Apple suppliers’ China exodus won’t slow down regardless of who’s U.S. President

The splintering of the global tech supply chain spurred by an exodus from China that began during President Donald Trump’s first term looks set to persist regardless of who’s inaugurated as the president of the United States in January 2021.

TSMC secures government subsidies and picks site for $12 billion U.S. plant

Debby Wu for Bloomberg:

Apple Inc., the largest of the many tech giants that rely on Chinese factories to make their gadgets, will move some production of its iPads and MacBooks to Vietnam. Key assembly partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., known also as Foxconn, has allocated $270 million in new investments to the Southeast Asian country. Those moves presage a larger and longer-term migration that may have ramifications for the iPhone maker as well as China’s role as workshop to the world.

Foxconn founder Terry Gou coined the term “G2” to describe the trend of a unified supply chain splitting into at least two. Company Chairman Young Liu said in August that the likes of India, Southeast Asia and the Americas could each in the future end up with a dedicated manufacturing ecosystem of their own. The trend now looks irreversible…

Apple, whose Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook orchestrated the creation of its current Chinese-centric production chain, has resisted a large-scale move but in recent years has increasingly explored alternatives… Back at home, the iPhone maker has been lobbying the U.S. government to support local chip production with tax breaks. Its key supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is planning a chip fab in Arizona

Trump’s tariffs on Chinese-made products have also forced other international companies to rethink their manufacturing operations. Nintendo Co. now has some of its Switch console production handled by Sharp Corp. in Malaysia, after it asked its main assembly partner Foxconn Technology Co. to offer geographic alternatives to its core China operations.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple came to this belatedly, but now seems to fully recognize the benefits of mitigating risk by spreading production around instead of concentrating it in a single socialist totalitarian country that’s well-known for stealing intellectual property, committing widespread human rights abuses, and seeding global pandemics, among other things.


  1. Get out of China, Apple!

    As for who will be U.S. President:

    30% of Democrats believe that it’s “very likely” that their own party won the election through illegitimate means. Republicans overwhelmingly believe the election was stolen (75%), and 39% of Independent voters believe it was stolen. Overall, nearly half the country believes the 2020 U.S. Presidential election is illegitimate (47%).

    It’s likely that the number of Democrats who are suspicious that the election was stolen is even higher but refuse to admit it due to the fact that this stolen election benefits the Democrat candidate.

    Strangely, the Republicans dominated down-ticket races countrywide while Biden got an statistically anomalous number of late votes in just four cities located in the exact four states he needed to avoid being swept away in a GOP landslide that happened everywhere else.

    If Trump get a second term, it will be despite the establishment’s most brazen attempt yet to remove him.

    If Biden is installed, he will be the most illegitimate U.S. president in history.

    1. Supply chain guru:

      None of that is true, other than a large number of Republicans have been conned by a con man and believe his lies with zero evidence, and you have been conned by a con man and believe his lies with zero evidence.

        1. If Democrats’ ideas are so great, why do they need to infiltrate the education system and mainstream media in order to indoctrinate, attempt to silence conservatives on campuses and social media, and cheat in elections?

          1. Absolutely correct First Then. The mind controlling Democrats infiltrating education, particularly at the college level where free speech was born in the sixties at Berkeley. Now TOTALLY DEAD and reviewed through politically correct prism panels of the far left extremists backed by the Democrat Party — just ask AOC. Now the indoctrination begins in the pre-school courtesy of the Democratic teachers union one of the largest money supporters of Democrats for President over decades. As Rush said for years caretaking from the “womb to the tomb.”

            As to your second point, yes indeed, the media began to trend left after the Walter Cronkite retirement sailing away. Walter was a great Democrat from Martha’s Vineyard and unfortunately the last of fair and balanced respected Democrats working in journalism.

