U.S. judge temporarily blocks Trump admin’s ban on new TikTok downloads

A U.S. judge has temporarily blocked a Trump administration order that was set to bar Apple’s App Store and Google’s app store from offering Chinese-owned short video-sharing app TikTok for download at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols in Washington D.C. issued the preliminary injunction in a brief order late on Sunday.

The Trump administration contends that TikTok poses national security concerns as personal data collected on 100 million American TikTok users could be obtained by China’s government.

TikTik logoDavid Shepardson for Reuters:

Nichols’ detailed written opinion is expected to be released as soon as Monday.

The Commerce Department said in a statement it “will comply with the injunction and has taken immediate steps to do so.”

The injunction comes at a time when negotiations are underway to hammer out terms of a preliminary deal for Walmart Inc and Oracle Corp to take stakes in a new company, TikTok Global, that would oversee U.S. operations. Trump has said he had given the deal his “blessing.”

TikTok said it was pleased with the injunction and added it would maintain its “ongoing dialogue with the government to turn our proposal, which the president gave his preliminary approval to last week, into an agreement.”

MacDailyNews Take: The saga continues.


  1. Fun fact: in 2016, The Donald paid Stormy Daniels 173 times what he paid to support making America great.

    Apparently he prefers the little people to fund the military while he consorts with key silicone-implanted advisors and blows $70k per year on his mop of a hairpiece.

    No wonder he has to drag the Secret Service to every golf course. It’s the only way his global money laundering operation will look like it is being operated as a legitimate business.

    Those of you who hate globalism: The Donald should be your most hated individual. This guy specializes in ripping off America. The balance sheet shows what we all suspected — the Trump organization doesn’t profit by running real estate businesses. They line their own pockets by shielding and laundering foreign oligarchs’ money in sham business that take up more US resources than they return to the nation. He is and always will be a con man.

    And in 2017 the oligarchs rigged the tax rules even further in their own favor. First, Goeb, and Brutal Asshole russian trolls will now explain how trump is good and anyone not supporting the corruption must be bad.

    1. Your post is 100% off topic, but I’ll respond anyway since it’s so easy:

      Tax avoidance is legal, It isn’t just for the Trump family. Joe Biden does it all the time. So does Apple. So does Tim Cook. So do I. So would you, if you had a job or were smart enough.


      Note that the NYT reported (and tried to bury) that there are zero connections to Russians included in any of Trump’s taxes. In fact, there’s no indication of any illegal activity whatsoever. All this “big NYT report” shows is that Trump is smart to not pay taxes that he doesn’t owe.

      The NYT’s “Trump taxes” story, obviously a Democrat hit-piece attempt prior to the debate, only confirms Trump was telling the truth about being under audit.

      Basic tax law 101: Business losses can work like a tax-avoidance coupon: A dollar lost on one business reduces a dollar of taxable income from elsewhere.

      Until 2009, those coupons could be used to wipe away taxes going back only two years. But that November, the window was more than doubled by a little-noticed provision in a bill signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama.

      So, if you have any issue with the way Trump got a refund and then didn’t have to pay more, blame Barack Hussein Obama.

      Bottom line: Trump operated perfectly legally, as millions of other business owners do every year.

        1. This is hardly a revelation. During the 2016 Presidential Debates, his opponent accused him of paying no taxes and his response was, “Because I’m smart.” The implication was, and is, that those of us who have financed 298 of his golf trips with our taxes are stupid. Just like those who volunteer for military service are “suckers,” and those who become casualties are “losers.”

          In just the last week, we have not only seen the revelations about his taxes, but a lawsuit over cheating his relatives, another sexual assault allegation, and stories about how Qatar is paying rent for Trump properties they do not use. He has announced that he is nominating someone to the Supreme Court because he might need her vote to give him a second term. All of this on top of his continued efforts to ignore 205,000 American deaths that have occurred on his watch and to deny the science behind social distancing (and environmentalism, but that’s a whole other story).

          1. Well to be fair, most of your diatribe is just a ‘whole other story’.
            Your opinion, wrapped in media’s bias, coated in a thick layer of bullshit, but with a juicy middle for all the libs to nibble on until the NEXT shiny brown candy appears in your limited sight.

