Stock futures surge with focus on U.S. presidential election

After Wall Street recorded its steepest weekly loss since March last week, U.S. stock index futures bounced on Monday as investors geared up for an event-packed week starting with the U.S. presidential election.


Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden
Market participants anticipate short-term trading turmoil and major long-term policy shifts related to taxes, government spending, trade and regulation depending on whether President Donald Trump or his Democratic challenger Joe Biden wins the White House race… Analysts said the outcome most likely to shake markets in the near term would be no immediate outcome at all on Tuesday night.

Focus this week will also be on the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting, the monthly jobs report and earnings from about a quarter of the S&P 500 companies…

At 06:30 a.m. ET, Dow E-minis were up 477 points, or 1.81% and S&P E-minis rose 55.5 points or 1.55%. Nasdaq 100 E-minis were up 135.25 points, or 1.23%. Apple Inc, Facebook Inc and Inc rose between 1% and 1.7% in premarket trading after falling sharply in the previous session.

MacDailyNews Take: Ahead of the U.S. presidential election, Apple is up very slightly currently in pre-market trading ($0.19, or +0.17%), but green is nonetheless a good start to the week.


  1. Exit polls simply aren’t going to work this year. Your party choice effects how likely you are to use early voting or mail-in voting. So not having a predicted winner on election night is likely unless it is a landslide.

    Markets react to change with a sell-then-buy pattern. You have to sell your old stock to get the money to buy a new one. So a selloff followed by a big return the next day means that the market likes what is going on, or thinks that it is at least a “big neutral”. (Lots of change, but positive and negative for individual stocks cancel out for the whole market.)

  2. This 2020 race is over.

    The internals are getting even stronger for Trump and the GOP.

    President Trump will be re-elected and the Senate majority will likely increase by at least a seat.

    Really, the only question in 2020 is how long are Trump’s coattails and will they sweep through a sea change in the House, too.

    First Then, October 22, 2020

    Oh, boy, this is going to be fun! 😀

  3. Komrades (FT and the ‘roid’ known as GoeB), are you not tired of spreading propaganda? Cannot wait until Wednesday maybe Thursday when this is over and you clowns get sent to Siberia or whereever they send you failures these days.
    Remember…. ‘Trump—–Putin Amerika First’

    1. Hey Buster, I believe in President Trump the ULTIMATE people’s president!

      Did you catch the Trump rally in Butler, PA on Saturday? Secret Service reported the crowd at 57,000+ much larger than most Pro sports stadiums. Biden is lucky if he has over 100 attend his rallies.

      You are channeling Russia dead, dead, dead horse after a $35 million 2.5 year Mueller investigation that found NOTHING!

      To sink into Buster’s thick skull I will repeat again — after a $35 million 2.5 year Mueller investigation found NOTHING!

      Get your head out of your arse…

      1. The local paper said it was more like 10,000 victims at the Butler super spreader event.

        The local hosts reported that 47 buses were able to move the entire crowd to the remote parking lot within two hours, which sounds a lot more like 10-15 thousand than 60.

        Oh, and the Mueller investigation certainly did find something.

        1. And, it was recently reported that Mueller, as early at 2016, knew “Hillary’s document” was being used to create political opposition, via rumors and here-say for Trump.

          This document has been deemed fallacious.

          A Special Counsel that proceeds with this knowledge is shameful and a sham.

        2. You go with figures from a small country newspaper that is liberal biased like you are because it fits your narrative and you are in serious DENIAL!

          One only has to look at the pictures of the massive crowd one of the largest in history for a campaign event. 10,000, that’s only one fifth of the picture.

          You’re right Mueller found something although you did not say what it is because you enjoy playing petty bait games. You could not say it, but I will.

          He found NOTHING! President Trump fully exonerated from the media and deep state witch hunt!…

          1. For almost four interminable years, Trump and his supporters in the right-wing media have repeatedly (and in stark opposition to ALL photographic evidence) claimed that the attendance at Trump’s inauguration was larger than at Obama’s inauguration. In a couple of cases, old footage of a previous inauguration was used in place of Trump,s actual inauguration crowd.

            So, perhaps you will understand why I am skeptical of any claims coming from Republicans on the sizes of crowds at various Trump events. Anyone who trusts a compulsive liar deserves the consequences.

            Besides, who cares about a crowd of 20,000 or 40,000 showing up for Trump? Close to 100,000,000 people have already voted in this election and it seems likely that the total will exceed 160,000,000 people. So, in terms of proportion, 40,000 people represents roughly 1 in 4000 voters. That is 0.00025 or 0.025%. Math doesn’t lie. Trump does.

  4. Secret Service reported the crowd at 57,000+ much larger than most Pro sports stadiums.‘

    Yep, thanks again Komrade for your propaganda. Like FT says, feel the love. The love of going back to your homeland once Biden gets in. Say hi to your buddies back in the Gulag.

    1. Hey brainless, that figure was quoted by the Secret Service and not a small town liberal newspaper that TxUseless is clinging to because both of you can’t handle the truth. Both of you enjoy your “dark winter”…

    1. It’s over already. It’s been over for days actually. You, CNN, and MSNBC just don’t know it, yet.

      “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” — President Trump

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