            Fast forward to 2020. We have liberal indoctrination in our schools and media that is off the charts and at unprecedented levels never seen before. Classic example: last night I was watching the Sean Hannity show parade of witnesses testifying in court to voter fraud. What the was CNN doing? At the same time a smiley hour long lovefest interview with Biden and Harris. Case closed!…

            1. TxBiased is once again posting his partisan foul stench. He would not know voter fraud if it hit him between the eyes.

              In the past week he posted Russian collusion proven FALSE and of course as a Democrat partisan he righteously claims he is never wrong.

              Not buying the LIE…

            2. Please answer my question without changing the subject or attacking my character. Which of your “parade of witnesses” has actually testified in court under oath and persuaded either a judge or jury to believe them?

              The answer is none. That is not fake news or an alternate fact. It is simply the truth. You are entitled to your opinion, but the courts cannot overturn an election based on opinion (not even an opinion held by millions of people). Courts require the proof of actual facts through the presentation of credible and admissible evidence verified under oath by witnesses subject to cross-examination.

              Your claims of fraud have been presented to court after court in state after state, but not one state or federal judge has found the claims credible. Read the Third Circuit opinion written by one of President Trump’s first judicial appointees (top-rated by the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation) and approved by two other Republican-appointed circuit judges. They found no credible claims or evidence to support a change in the election outcome.

              Click to access 203371np.pdf

            3. What, no Russian collusion false claims today, TxLiar?

              “Please answer my question without changing the subject or attacking my character.”

              The only character you have is day after day attacking Republicans while defending and pimping Dishonest Democrats. You are a partisan POS!

              Parade of witnesses I guess you have never heard of hundreds of sworn depositions working their way through courts as well as appearances on Fox News to tell their story of voter fraud.

              Not good enough for dishonest you, gee what a surprise…

            4. So, no, you cannot answer a simple question without changing the subject or attacking my character.

              If you, Giuliani, or the Kraken had presented any credible evidence in court, all the lawsuits would not have been poured out by a mostly-pro-Republican judiciary. There aren’t hundreds of affidavits and depositions working their way through the courts because there are no longer any suits pending in trial courts. Lawyers—real lawyers—do not get multiple bites at the same Apple. They had a chance to present evidence and failed to do so. Game over.

    2. You have no idea the 30% is an accurate number, you just made it up and then follow it with a bunch of radical right wing ideology. Your kind of crap is the bane of democracy.

      1. As I conveniently linked , the numbers come from a recent poll, from one of the few polling firms that’s even remotely accurate.

        If you get all of your “news” from CNN, Facebook, etc., I fully understand why you’re so confused about what happened, what’s happening now, and what could happen soon regarding the U.S. presidential election.

        Watch the video I included above. You’ll learn something.

        1. If you’re still that deluded about who’s (already) won the 2020 election I’ve got swampland in Florida to sell you with all your favorite Trump & Trump lackey swampettes.

          If there was justice completely misguided stone cold dumb country rubes like you would never have voted Trump into office in the first place. You missed your place in history. You should’ve been born in Germany in the 1920’s and been a rabid follower of the Nazi Party. You would’ve been right at home. Your Führer then and now only got about 4 years – for a reason. We dodged a bullet then and we dodged a bullet now.

          Maybe someday you’ve figure it out but it’s doubtful you’ve ever been honest with yourself staying in the lying disposition which defines you and your chosen no-platform Republican party. One thing’s for sure, everything you stand for is un-American.

          1. “If there was justice completely misguided stone cold dumb country rubes like you would never have voted Trump into office in the first place.”

            Oooohhhh …The liberal mother lode! 🙄 Insults to intelligence; accusations of criminality; ugly stereotypes of country people; questioning freedom of voter choice which is none of your damn business — all FALSE. Congrats!

            When was the last time you rebuilt a tractor engine stuck in the middle of a field during Spring plowing? Or grew food to feed the world in the middle of a drought, raised cows to provide milk for infants threatened by twisters or raised a barn in an afternoon? Not a surprise on Planet Libtard the only people that are smart and MATTER are socialist leftists that dwell in CORRUPT Blue Democrat cities, yeah right. At least you are honest about your true blue colors.