            Odd we never hear your over-educated ramblings concerning issues with REAL evidence and facts that have far more damaging repercussions to our Republic than the weekly Highlights for BLM Children with the special Numbers By Color social positions section where every group is painted according to their needed votes.

            Maybe you forget but much of America is not like your empaneled juries who had to consider only YOUR position on an issue and not allowed to look for other (and more likely) truthful versions of events.

            Good that Trump & Co. passed that First Step Act.
            Too many people like you looking all around the truth but too cowardly to look at it in the eyes….

            1. Here in Texas, empaneled juries hear from both prosecutors and defense lawyers (and the evidence presented by both sides). They then reach their verdict based on whatever version of events the jury in its almost unlimited discretion chooses to believe. They convict if, and only if, the evidence supports guilt of the specific offense charged beyond a reasonable doubt. Perhaps they do it differently in your country.

              The evidence that Donald Trump is unfit to hold office is overwhelming. The evidence offered in his defense is mostly “alternative truth.” The relevance to this story is that Trump is trying to generate headlines with the TikTok story in the hope that it will divert attention from his mismanagement of virtually everything he has ever touched.

            2. TxUser daily hate derangement syndrome of President Trump never ceases to amaze, but it has seriously clouded his judgement.

              “The evidence that Donald Trump is unfit to hold office is overwhelming. The evidence offered in his defense is mostly “alternative truth.”

              The master of “alternative truth” is playing the same game he rails against. “The implication” IS Biden would make a better president. Well, I’m not reading a fair and balanced 47-year tedious list of Biden failures and enriching himself in government service when the President does not take a penny in salary and donates it to charity.

              Biden survived two brain surgeries decades ago, but certainly at times it gives pause lately as he stumbles in the middle of sentences and forgets his place reading a teleprompter.

              In short, President Trump is the superior choice standing up to China and world dictators, renegotiating bad trade deals that Biden supported, stands for the police in keeping our citizens safe and works tirelessly on deals to bring job, job, jobs and will make the economy even greater AGAIN, to name a few…

            3. Speaking of cowardly….

              John McCain’s numerous military decorations and awards include the Silver Star, two Legion of Merits, Distinguished Flying Cross, three Bronze Star Medals, two Purple Hearts, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, and the Prisoner of War Medal.

              Donald Trump has a note from his podiatrist that says he has bone spurs. The note was bought and paid for by his rich daddy. He called McCain a loser, and his cult sheep have repeated the disrespect.

              Tell us all about courage, TowerTone. You must think you’re some kind of expert. We can see that you’re also an expert in FUD defenses for an indefensible traitorous POTUS.

            4. TXer
              You know I’m from the same country as you, Texas.
              And I know juries get two sides, but your job was to use any twist of words to convict, just as you do here. You really don’t care about the truth, just winning.

              Notice how you claim the evidence is overwhelming. Using every scare-rumor put out the past four years that have not been proven means it is all circumstantial.

              Meanwhile, you keep ignoring all the physical evidence of a corrupted Obama-Biden regime while projecting those realities’ seriousness onto Trump-Pence.

              People aren’t required to choose between your version and another. They can see the real world and the Democrats for who they are.

            5. Hawaii99

              Are you making the argument that McCain was a bigger military hero than Trump?
              How daring of you! Did you make that same comparison to Obama in ’08? Did you use it for George Jr in 2000 or George Sr in ’92?

              Of course not.

              Anyhow, the position is for President of the United States, of which I have always felt the military is good preparation. Tom Cotton and Dan Crenshaw are my hopes for the future of Republicans. But the framers made certain that the President NOT be required military rank.

              Because McCain was in the Senate for so long and senators tend to become as pliable as Joe Biden’s memory over time (I hope Cotton becomes a governor and soon) I doubt very seriously that he would have had the success in the Middle East that Trump had (of which you will never acknowledge), taken on China to the degree Trump has, pushed for domestic production of oil and gas, and God KNOWS he couldn’t have taken on the Democrats/media the way Trump has, of which you would have been just as wide-eyed and foamed mouth with McCain as you are with Trump.

