working vrs not working. If you have to input your passcode in public, there is a risk that someone will see what your code is. Touch ID will work even if the phone is in a car holder, or in your pocket. (For example if siri asks you to unlock.). Tactile feedback is a good thing, and it makes no sense that Apple keeps trying to eliminate it.

  3. Finger on finger print reader (wherever it may be located) as you move phone to the payment device. Elegant, simple and seamless. Face ID was a backwards step for payments IMHO. Quicker by a second or two unless you needed to change your payment method. Well that’s my two cents worth anyway. (Every pun intended).

  4. Face ID was incorporated from X to jack up price together with OLED. I do not need either one of them for small device. My annual update of iPhone has long stopped since iP8 until only recently of new SE, the last finger ID iPhone.
    Besides, my face is trademarked in Hollywood and Apple must pay fee each time my face is used but they would not. If they do, I will pinch my nose and buy a 12. So, no face ID gimmick for me.

  5. I like Touch ID. It seemed like Apple was trying for in-display fingerprint ID sensor before Face ID, but it didn’t work reliably. So they went with Face ID as the way to make screen go edge to edge, with a noticeable compromise. Touch ID removes need for that ugly display notch.

    After current iPhone SE has its run as the low-cost option, Apple should replace it with an iPhone that has Touch ID on power button AND edge-to-edge screen. It can be based on design of current iPhone 12 mini, with a specs refresh. Like first SE (based in 5S) and second SE (based on 8). No Face ID lowers cost. And NO display notch.

    1. Whole purpose of biometric ID is to eliminate the process of entering passcode in normal use. I for one cannot imagine myself entering pass code each time I use the little phone.

  6. I would like to have a Touch ID in addition to Face ID. During times when we have to wear masks, I would like to be able to set my phone or my apps to unlock with either Touch or Face ID. When we can get rid of the mask, I would like to unlock certain apps only with a combination of both Touch and Face ID, e.g. banking apps. Too bad Apple didn’t at least bring back Touch ID in addition to Face ID in the iPhone 12, for example integrated in the On/Off button or on the side of the phone somewhere until they find a proper way to integrate it into the screen.

  7. Face ID is a dog at the best of times. It’s fine if you’re holding the phone upright, but the screen can be read at many different angles than will work for Face ID. Apple needs to fix that, or reintroduce touch ID.

  8. I looove Touch ID. In fact I’d love to see it in other products, like the Apple Watch.

    In fact, I actually bought iPhone 8 just because of Touch.

    And here’s one of the advantages of Touch vs Face…I don’t have to pick up the phone to open it with touch…I can also add every figure (meaning if my pinky is the only clean hand when I’m reading a recipe…no problem).

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