            “You should’ve been born in Germany in the 1920’s and been a rabid follower of the Nazi Party. You would’ve been right at home.”

            Sounds like you are “right at home” and have the qualifications as AOC is probably your hero and you totally CONFUSE USA freedom and the Constitution with Third Reich totalitarianism. Probably went to a failing public school, pity.

            “Maybe someday you’ve figure it out but it’s doubtful you’ve ever been honest with yourself staying in the lying disposition”

            You perfectly described YOURSELF! The age old political tactic aggressively accuse others of EXACTLY what you yourself are doing. Psychologists describe the practice as projecting your persona onto others, pointing it out in them and not seeing it in yourself. Very common practice, so you are not special.

            “One thing’s for sure, everything you stand for is un-American.”

            What in God’s name motivated you to write your stupidest comment on MDN EVER?!?!? 😱

            First Then is a Patriot of the first order and devotion to the Constitution and the Country is second to NONE. If you don’t see it after thousands of patriotic posts, then it will never sink into your thick skull.

            Bottom Line: Your opinions and hate filled stereotypes cannot change REALITY, HISTORY or proud PATRIOTIC Americans standing up for the USA and our GREAT President you have a problem with. You should remember that…

            1. Goeb (or more accurately Goebbels) you the biggest and most gullible fool here. I’m not a Democrat but not a Republican either nor a brain dead undiscerning Retrumplican like you. So your usual lame attempts to go for the cliche liberal stereotype fall flat on their face as you have in your dullard support of the worst president in history. A shame you rely on the same misanthropic specious rhetoric to make your non-points only an overweight village idiot with missing teeth could love or nod their head in approval to.

              Many real Republicans (which you are not) are voicing their complaints about the meritless voter fraud perpetrated by the Grifter-In-Chief in order to raise funds from gullible fools like you and other inbred Gomer Pyle rejects bereft of common sense. I have nothing but contempt for people like that and you. You have no business voting since you can’t see the forest for the trees (objectivity goes out the window in the pursuit of an irrational rationalization biases based on falsehoods and lame conspiracies) and think a loon like Trump has anything to offer but chaos and a subversion of our democracy into something far more heinous. You should be ashamed. You are no American (you don’t know the meaning of the word nor it’s institutions) and neither are many others and their many fake pseudonyms here.

              You and your dangerous dumpster fire type are about to be consigned to the dustbin of history along with the fake orange man and I can’t wait for it. So long Bunkie.

            2. Fesarius your multiple ad hominem attacks, childish name calling, insults, irrational hate for the hardest working president in history while you paint all supporters and Republicans with the same broad brush, false conclusions, guilt by association, Republicans always wrong and Democrats are the ONLY chosen ones, and best off all — your high and mighty arrogance and self righteous indignation — PROVES without a doubt you are a LYING LIBERAL!.

              You win arguments with FACTS, not opinionated unbridled HATE and mocking SCORN.

              Nuff said…

            3. The “hardest working President in US history” went on at least 293 golf outings in his first and last term, with 18 days to go. (President Obama was criticized for playing 113 rounds of golf over eight years.) The estimated cost to US taxpayers of President Trump’s golf trips is on the order of $142,000,000.00.

              The rest of your comment is equally fact-challenged.


        2. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. The electoral college miracle you’ve been hoping for is now over. Biden has more than 270 electors now. That plan you thought Trump had of getting states to switch their slate of electors… didn’t happen. Oh but there’s more coming soon… I’m sure… just wait for it… real soon now… Bwah ha haaa ha haa ha haaa haa haa haa haaaa! I just love these delicious treats, mmmmmmm, so good.

  2. “regardless of who’s inaugurated as the president of the United States in January 2021.”


    Biden won by a landslide in the most secure election in American history, with zero evidence of fraud, as repeatedly confirmed by trump’s own lawyers in court, where they’re not allowed to lie.

