Dow Jones lags as Nasdaq surges powered by tech stocks

The Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped on a day the Nasdaq fared best amid a tech stocks rally. Apple and Microsoft were the best Dow performers. FAANG stocks Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google-parent Alphabet all marked gains.

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Michael Larkin for Investor’s Business Daily:

The tech-heavy Nasdaq was the best-performing major index of the day, rising 2%. The index added some room above its 50-day moving average.

The S&P 500, which features a range of stocks from all parts of the economy, also managed to close positive. It gained 0.8% as it pulled further away from its 50-day line.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average surrendered some ground following two days of solid gains. However the loss was minimal, coming in at 0.1%.

Apple stock pulled away from its 50-day line as it gained 3%. It has some distance to go before it hits its buy point of 138.08, however. Microsoft turned in a gain of 2.6%. It also remains shy of a possible entry point of 232.96.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s all-time intraday high stands at $137.98 (split-adjusted), set on September 02, 2020. Apple’s 52-week low is $53.15 set on March 23, 2020.


    1. You sound nervous.

      If not, you should be.

      1. To date (8 days after the election), the conspiracy theorists have pointed to five identified examples of a Dominion problem:

        Two from Michigan:
        The first in a county that does not even use Dominion software. The second where the Republican county clerk failed to install a mandatory software update, resulting in a glitch with the unofficial numbers reported overnight, but not with the official numbers printed correctly onto hard copies. The disparity was quickly noticed and corrected.

        Three from Georgia:
        Again, there were two counties where non-Dominion software slowed the process of signing voters in.
        In the remaining example, the unofficial vote report was delayed by something, possibly the Dominion software, but the actual vote totals were unaffected.

        So, how exactly does THAT explain how Trump is 14,000 votes behind in Georgia and 149,000 behind in Michigan? You need to do better than that.

        1. Pennsylvania Department of State requested a function from Dominion Voting Software to allow local “Operators” with access to “totally blank ballots” to examine, RE-MARK IF NEEDED and allowed, and then re-scan into the tabulator.

          Click for Pennsylvania Department of State Dominion request.

          The Dominion voting system has some very interesting ties to the Clinton, Soros, and Pelosi families.

          Trump legal team: “Dominion Voting Systems will be the next lawsuit in Michigan.”

          Representative Paul Gosar won his House district (AZ-4) with 70% of the vote on November 3, 2020.

          1. What do you suppose the remedy is if a ballot is damaged in a manner (rip, water spill, whatever) that prevents running it through the scanner? Can you think of an alternative to producing a new ballot, marking it to match the old one under appropriate safeguards, and then running the duplicate through the scanner while documenting that entire process and keeping both ballots?

            The “6000 vote” nonsense is the case I described above of a Republican county clerk failing to install a required software update, resulting in a disparity between the preliminary figures (wrong) and the official count (which was always right).

            Congratulations to Rep. Gosar. Does he want a recount, too?

            1. It will all come out. President Trump isn’t a beta patsy like Mitt Romney. He will fight all the way to the Supreme Court and never concede this blatant voter fraud attempted coup – just another in a long string of failed attempted coups against President Trump.

            2. I can do that, too:


              Just as much evidence for one claim as the other.

            3. Evidence of worrying (to every honest citizen) widespread Dominion fraud will be presented to the courts very soon.

              There is no evidence of any KLINGONS, much less KLINGON votes to date. 😉

              The real clingons are Democrat fraudsters like TxLoser who cheer for illegality and oppose transparent audits to determine that only legal votes are counted.

    2. This too because “decent people everywhere are responding positively to the demise of Donald Trump?”

      “Tokyo’s key Nikkei index closed up on Friday, hitting its highest level since 1991, despite continued uncertainty over the outcome of the US presidential election.” (

      There are market bubbles and there are head bubbles.

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