              You only have respect for a Republican AFTER they have been in office so you can scream at the NEW Republican how decent the last one was (except during Reagan, they invoked Ike instead of Nixon).

              Now will you explain to me why the Democrats didn’t allow Hawaii’s best Congressman and candidate for President, Major Tulsi Gabbard, to speak at their convention yet let a bartender (with a nice rack and a pretty but stupid mouth) cast a vote for socialist Bernie?.

              Of course you won’t…

        1. The NYT claims that Trump only paid $750 in 2016 and then again in 2017.

          The purpose of this is obviously to stir up anger from the usual collection of vapid pawns against Trump for paying little in taxes.

          I prefer someone who can actually read the law and apply it well.

          If you don’t like the law that allowed it, that Barack Obama signed, then take it up with the Congress and Obama. But why would anyone pay more to the government than they have to?

          Now, if you actually read the New York Times’ own story, as they report, Trump paid far more than $750 in each year, so this claim which is being spread everywhere is false, according to the NYT’s own story.

          Trump paid, as in transferred to the US Treasury, $1 million in 2016 and $4.2 million in 2017. Note also that most of the overpayment was rolled forward, not refunded. The $750 figure is an additional $750. Thus, every single claim that he paid $750 is a lie.

          So all of the feigned outrage about Trump’s $750 tax payment is not only irrelevant per the current tax laws and legally minimizing tax burdens, it’s actually a complete fabrication based on people too lazy and/or too stupid to read the NYT’s source documents.

          1. Ok, let’s accept your editorial correction. Donald Trump prepaid more than $750 in Federal income tax in 2016 and again in 2017. It remains true that he only paid $750 in 2016 taxes and $750 in 2017 taxes. He chose to apply the overpayments to future taxes rather than receiving a refund. So what?

            The average working American who pays any taxes at all owed about $11,000 each of those years, while Trump owed only $750. A man who claims to be fabulously wealthy paid less than 7 cents in 2016 and 2017 taxes for every dollar paid by the median taxpayer. This is right up there with a man who grew up in a 23-room mansion and attended private schools claiming solidarity with ordinary working Americans.

            1. Kath, I would prefer not to support Biden. He is older and more liberal than I see as ideal. He is, however, not Donald Trump. I have trouble imagining anyone who could qualify as a major-party presidential candidate who could possibly be less qualified than Mr. Trump. The man is a grifter with utter contempt for the American constitution and the social fabric of our nation. Like Bozo the Clown, Joe Biden would be preferable to four more years of lawless chaos.

            2. Trump used his business investment credits, at least some of which related to his renovation of the Old Post Office hotel, which qualified for a historic-preservation tax break. Although he had more than enough credits to owe no taxes at all, his accountants appear to have carved out an allowance for a small tax liability for both 2016 and 2017.

              Trump did nothing illegal or even immoral.

              Now, let’s talk about the Bidens.
              Tons of cash coming from Ukraine, Russian and China to Joe Biden’s worthless, inexperienced crackhead son. How do you explain that?

            3. @ some dude: what about what about whatever!

              Go ahead and hang Hunter with all the legal flourish you can muster if Hunter didn’t fulfill his contractual obligations or if he leaked important US secrets. If he broke the law, make him pay the penalty. Nobody is stopping you, just like nobody stopped you from locking up Hiliary. Why can’t you do this?

              If you don’t like it that rich kids get preferred treatment like bone spurs military deferrals, choice jobs handed to them by daddy, or get appointed to temp head a federal agency that you spent years unsuccessfully suing, or daddy’s personal instructions on how to be a mob boss complete with buffoon crime associates like Roger Stone — well then write some new regulations to get your Law&Order. Write a law to make blowjobs in the White House an offense punishable by guillotine (blowjobs by silicone bimbo porn stars are fine though). Your party has DC by the balls, where is the swamp cleanup? Where are the new regulations to ensure law and order and super Cadillac healthcare for all, as promised by your favorite Presidio?

              You may think small time corruption (at worst) somehow excuses Trump’s massive tax fraud, but it doe not. Nobody thinks Hunter earned his pay at his consulting gig but that just goes to show rich white daddy privilege is everywhere.

