Apple shares fall as iPhone sales dip weighs on quarterly results

Apple shares fell nearly 5% in premarket trading after the world’s most valuable public company reported a dropoff in iPhone sales in China, affected by the delay of its new model due to the COVID-19 pandemic, accompanied by all-time record quarterly revenue.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California


Customers put off buying new devices in the second half of September, leading the company to report its steepest quarterly drop in iPhone sales in at least three years.

MacDailyNews Take: Shocker. Customers put off buying new iPhones in the second half of September every year. This year, due to COVID-19 delays, there were no new iPhone sales at all in the quarter. But, they’ll be in the next, blockbuster quarter, that’s for sure.

Macs, iPads and services businesses helped the company beat estimates and register its biggest fourth quarter… However, the company did not provide a specific forecast for the crucial holiday shopping quarter, disappointing some investors.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s no guidance because of something called COVID-19. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, unlike “some investors?” (So-called investors.)

Apple yesterday reported all-time record September quarter revenue of $64.7 billion — that’s in just 3 summer months (when everybody on the planet knows new iPhones are coming next quarter) — during a pandemic!

Those waiting with cash to invest know what to do.


  1. AAPL share down?
    Crazy batshit stuff.
    This is exactly the break anals-ysts are creating to add more share because the boat is safely sailing even when a pandemic has driven the crazy year we’re in.

    Add some more, buckle up, the holiday is gonna be a roll in. Lets see us in 2021, next conference call.

  2. Absolute GOLDEN BUYING OPPORTUNITY……..go read the transcript of the earnings call. NO iPhone 12/12pro/12max/12mini in ANY iphone sales number last quarter.
    EVERYONE waited for the 5G phones to come out………

    All other catagories were stellar………!$!

    The Xmas quarter will be historic.

    Now back to hiding under the bed….Appppppple is dooooomed…..selllllllll……..

    LOL……idiots are anal-cysts

    1. A couple of days ago it was noted AAPL receives approx 20% of their income from Google’s “search payment.” It was also noted that this, plus buybacks, from these two non-product/services elements makes up about 25% of the Apple pie. If this isn’t a little curiously and disconcerting, you likely fall into the category of the person most interested in short term share price.

      Please, for all the binary minds out there that can’t handle anything challenging their baby, try to look at it for what it is–DATA–and consider its pertinence…esp with a longer view in mind. Share buybacks can be used as “stilts” and skew true asset value/price.

      From Lyn Alden

      “The problem is that their free cash flow and net income have been relatively range-bound for five years. Rather than being a growth stock, Apple’s net income is only slightly higher today than it was in 2015, and their free cash flow is actually slightly below where it was in 2015.

      To fill that gap, they’ve focused heavily on share buybacks, which means their earnings per share have grown faster than their company-wide earnings. ” Coincides with tweet above per, overvalued shares.

    1. Maybe so, but filling a 20% income hole when true EPS growth is meager is not an easy task with a company of Apple’s size. Impossible? No…but, be realistic.

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