Here’s where President Trump and Joe Biden stand on antitrust, social media, and other tech issues

Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden don’t agree on many issues, Jon Swartz writes for MarketWatch, “but they do share a wariness toward Big Tech that should maintain or even escalate antitrust scrutiny of the largest U.S. tech companies no matter who wins on Nov. 3.”

Jon Swartz for MarketWatch:

U.S. President Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump
In the middle of antitrust investigations into four of the most prominent companies in the world — Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., Inc., and Apple Inc. — both Trump and Biden have stopped short of calling for companies to be broken up. But their animus toward an industry that has grown to be distrusted by many Americans reflects a golden rule in politics: Run against the corporate boogeyman.

The Trump administration has threatened broad regulatory actions against internet companies for what the president and other Republicans claim is anticonservative bias, while maintaining antitrust investigations of Google and Facebook, and fighting in the courts for bans on Chinese-owned apps such as TikTok and WeChat.

Joe Biden
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden
Trump’s Justice Department is reportedly close to filing a lawsuit against Google’s search and advertising business before the election that likely would spill over into the next administration. The Federal Trade Commission, meanwhile, is preparing a possible lawsuit against Facebook by the end of the year over unspecified antitrust violations. The FTC continues its probe of Amazon, while the status of the Justice Department’s investigation of Apple remains unclear.

Biden, who was vice president during the Silicon Valley-friendly administration of President Barack Obama, has been critical of Big Tech’s market power. He supports stringent antitrust oversight and online privacy rules, but leans heavily toward forcing social-media companies to better police their sites against false information… A policy task force Biden created with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., recommends breaking up companies for anticompetitive behavior, but only “as a last resort.”

MacDailyNews Note: A rundown of where Trump and Biden stand on antitrust, social media, and other tech issues is in the full article here.


  1. “He (Biden) supports stringent antitrust oversight and online privacy rules…”

    You mean Biden’s handlers. Biden doesn’t make any decisions, his wife and handers do it for him

      1. Your stupidity is indescribable. Go back to your mama’s garage and eat the shit that is fed to you everyday because you obviously are brain dead.

        Blaming the president for deaths caused by a virus is not only stupid, it is irresponsible. First of all, most the deaths are from underlying conditions, which means anything could have caused those deaths. Second, President Trump closed our borders to Chinese travelers from Wuhan early on and stupid dems called him racist and xenophobic. If a stupid dem were in the White House, the death toll would have been millions, not just 200,000. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. thats easy I want to see the long term side effects of high doses of Adderall and steroids for mental acuity. Thats one of many reasons. I’m also dying to see the daily unscripted press briefings, man handling CCP China and 75 yard walk from air force 2 across the White House lawn. And the photo ops with all the pretty ladies, Hair sniffing, petting and incredibly uncomfortable looks from women and childern

    2. I’m not a Dem, Becky, but I am an American. Any election is a matter of selecting the candidate who represents the best balance between good and bad. In Mr. Trump’s case, the bad is so overwhelming that it does not require much good on Mr. Biden’s part to make him the preferable candidate. There is more than just a verbal connection between being civilized and being civil. Someone who cannot be civil is not a good bet for anyone who wants to live in a civilized society. If the s##t show In the debate showed nothing else, it showed that.

      1. i admit the debates where “bad” Trump did himself a big disservice but that’s not surprising. He is his worse enemy. His bully attacks where bad and actually helped Biden. The longer Biden talks the more you realize he says nothing. It’s imperative that Biden hide his true policies. Has sudden support for police, law and order are a reaction to polls. Biden true feelings are closer to AOC and sanders. He will pack the courts. He will open the boarders, He will raise capital gains to 40 percent. He will bow to CCP China. He will gut the military.

        Trump before covid was doing fairly well.
        – stronger military
        – challenge CCP china
        – defend Taiwan
        – Criminal reform
        – USMCA replaced NAFTA
        – draw down military
        – better trade deals
        – growing wages and economy
        – stock market above 29,000
        – lowest unemployment for blacks, women and hispanics in history
        – manufacturing returning to USA (TSMC)
        – peace deals in middle east
        – investment / opportunity zones

        But trump was so focused on attacking Biden he never talked about what he might do next…

        But TxUser you are choosing which potion you will drink by the appearance of the label. Biden’s label has a nice design with cool type face. The trump label is dumb and crude. One potion will taste awesome but is deadly. The other drink will taste like shit but at least you will live to see another day; Trump is the apple cider vinegar of politics, smells like shit and taste worse, burns going down but actual you feel better and helps with your stomach health. Biden is like an awesome frosted milkshake (super white) with whip cream and a Kamala cherry on top but is laced with a lethal dose of Strychnine.

        1. Trump is THE ONLY person in 5 decades that has observed, called out and directly challenged China’s absconsion of American’s tech/intellectual assets. Trump’s actions, that put our trade and econ in an unsettling position, aren’t easy, but they’re necessary to halt the malfeasance.

          The post above characterizes Trump well. He’s is hardly an easy-vote, but on this one issue, he’s THE singular person in nearly 60 yrs to have challenged the destructive China tide…which is our loss.

          Obversely, there’s no reason to believe the other person would stray from the status quo–his status-quo–as the VP of an admin that acted w/ little concern per China’s real intentions…letting the China rip-off continue.

          A reasonable person would be more than curious when hearing of the Biden (Joe and son) /China connections that reek of impropriety and possible legal concerns. Add to his history are some of his current thoughts on China….

          “They’re not competition for us”,
          “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,”
          Chinese leaders are good folks, (Chinese leaders are committing crimes against humanity. Locking up to an est 3 million Uighurs)

          He’s either naive, doesn’t care, or there’s an ulterior motive playing a part. Regardless, it would serve Joe well to read, “The Hundred-Year Marathon,” to learn a little bit about China’s interest in eating our lunch. They’ve been preparing lunch for a long while and hope to serve it fairly soon.

          Per this one issue, I’m of the opinion there’s no more important reason to vote.

      2. No, you are a DEMOCRAT wolf in sheep’s clothing and the biggest LIAR around! President Trump had the best line of the debate, he has done more in 47 months than Biden has done in 47 years. No one can dispute that except clueless Democrat political operatives like yourself pimping the ultimate Washington Swamp creature Joe Biden. Trump 2020!!!

      3. I believe in actions, not words. Nor do I believe I can determine good and bad by mere press reports. Do I like Trump’s speaking style? No. However, on the action side, please explain why Biden (Obama’s number 1), destroyed the infrastructure of both Syria and Libya with no plan to send in ground forces to stabilize these countries? How many have died as a result? How has the destabilization allowed Russia, China, Turkey and Iran to gain influence and power in the region?

    3. Easy Biden is in the black (fiscally) and the other Trumpet is worth 1 billion less than Kylie Kardashian and is in the red (by 200 hundred million), Trumpet is woefully unqualified for business let alone the White House.

      A Starbuck Barista supports the federal troops better (with their money out of their pocket) in comparison to Trumpet.

  2. That Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., Inc.’s bad corporate behavior and misuse of people’s data soils Apple Inc.’s nearly impeccable reputation about privacy is truly a shame. I am very sure that this is due to the imperially naive, inadequately-paid-off legislators want more kickbacks. This defines, in part, the US’s form of “democracy.”

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