    It’s depressing that whoever is running this website, who I’ve appreciated for years, is buying into the con of a con man who has turned his grift to undermining the bedrock of American democracy.

    1. You’re depressed because MacDailyNews will wait for the election challenges processes to be completed and therefore won’t bestow a fake, nonsense, inaccurate, and incorrect “president-elect” title like the idiotic CNNs of the world?

      You’ve got issues.

      “Regardless of who’s inaugurated as the president of the United States in January 2021″ is an entirely factual statement.

      The bottom line:

      If Trump get a second term, it will be despite the establishment’s most brazen attempt yet to remove him. If Biden is installed, he will be the most illegitimate U.S. president in history.

      1. trump was removed from office because the American people overwhelmingly elected Biden.

        trump, a con man, is conning people to doubt the results of a secure election he resoundingly lost.

        If your 5 year old lost a race and stomped around pretending he won, you wouldn’t tolerate it.

        Yet those who trump has conned somehow embrace his lies (lies that unravel in court case after court case) and refusal to accept the results.

        It’s a litmus test of character: the leader you admire lost, but is pretending he won. Are you able to accept the results, to accept reality, or have you been irretrievably swept into his cult of personality and con?

        1. The “red wave” in the House, with all 27 toss-up races going to the Republicans and with Republicans even winning some races that were said to lean Democrat, the holding of the U.S. Senate, and the winning of additional state legislatures have all raised the very legitimate question of how all of those outcomes could have taken place, yet President Donald Trump lost to a feeble old man who hid in his basement while conveniently having very real evidence of significant influence peddling buried by the mainstream media and Big Tech.

          The fact is that there were early morning spikes in exactly the Democrat-controlled cities that Biden needed in exactly the critical swing states in which he needed them, while there weren’t comparable spikes in comparable cities.

          That’s cold hard data, not conjecture. And there’s only one credible explanation: Vote fraud in Democrat-controlled cities. #DemocratsCheated

          And it’s why, yes, if (BIG IF) Biden is installed, he will be the most illegitimate U.S. president in history.

          1. First Then,

            The answer to the question, how trump could’ve lost despite down ballot republican gains, is the same answer for every presidential election in American history – his opponent received more votes.

            Biden got more votes than trump, therefore Biden won the election.


            Because trump is a con man and criminal and irregardless of Biden’s qualities, most Americans would rather vote for a head of lettuce than trump.

            1. No, you didn’t answer the real question:

              Why were there were early morning spikes in exactly the Democrat-controlled cities that Biden needed in exactly the critical swing states in which he needed them, while there weren’t comparable spikes in comparable cities?

            2. First, the answer to your question is the same as it has been since Nov.4: the President adamantly insisted that his supporters should not vote by mail, and most of them obeyed him. Consequently, the mail-in ballots were overwhelmingly for Biden. That is not difficult for most people to understand.

              In some states, like Ohio and Texas, the mail-in ballots were counted first and showed an early lead for Biden. In other states, like Pennsylvania and Georgia, the mail-in ballots were counted last, so there was an early lead for Trump. Both early trends were inaccurate, but neither was caused by fraud.

            3. Crickets in response to your question, unsurprisingly.

              The entire premise of having an election with one-third of the ballots cast through mail was built upon an illegal political decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which unilaterally overrode state laws, violating the federal Constitution, which vests state legislatures with the power over election procedures. It also violated the state constitution.

              The suggestion that we should somehow move on from this is a greater threat to democracy than anything in our history. – Daniel Horowitz, New analysis shows Biden winning nearly impossible margins on mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, Nov. 30, 2020

            4. 2 things are for certain.

              Few people actually voted for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Both represent the lowest level of candidates the Dems had to offer. When they had fine people like Gabbard and Yang, they wound up with a criminal and a brainless pandering tramp. They wanted to make sure that swamp stayed full.

