Early benchmarks show iPhone 12 Pro is about 20% faster than iPhone 11 Pro

Preliminary benchmarks for the new Apple A14 Bionic-powered iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have shown up on Geekbench with about a 20% speed improvement over the previous generation.

5nm A14 Bionic chip
Apple’s 5nm A14 Bionic chip

Generations ahead of the competition, Apple’s A14 Bionic is the first chip in the smartphone industry built on 5-nanometer process. Faster and more efficient than previous SoCs, the A14 Bionic has the fastest CPU and GPU by up to 50 percent compared to the fastest competing smartphone chips, enabling console-quality gaming experiences, powerful computational photography, and more, while delivering great battery life. Pushing the limits of machine learning (ML), A14 Bionic features a 16-core Neural Engine — for an 80 percent increase in performance — that is capable of completing 11 trillion operations per second, enabling improved performance on even the most intense ML models.

Wesley Hilliard for AppleInsider:

Preliminary benchmark scores for the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max have shown up on Geekbench with about a 20% speed improvement over the previous generation.

The early Geekbench benchmarks show that Apple improved the overall processing by at least 20% year-over-year, which was in line with the iPad Air 4 early benchmarks.

One score for the iPhone 12 Pro showed a 1613 single-core score and a 4076 multi-core score. This compares well to the iPhone 11 Pro at 1343 single-core and 3478 multi-core.

MacDailyNews Note: Here’s a Geekbench 5 Score from October 14th for an iPhone13,3 (iPhone 12 Pro):

• Single-Core Score: 1597
• Multi-Core Score: 4152

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t read too much into benchmarks as they don’t often reflect real world performance and I don’t believe the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max is that much faster than the 11 Pro snd Pro Max

      1. If course he hasn’t. He just wants to “believe” they’re not much faster.

        But a lot of people just look at these scores, which are really misleading. As Apple is calling their chips for the Mac “Apple silicon”, people need to be understanding what that means. If you look at the pics Apple has presented of their SoCs, you’ll notice that most of the chip is NOT made up of CPU and GPU cores.

        It’s the rest of the stuff that gives Apple its advantage, along with an OS and SDK that allows Apple and third party developers to take advantage if it. In fact, the CPU and GPU might very well be the least part of it.

        That’s why these tests are interesting, and show a real difference, but many real world applications will actually perform BETTER than these test results show.

        And we, and Apple, can take that to the bank!

  2. Thing is when the iPhone 12 has a decent 5G simcard on it, it will feel a lot faster because of the superior 5G network. 5G alone is the biggest game changer. Even if the current iPhone 11’s which are on 4G now were to have 5G radio, the day to day performance of them would be a lot more running on the same hard ware specs (CPU, processor, Ram)

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