Pixelmator Pro 2.0 offer native Apple M1 support, redesigned for macOS Big Sur

Pixelmator Pro 2.0 “Junipero,” available on November 19th, offers full, native support for Apple’s incredible M1 chip. Pixelmator Pro is blazingly fast on M1-powered Macs and tools like ML Super Resolution are up to a staggering 15x faster. Pixelmator Pro 2.0 is now fully compatible with macOS Big Sur. To match the fresh and modern look of macOS 11, Pixelmator Pro also features a new unified toolbar and a beautiful new app icon.

Pixelmator Pro 2.0
Pixelmator Pro 2.0

An interface redesigned from the ground up with a beautifully modern Mac appearance, a new Effects Browser, workspaces for photography, design, painting, and illustration, interface customization, and much more.

All-New Design

• Enjoy a new, more refined, and more modern Mac-native design.
• Almost every part of the Pixelmator Pro interface has been meticulously fine-tuned and refreshed to make it even more intuitive.
• The gorgeous new Effects browser makes it easier than ever to find and apply effects, featuring live effect previews and instant search.
• Full interface customization lets you customize Pixelmator Pro in any way you like.
• Choose from four new workspace presets for photography, design, illustration, and painting.
• The new, more compact presets browser makes it easier to browse and apply color adjustment, effect, layer style, and shape presets.
• Thanks to preset collections, you can now group related presets and even share collections with others.

Apple Silicon

• Native support for the incredible new M1 chip lets you take full advantage of the power of all the new Apple silicon devices.
• Thanks to its entirely Metal-powered editing engine, Pixelmator Pro can use the unified memory architecture of Apple Silicon to greatly speed up image editing.
• With a dedicated Neural Engine in the M1 chip, the Core ML-powered features of Pixelmator Pro will see huge performance boosts of up to a staggering 15 times.
• Pixelmator Pro 2.0 is a Universal app, so it runs natively on both M1 and Intel-based Mac computers.

Big Sur

• Pixelmator Pro is now fully compatible with macOS Big Sur.
• A beautiful new app icon makes Pixelmator Pro feel right at home in your Dock.
• The new unified toolbar, new-look icons, and all-new native controls make Pixelmator Pro a truly native macOS 11 app.
• Quickly zoom your images in and out using the new Zoom slider in the unified toolbar.

Over 200 New Presets

• With over 200 new color adjustment, effect, layer style, gradient, and shape presets, it’s now even easier to make your photos look great and create gorgeous designs and illustrations.
• Find 7 new color adjustment preset collections, including Cinematic, Modern Films, Vintage, and Urban.
• 8 new effect preset collections showcase the power of the effects in Pixelmator Pro.
• Speed up creating designs with beautiful new shape collections like Nature, Science, Education, and more.
• A range of beautiful new layer style and gradient presets will make your text, shapes, and illustrations look even better.

Workspaces and App Customization

• Full app customization gives you complete freedom to customize the position of the Pixelmator Pro Tools and Layers sidebars, the buttons in the new unified toolbar, and the list of visible tools.
• Five workspace presets are included: Default, Photography, Illustration, Design, and Painting.
• Change the position of the Tools sidebar, the Layers sidebar, and the tool list, saving your favorite workspace layouts as presets.
• Customize the Pixelmator Pro toolbar, adding handy new controls like Document Info and the new zoom slider.
• Choose which tools you’d like to see in the tool list, keeping your favorites always at hand – find all the new customization options in the View menu.

Improvements and Fixes

• A Hand tool for scrolling images is now available – its keyboard shortcut is the H key.
• The Clone tool can now be selected using the O keyboard shortcut.
• The Custom Shape tool has been renamed to Shape, it has a new shape browser, and can be selected using the U keyboard shortcut.
• Auto Select can now be customized to select layers instead of groups.
• The Layers sidebar now features an Add button to make it easier to add new layers to your documents.
• Pressing the Escape key will now deselect your currently active layer, improving illustration workflows and making it much easier to customize the style of shapes before drawing them on the canvas.
• When editing vector shapes, you can now automatically align their anchor points to the pixel grid.
• Transparency will now be displayed in the previews of layer style presets and gradients.
• EDR Mode is now supported on all displays that have the ability to display extended dynamic range data.
• Nudging the crop box using arrow keys would reset the aspect ratio constraint. Fixed.
• Removing layers with color adjustments would sometimes result in memory not being released. Fixed.
• Gradients would not be rendered using wide color in wide color images. Fixed.
• Dragging and dropping layers between documents was not working. Fixed.
• The Saturation blend mode was not working correctly. Fixed.
• GPS metadata in exported images would be slightly modified, resulting in inaccurate info. Fixed.
• Multiple AppleScript fixes, including QR code and face detection position, a fix for the resize canvas command, getting the color properties of layer styles, and more.

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MacDailyNews Take: We use Pixelmator Pro every day on our Macs and highly recommend the app. We can’t wait to get Pixelmator Pro 2.0!


  1. I’m always frustrated by the ridiculously low contrast in Pixelmator’s scroll bars and sliders. They’re virtually invisible! But I haven’t upgraded for a while, so have they fixed that yet? With all this praise for their meticulously modern beautiful blah blah I’m hoping they have.

  2. Remember when you had to read a user manual…what was that? I felt like the what’s new list would never end. And it was all just to get Apple’s attention and to virtue signal with the screen shot. Too late Pixelmater Apple announced both programs that would work on M1 already. I think it was Lightroom and the other was a game?

    And why would MDN need to use a paint program everyday again? 🤔 They barely use a text editor? 🧐

      1. It’s not virtue signaling it’s anti-white propaganda, blacks are just (agit)props for leftists. Based on Apple’s own marketing you’d think that 50% of their customers were trans-black artists.

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