              We should also question whether Dickhead Cheney earned his keep as CEO of mega defense contractor Halliburton, where at the B&R Division, they know how to go over budget and burn taxpayer money! The revolving door in DC caters to both brands of snakes.

              At least Joe Biden released 20 years of his tax returns so you can go ahead and check how corrupt he is relative to Tweeter in Chief.

              Hunter isn’t on the ballot and we know he’s not going to become a special paid Nepotistic White House Advisor/emoluments specialist. So drop the what about games.

              We’re going to vote for the guy who actually paid his taxes. To do otherwise would be to willfully choose the obvious con man.

          2. There is outrage over Amazon taxes too.

            They didn’t hide them and Bezos is a real billionaire, he doesn’t just play one on TV.

            Trump has violated the Emoluments clauses Since day one, and has continued to do so.

            Trump has ties with Russian oligarchs, who also helped get him elected. Not only a money crime, but treason.

            And he hides his returns…

            There’s nothing you can say, other than to deflect the significance. This is going to be thoroughly investigated, and if there’s wrongdoing it’s going to trial. Keep sweeping…

            1. “Trump has ties with Russian oligarchs, who also helped get him elected. Not only a money crime, but treason.”

              You have no proof, same as the $35 Mueller investigation finding no proof and no charges of wrongdoing. Irresponsible to accuse the president of treason without facts.

              Meanwhile, do you have a problem with Biden’s making millions off of Ukraine and China. Do you have a problem with Hillary making millions off of Russian oligarchs and laundering in the Clinton Foundation. There are others.

              My guess is highly partisans are incapable of seeing both sides equally.

      1. Right on cue, the trumpisa cocksuckers rush to defend their idol.

        IF he engaged in legitimate business, then he could save taxpayers >> $400k by releasing his tax returns and stop playing games with the IRS. The auditors obviously have something on him and lawyers have been arguing for years how far over the line he has gone.

        It is NOT legitimate for a business to avoid all taxation 10 of 15 years.

        Ivanka didn’t earn $750k per year as a hotel consultant. Donny clearly didn’t spend $70k per year on his coif. This is all money laundering.

        But Firstfuck is oblivious to the blatant corruption on his team.

          1. Exactly who do you think spends your taxpayer contributions, the Easter Bunny ????

            Congress is supposed to authorize maximum spending but the president proposes the budget (request) and when he receives it, is supposed to manage its use.

            We now know that Trump manages cash about as well as a string bikini holds water.

      2. It’s not the fact that he hasn’t paid taxes, it’s all of the other illegal activity around his claims and deductions that is the concern. $70,000 deduction for his hair? Really?

        His reports to the I.R.S. show that he takes in hundreds of millions of dollars a year yet racks up chronic losses that he aggressively employs to avoid paying taxes. The reports also show that he depends more and more on making money from businesses that put him in potential and often direct conflict of interest with his job as president which is a major problem.

        Ultimately though, the leak proves he’s been more successful playing a business mogul on TV than being one in real life. He’s a con-man.

        Nice try at deflection though but your arguments are moot.

      3. Hey, MacDailyNews and Botvinnick. You are total and complete horse’s asses with all your Trump support. I just wanted to wander back here to say it. MDN, you deserve to go out of business.

        1. Are you really so obtuse as to not be able to delineate between MacDailyNews’s article content, including the MacDailyNews Takes, versus the Reader Comments that follow beloww?

          Where is MacDailyNews’ “Trump support?” Answer: Nowhere.

          Why are you falsely accusing MacDailyNews of “Trump support” (as if that’s a bad thing)?

          Show us all a link to MacDailyNews showing “Trump support.”

      4. Successful business owners have to pay porn stars for services and claim it as a business expense?

        Now we know what kind of businesses First Hal like to support. The other 99% of Americans want tax justice. It is amazing what logical gymnastics you will do to attempt to protect the most corrupt administration ever. With a lying lowlife president like this, America will fall faster than Rome. The personal tax cheats are just the tip of the iceberg. McConnel’s going to lose his gatekeeper job. This time the old GOP unitary executive theory deep state won’t be there to save The Donald. Lock him up!

      5. Firstfuck is deaf dumb and blind.

        Why don’t you tell everyone the rest of the Trump family story, Firstfuck?

