Apple TV+ releases official trailer for ‘The Snoopy Show’

The world’s most extraordinary beagle is back! Celebrating 70 years of PeanutsThe Snoopy Show is coming to Apple TV+ this February.

The Snoopy Show
The Snoopy Show

Apple TV’s YouTube channel:

A spin-off of the beloved 50-year-old classic Peanuts, comes The Snoopy Show, starring our old friend Snoopy and his best bud, Woodstock.

Snoopy is a dog like no other. He may seem a happy-dancin’, bone-lovin’, doghouse-sittin’ beagle but he’s much more than that. He’s also Joe Cool, hippest kid in school, an awesome Surfer King and famed arm-wrestler, the Masked Marvel. When he indulges in his fantasies, he can be a World War One Flying Ace battling the Red Baron or an intrepid astronaut landing on the moon.

The point is…Snoopy is a beagle with an active imagination full of comic personas. And they’re all on display — both real and fantastic — in a brand-new animated comedy, The Snoopy Show.

MacDailyNews Take: This year Apple TV+ won its first-ever Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Single Camera Editing for Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10.


  1. Finally! A show without PC crap being injected. Or is Snoopy discovering he’s on the gender spectrum?… At least this looks to be one show that hasn’t been corrupted to pieces!

  2. The show will appear innocent and harmless at first. They want to build an audience for it before molesting the minds of the children who will be watching it. And after they’ve built that audience, they will slowly and subtly begin inserting their satanic crap. Guaranteed.

  3. the Ted Lasso show is really good so far! And Apple has an opportunity to make a positive impact on this culture by providing an opportunity to crap TV.

    I really wish Steve was alive. Steve’s leadership through the early days of Pixar was spot on. Even though Steve was progressive he never forced his politics down peoples throat. He knew that a good story and timeless mythology has a universal audience. Good story dose not a diversity check list.

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