              Not to mention for all their false cries of racism they voted tor a historical racist. A man with demonstrable ties, via speeches, correspondence, cooperation, even eulogies to some of the most vile practitioners of race based hatred the country has ever known. A man who can barely open his mouth without demonstrating his racism in gaffe after gaffe.

              No one voted for these people. They voted either for Trump or against the fictitious representation of Trump created in the media. Never before in history has it been made so abundantly clear how many minds are utterly controlled by fake news. This is going to have to be corrected.

              When you endeavor to put a ballot in the hands of every criminal, miscreant, illegal alien, corpse and chipmunk with a crayon, yeah… you probably can find another 4% of voters to beat the real winner. This is the most questionable election in American history, and the mail in votes need to be stopped for the next nationwide election.

            5. TxUser,

              Your facile answer is belied by facts and empirical data.

              In Georgia, Biden overtook Trump with 89% of the votes counted. For the next 53 batches of votes counted, Biden led Trump by the same exact 50.05 to 49.95 percent margin in every single batch. All statistical anomalies and tabulation abnormalities were in Biden’s favor.

              Why late on election night did swing states stop counting votes when Trump was far ahead?

              Why were some observers stopped from getting to viably observe the counting?

              Why were there highly unusual vote counts coming in batches of hundreds of thousands with unusually high numbers for Biden?

              Why were there historically low absentee ballot rejection rates despite the massive expansion of mail voting?

              Why have witnesses reported, under penalty of perjury, ballots in pristine condition (not folded), missing votes, filled out only for Biden, filled out mechanically (exact same marks for Biden), and with invalid residential addresses?

              While Biden supposedly won more votes than anyone in history (despite not being able to get out people to fill his circles in anemic “rallies”), Biden “won” a record low of 17% of counties; 524 counties vs. the 873 counties Obama won in 2008. But, supposedly, Biden had more total votes?

              Come on, man.

              What that says is the increases were where they needed to be, not across the board. So, this was, at the very least, highly unusual.

              Anyone who wants the inquiries shut down, to have those who question them silenced, and to simply crown a feeble old man whose party apparatus OBVIOUSLY CHEATED cares nothing about election integrity, America, or is able to understand that illegitimate office holders have no real power.

          2. I thought Barack Obama was the most illegitimate president in US history? Isn’t he a foreigner, according to wretched people like you?

            I guess each successive Democratic president will automatically be bestowed with the title of “most illegitimate president in US history” from now on. 😂

            1. “I guess each successive Democratic president will automatically be bestowed with the title of ‘most illegitimate president in US history’ from now on.”

              Sadly, that is most likely true!

              LBJ – Carter – Clinton – BO – and now “the big guy!”

              They keep getting worse and worse with no bottom in sight!

      1. Yet Arizona has just become the 29th state to officially certify its election results. Like every one of the first 28, the final result matched the early projections.

        1. Meaningless.

          1. Please point out specific provisions in either federal or Arizona law that would enable the legislature to set aside the results of an election that has been properly certified according to the statutory procedures set out prior to the election, and that has been upheld by both the state and federal courts in multiple lawsuits.

            1. I don’t particularly care how “floored” they are. Again, what specific legal authority would allow the Arizona Legislature to overturn a certified election result that has been validated by every court to hear a challenge?

            2. Bill Barr, the Attorney General of the United States, put his thumb on the scale by changing existing policy by authorizing the United States Attorneys and Main Justice to investigate state elections while certification was still underway.

              He has just announced that the Justice Department has found no evidence of widespread fraud or impropriety.

            3. TxUser,

          2. TxUser,

            Your first mistake was believing an AP report.

            “Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election,” a DOJ spokesman stated. “That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated. The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.”

            1. Another distortion. What Barr said, and what the media reported, is that the Justice Department changed its guidelines immediately after the election to let the 113,000 employees of the Justice Department investigate claims of election fraud, and they have not found any significant examples after a month of trying. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. None.