        Charles Kushner, good old Trump buddy and Jerod’s proud daddy, went to prison in 2004 for tax evasion, election law violations, and witness tampering.

        You see, this is normal business if you’re a crime boss.

        Thank goodness those unfortunate billionaires are always able to pay off the cleaners so adoring fans like Firstfuck can pretend that asshats like Trump are honest or even remotely trying to help the average American. The backstory never appears on Foxy Propaganda Daily News.

        Firstfuck hasn’t brought forth a single fact yet to indicate his hero isn’t the tax cheat that every bit of evidence we have thus far points to…..

    2. Brutal Honesty,

      Are you a fucking idiot because you are a libturd or you a libturd because you are a fucking idiot?

      On election day you will find out how much Americans truly despise everything libturd. You will cry and Americans will rejoice.

          1. Hal, have you passed the 5th grade yet? Your immature posts don’t indicate so.

            Most everyone on the planet wants the USA to prosper — that is, to prosper and follow through on acting as a template for democracy to spread around the world. So sad you don’t see all the failures the US keeps making, most of them via partisan blindness.

            Every time a corrupt president of either party betrays trust, the US loses honor and it loses business. The GDP didn’t pop up when Donald handed his billionaire friends tax rebates, and he’s done nothing to steer the US to solid business footing this year either. Self proclaimed deal maker made no deals.

            The last 50 years has made America look rather bad if one wanted to be objective about it. Instead of following the Constitution, presidents from both parties claimed to have the right to declare war, errr Police Action. Or to do other illegal activities using a variety of excuses. Bay of Pigs. Whitewater. Grenada. Iran-Contra. Desert Shield/Storm. Balkans. Afghanistan. Iraq. Nigeria. Dozens more hot and cold war operations, CIA missions, etc where the corrupt US executive branch prioritized military contractors profits over democracy or justice. The US, like Rome, is bankrupting itself with needless war.

            Now that the permanent war is ongoing and the drones are automated so American families don’t see their sons marching off to war, the greedy corporations have decided it’s time to plunge the USA into debt (debt payable to the oligarchs foreign and domestic) via other means — international banking, rollback of tax and biz oversight, etc. They got just the buffoon to do ut, too. Trump has raised the deficit higher and faster than any president ever. But his entertaining lies and tough tweets keep the partisans fighting while the oligarchs scrape up the spoils.

            He packed national agencies with temp political appointees trying to halt their agency’s effectiveness. He released tons of executive orders that aren’t legal because he never sent them to Congress to beckme a bill, and thus reform the complex laws you always whine about. He blatantly propped up select old polluted industries while attempting to slap illegal tariffs on goods from select companies the administration cannot profit from. Let wildfires burn out of control and hurricanes flood out innocent victims and withhold federal assistance because of politics. The money was diverted to contractor friends of the president to build a wall that Mexico will never pay for. Claimed the election system is not secure when Trump himself is in charge to ensure fair elections. The USA is in disarray because its leader is a corrupt self serving idiot.

            Russia must be awestruck how easy it was to convince stupid old white fucks in America that tearing down democratic institutions would be Great. Hal got conned hook line and sinker. All he can do is attack because Hal knows it’s even worse than I lated out here. The facts and results are obvious to people who don’t have their heads up Trumps ass.

            Real Americans solve problems through collaboration, Hal. You make America weak by letting Americans be split into bickering hapless whiny camps, egged on by a carnival barker who never did a good deed for the working classes a day in his pathetic hollow sham of a life.

            PS – even Melania hates Donald. She only fucked him to get her parents and herself US citizenships. Annoying accent zero education and all, she’s as much an American as you are now. Deal with it.

            1. OMG that was funny! Get your head out of CNN’s ass and you will see the stupidity of your comments

              Who is burning down the cities, libturds or Republicans????

              Look in the mirror, idiot.

            2. “The GDP didn’t pop up when Donald handed his billionaire friends tax rebates, and he’s done nothing to steer the US to solid business footing this year either.”


              First up: EVERYONE got a tax break and it meant the most to working families that saw their incomes rising as wages stagnated in eight years under Obama.

              Second: “Economic growth, measured as the change in real GDP, averaged 2.0% from Q2 2009 to Q4 2016. This was slower than the 2.6% average from Q1 1989 to Q4 2008.”

