Apple pulls buggy macOS Mojave Security Update, Safari 14

After users encountered a raft of issues, Apple appears to have pulled the latest macOS Mojave Security Update, as well as the Safari 14 download for macOS Mojave.

macOS Mojave brings new features inspired by pros but designed for everyone, including Dark Mode, Stacks, new apps and a redesigned Mac App Store.
macOS Mojave

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

According to Mr. Macintosh, some of the issues that users experienced include problems with memory, slow boot and high fan speeds, system sluggishness, and stalls in Finder, among other problems. Apple pulled both updates at around 5 p.m. Eastern on Sept. 30.

Complaints about the update started to surface shortly after it was released on Sept. 24, though the Safari 14 update for Mojave was released on Sept. 16. The exact update for macOS Mojave was Security Update 2020-005.

MacDailyNews Take: If you meet the hardware requirements and your software is compatible, users on macOS Mojave should upgrade to macOS Catalina.


  1. I installed both on my 2012 MacBook Pro before they were pulled and haven’t had any major issues yet (fingers crossed), though there has been some minor finder pauses that I’ve been wondering about.

  2. Apple has broken JavaScript to the extent that pages such as eBay (and my bank) just don’t load correctly. Youtube is another one that has been affected.

    You have to keep toggling through Preferences/Security to get a page to load and even then it isn’t a complete fix.

    I’ve actually gone over to Brave and Firefox as Safari is now largely useless. There really needs to be a way to downgrade and Apple hasn’t done this. Talk about closing the gate after the horse has bolted and this is what Apple has done. It’s just not good enough. Don’t they test these updates before they release them? It’s just plain slack!

    1. It also seems that the downloads function is broken or severely impeded. I had to transfer a Bandcamp download link from Safari to Brave and then it would work.

      Frankly this the final straw. I’m gradually inserting passwords into Brave so it will become my default browser. The only limitation with Brave is that Keychain and the browser won’t talk to each other. Bummer.

    1. Sometimes you make sense Paul and other times you become a xenophobic asshat.

      Quality of coding isn’t correlated to a person’s place of birth, religion, ethnicity sex, etc. Apple quality is dependent on good education, good practices, and good quality control.

      Perhaps all of these are slipping at Apple and all across the US. Or maybe your statement only shows what an insecure asshole you are.

      Even Reagan was smart enough to recognize the importance of high immigration to feed the brainpower and energy in the US. New ideas and new competition forced native born Americans to up their game.

      So Apple screwed up. Too bad you’re too stupid to simply call out bad quality when it happens and leave it at that.

      We’ll all wait for you to produce the proof that non-US born employees of Apple are in any way inferior. If this was significant, you should be screaming at Timmy, not the workers. Timmy hires them. Just like every other US executive.

      After you post your data, maybe then you can tell us whatever happened to Donald’s Phase 2 trade threats against China, the one manufacturing site for almost everything Apple makes. Clearly Apple is going to hell in a handbasket if they keep outsourcing to them ferriners like they have for the last 20 years. Only covid carrier in chief can save us from Timmy’s outsourcing.

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