              If credible evidence existed, Guiliani and his Dream Team would have shared it with the Justice Department. Just as in Clash of the Titans, the Kraken died without harming its target.

      1. The President has been assuring us for the last four years that 306 electoral votes was the very definition of a landslide. What changed this time, other than the winner having six million more popular votes than the loser?

        1. Besides the rampant and obvious vote fraud, nothing’s changed. Those electoral votes are actually Trump’s and everybody with eyes can see it.

        2. There’s no difference. I completely admit that the President was full of shit when he called his electoral win a “landslide” also. The thing is, I expect he was aware of what he was saying as hyperbole is something he uses regularly.

    2. “Biden won by a landslide in the most secure election in American history, with zero evidence of fraud“

      Of course you believe that you are a liberal. While their is plenty of evidence of fraud cannot be doubted. Whether the courts or media acknowledge it and justice prevails is indeed in doubt…

      1. Ah, so this is the new talking point. Trump won but the media AND the courts are against him. Strange that suddenly a wave of Republican judges appointed by Trump are against him now. This is how you get around being laughed at when Joe Biden becomes President on January 20, 2021. You’ll cling to this delusion that Trump really won, for realz y’all, but the courts took it away from him.

        You know what though? That’s even MORE DELICIOUS. OMG, just keep serving me these tasty treats, mmmmmmm, soooooo goooooood! I hope this never ends. I hope Trump sets up a fake white house somewhere and pretends he is still president. Words cannot explain how delicious that would be.

    1. I suggest they all move together to an island that is basically all beach, because sea levels aren’t rising and storms aren’t getting worse, where they can all go without masks and huddle together, because COVID-19 isn’t a threat, and Donald Trump is President until at least 2025.

      They could call it Fantasy Island.

      1. Or the 74+ million legal voters who dominate the vast majority of the country’s land mass could simply march outward pushing the socialists off the edges in order to Make America Great Again.

        We could call it the “Great Reset.” 😉

            1. Your delusion. You keep claiming a rich fat new york inheritance brat cares about the common people. Bone Spurs doesn’t give a shit about you. How can you be so blind to the grift, laziness, lies, and nepotism? Nothing he did will stick, because his lie-a-minute news cycle management didn’t deliver any positive legal reforms at all. His promises were all empty, from posting tax returns to creating jobs to cutting the deficit. He did manage to run up the debt faster than Arbusto and Obama, though. You must be proud.

      2. Quite the lawyerly quip. So sophisticated. In typical fashion you bring up a completely unrelated topic (virus), as a distraction, conflation-straw man, or just another manifestation of the pin that pokes you to profound discontent.

        Mel, the matter at hand related to “best interests,” is the rule of law and it should be the primary concern of all citizens, whether R, D, I.

        That fact you don’t deem this concern as relevant enough to see the process through, inspires me to call you “stupid,” but I’ll stop here for illustration’s sake.

        Both of you are so clouded by the man, that “whatever it takes” (to remove) pushes you into legal compromise. Nothing, at this stage is beyond the law.

      3. I suggest all LYING FAKE REPUBLICANS that don’t have to move because they all ready inhabit destructive Democrat cities huddle and wonder if their lies will console them. Certainly their LIES won’t change reality but they are too stupid to realize it.

        Trump 2025? No, PRESIDENT Trump 2021…🇺🇸🦅

  3. It looks like Cook is begging for tax breaks because Apple, one of the most profitable corporations in the world, needs them to prevent a downward turn in profits.

    1. And the richest company in the World needs to borrow $$ (sell their bonds) from the govt. One of the uses of the $$ is for stock buy backs.

      If that ain’t bent, I don’t know what is.

      It’s a perfect illustration of why the wealth chasm grows, continues to grow and has for decades; those with assets receive more assets…through govt channels.

      Wealth does beget wealth and it’s the nature of $$, but the form mentioned is govt sanctioned, not truly market based.

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