              “Under President Trump, real GDP beat expectations and grew at a 2.5 percent annual rate from the election to the end of 2019 — faster than the rate under President Obama’s expansion period.”

              Third: The Covid pandemic no one can control, including Biden, sent unemployment numbers to depression era levels. But in the last couple months employment numbers set several all-time government records under Trump’s watch and the stock market rebounded to near record highs.

              Fourth: “even Melania hates Donald.” Yeah, I see that everyday in her loving eyes, loyalty by his side everyday and her passionate speech in the Rose Garden defending her husband at RNC convention. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

              Fifth: “She only fucked him to get her parents and herself US citizenships. Annoying accent zero education and all” I got news for the disrespectful potty mouth, do not pretend to know Melania and LIE about her motives.

              Your going to hate this one:

              “She’s fluent in 5 languages
              Though she may not have experience in public service, Melania Trump is prepped to help her husband out on the diplomatic front: in addition to her native Slovenian, Trump speaks four other languages: English, French, Serbian and German.”

              — cbsnews.com

              Certainly could go on, but decided not to waste anymore time. Your post is a VOLUME of fiction and not interested in LIES and partisan OPINIONS from a fact less lightweight…

          2. Boston Tea Party: patriots or thugs?

            Dock workers who threw ice and bricks at the British militia to spark the Boston Massacre: patriots or thugs?

            Farmers who shot British regulars in the back when they retreated to Boston following Lexington & Concord skirmishes: patriots or thugs?

            Slaveholders: patriots or thugs?

            I guess destruction against the establishment is fine with you if you didn’t live it. You don’t care about laws, you only care about selective fact picking to make your side look good.

      1. FACTS

        Trump paid no federal taxes during 11 years out of 18 years worth of lengthy examinations (and yes, real estate transaction are public records).

        Businesses like Trump’s golf courses, private university, airline, steaks, and casinos lost massive amounts of money, which he used to write off his taxes while publicly claiming to take in billions

        Dear daughter (he would do her, he claimed) Ivanka Trump received consultation fees from the Trump Organization, for no services rendered

        Lavish lifestyle expenses such as plane trips, residences, and $70,000 in “hairstyling” were claimed as deductions

        In the most recent years from the NYT investigation—2016 and 2017—Trump paid just $750 in taxes each year while flaunting emoluments clause of the Constitution

        When does Hal get his payout?

          1. The story said he paid $750 in 2016 taxes and $750 in 2017 taxes. Whether he prepaid tax liabilities for future years does not alter that basic fact. He owed $0.068 for every $1.00 owed by the median US taxpayer.

            1. Since The New York Times’ tax story begins with simple statement of what Trump paid in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017, would be helpful if the paper published a simple chart of what he paid in each of the 18 years covered, 2000 to 2017.

              We all know why they didn’t do that: The most pervasive, effective bias in the media isn’t what they say, it’s what they leave out.

              Trump was making a lot of money and paying a lot of taxes in the decades that preceded his presidential run. This is especially true during the time he was doing “The Apprentice.” The reality is that he almost certainly paid tens of millions in taxes over many of the years from 2000-2015, which the Times claims to have the returns for.

              That wouldn’t fit the narrative though, so the Times only focuses on two years in which he spent gobs of money on his own campaign and clearly took losses due to the harming of his brand by partisan politics.

              Further, even in the years he took losses, they were done in a way that is typical of those with large scale real estate operations. Devaluation is something any smart businessman would take advantage of. Trump did that, and he did it legally.

              But the Times won’t give you the whole picture because this isn’t about facts. It’s about influencing the election. The media have done far more to undermine the integrity of November 3rd than any foreign country could have hoped to do.

              What the NYTs Left Out of the Trump Taxes Story Gives the Game Away

          2. First Then: If you want to disprove a claim, provide the documentation. All you do is post others’ tweets. You lose. If Donny is so proud of his beautiful tax returns, all it takes is one little phone call to his attorney to set the record straight.

            Explain to us all why any sane person wouldn’t show proof of tax law compliance if he had nothing to hide.

            We know better. We can all read his endless lies day after day. The script is the same — deny, spread FUD. Repeat. Donny has nothing else to offer and you know it. You got your Catholic judge, now jettison the pathetically corrupt POTUS now that you don’t need him. Put forth an honest candidate.

            If you cannot do this. … You are nothing but a filthy bootlicker. Don’t expect Donny to pay you. he stiffs his contractors and declares bankruptcy. Over and over and over again.

            Worse, he runs the federal budget exactly the same way as his crime syndicate. Nothing but red as far as you can see, BEFORE THE PANDEMIC. That is pathetic. It will take the US several years to crawl out of the debt and legal messes he has created.

            1. “Worse, he runs the federal budget exactly the same way as his crime syndicate.”

              Where is your proof of a “crime syndicate” — I’ll save you the trouble — it does not exist.

              “It will take the US several years to crawl out of the debt”

              You want to talk about debt, pay attention clueless one:

              “When Obama was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2009, the debt was $10.626 trillion. When he left office on Jan. 20, 2017, it was $19.947 trillion.”

              That would be cumulative national debt since 1969 the last year the federal government balanced the budget.

              FACT: the all-time DEBT KING more than all 43 presidents before Obama, COMBINED. I don’t read that is troubling you.

              Get a grip…

      2. “Libturds” actually won the last election. It’s just the odd electoral system in the US, that favours conservatives, that put Trump into office. He actually lost the popular vote by a margin greater than any elected President in modern history.

        1. Actually, no, Trump won the last election. (sheesh)

          You win the U.S. Presidency by amassing the most electoral votes, as always. This is why smart campaigns spend their money to maximize electoral votes. If the goal were to win the popular vote we’d A) not be in America and B) campaigns would allocate resources to maximize raw vote totals.

          You “Libturds” like to pretend you “won” something after the fact by not using the rules of the game. You don’t win in, say, horseshoes because you threw the most iron. You win by being more accurate than your opponent.

            1. NO, the Country WON when Trump got elected and Hilderbeast lost, but what can you expect from someone so stupid as to support the most corrupt candidate in modern history and now supports a corrupt, racist dementia patient

              I you remove the fraudulent votes, Hilderbeast lost by miles.

            2. You get it straight and follow the founding fathers of the Constitution.

              Unless you live in a socialist nation, then you get a pass for inadequate education… 😎

    1. You lie (because that’s all you have and you have no morals – or you’re an ignoramus).

      President Trump’s salary is $400,000 per year. President Trump does not accept a penny of his salary. He’s what he does with it, $100,000 per quarter:

      Q1 National Parks Service
      Q2 Department of Education
      Q3 Health and Human Services
      Q4 Department of Transportation

      Q1 Department of Veterans Affairs
      Q2 Small Business Administration
      Q3 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
      Q4 Department of Homeland Security

      Q1 Department of Agriculture
      Q2 U.S. Surgeon General’s Office
      Q3 Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health
      Q4 Department of Health and Human Services to combat COVID-19

      Q1 Department of Health and Human Services to combat COVID-19
      Q2 National Park Service

  2. The huge discrepancy between his claimed IRS values, gains, and losses with what he represented to the banks will eventually land him in jail. He knows it, and is the primary reason he wants to remain president.

      1. No, dumbass. Americans want to talk to Trump’s accountants. But he lies and makes excuses to avoid doing that. So much for greatness. Donny boy is a sniveling POS tax cheat.

        It will be interesting to hear what excuses you come up with for his lawless behavior after all the truth comes out.

  3. April 13, 2012

    Responding to information in a tax return released by Obama showing that in 2011 Obama paid $162,074 in federal taxes on a gross income of $789,674, the then businessman turned television personality wrote: “@BarackObama who wants to raise all our taxes, only pays 20.5% on $790k salary… Do as I say not as I do.”

  4. May 20, 2014

    Before Trump was president, he pledged to release his tax returns. During an interview with Ireland AM, he said: “If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely.”

    1. As Trump has stated repeatedly, he will release his unbelievably important tax returns when IRS audit is complete. Blame the IRS for being a typically inefficient government slug.

  5. January 24, 2016

    In an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Trump was asked about releasing his tax returns since his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton had provided every one of her tax returns since 1977. Trump replied: “Well, we’re working on that now,” he said. “I have very big returns, as you know, and I have everything all approved and very beautiful and we’ll be working that over in the next period of time, Chuck. Absolutely.”

    1. Again, as Trump has stated repeatedly, he will release those tax returns for which you so obviously live and breathe, when IRS audit is complete. It’s not Trump’s fault that the IRS can’t do its job efficiently.

    2. Hillary hides her ill-gotten gains in the Clinton Foundation.
      In 2014, the Clinton Foundation took in $177m, donated $5m, spent $86m and kept $86m change.
      By the way, the Clinton Foundation has a pension plan. Guess who gets that.

  6. May 11, 2016

    In the months leading up to the election, he again vowed to release his tax returns, but only after the audit had concluded, tweeting: “In interview I told @AP that my taxes are under routine audit and I would release my tax returns when audit is complete, not after election!”

      1. Is that why Donny sued in a losing attempt to hide his records from tax authorities?

        Copies of past tax returns can be shared without any issue. The IRS audit is just another lame excuse.

        Perhaps you’re not familiar with document reproduction. If you weren’t such a partisan hack, you’d admit that Donny is obviously hiding lots of ill gotten gains. The saddest part is that you apparently don’t care to know the truth.

        I remember when the Republican party used to be honest. Warmongering and drunken spenders, but relatively honest. Since Tricky Dick, it’s been on a rapid downhill slide and now there’s nobody left in the party who will raise a finger if the President did commit any crime of any kind. The dumbocrat party isn’t that low. They may be inept but at least they truly try to help the working class people that Donny only claims to.

        With a political party as slimy as the GOP, who needs enemies? You’re all just in it to screw others while you pocket the gerrymandered gains and hide the money overseas. Audits will eventually reveal where Donny got his swamp water from. But then you’ll just switch the subject to another attack on the other party.

  7. July 9, 2020

    After the Supreme Court ruled that his financial records could be studied by prosecutors in New York, he wrote: “The Supreme Court sends case back to Lower Court, arguments to continue. This is all a political prosecution. I won the Mueller Witch Hunt, and others, and now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair…!”

  8. September 27, 2020

    Trump reacted angrily to the claims made in the Times report: “Actually I paid tax. And you’ll see that as soon as my tax returns are – it’s under audit, they’ve been under audit for a long time. The IRS [Internal Revenue Service] does not treat me well, they treat me like they treat the Tea Party… they treat me very, very badly. But they’re under audit and when they’re not I would be proud to show it.”

      1. You can’t outrun the long arm of the law. Trump will see exactly how efficient the IRS has been when his fine is delivered to him. Such a shame that they chose to not press charges against a sitting president — a stupid tradition that offers infinitely more respect than the criminal deserves. Also more respect than First Troll and Anal-Obsessed Hal deserve.

        It will be sweet justice to see the Trump family house o cards tumble. In 2021 they may be flipping hamberders and Melania turning tricks for her next potential fat sugar daddy / green card sponsor. Maybe Roger Stone has a spare icebox in his Penguin Lair where Ivanka and Jerod could sleep. Press is gonna have a field day when all the facts are known. Trump will make corrupt drunk Nixon look like a small time crook.

        1. If the IRS audit showed that criminal charges should be filed, the agency might be holding it open pending the date (January 20, 2021 or 2025) when the new Attorney General will agree to file charges.

    1. Some people are proud to be honest and support our nation. Assholes like you love to fly your chinese made flags and then do nothing when the clear line between tax avoidance and tax evasion is blatantly crossed by one of your club.

      America will never be great if its so-called leaders divide the nation and take actions mostly out of fear of being caught in his charade, as opposed to ensuring that every citizen is investing in making the nation better — in objective measures, not in vague promises of greatness that are never defined.

    2. Trump owes hundreds of millions to his creditors. No wonder he wanted to run for president. He wanted to enrich himself via emoluments and yes quid pro quo. You know it and everyone knows it.

      You also know that paying his Ivanka “consulting fees” when she’s still a full-time employee of the organization, and writing off those “fees” as business expenses is definitely fraud.

      If you don’t know that, you should care more about tax law, you partisan dipshit.

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