Apple’s ‘iPhone 12’ may not ship with EarPods or power adapter

Echoing a report earlier this year from Ming Chi-Kuo, TrendForce is saying that iPhone 12 box will not include Apple EarPods or power adapter in the box.

Image: iPhone 12 render (image via
iPhone 12 render (image via


Apple’s iPhone production in 2Q20 rose by 8% QoQ to 41 million units thanks to above-expected sales of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11. This performance also gives the brand third place in the ranking.

Moving to 3Q20, the demand for the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 is expected to remain strong. At the same time, Apple will begin mass producing the four new models in the (tentatively named) iPhone 12 series, which are equipped with 5G capabilities, thereby raising its quarterly smartphone production.

The BOM [bill of materials] costs of the iPhone 12 models are significantly higher compared with the models in the previous series because of the 5G support. To cut costs and stabilize retail pricing, Apple has decided to sell the upcoming iPhones without accessories such as wired earphones, power adapter, etc. This move is expected to help with sales performance.

Twitter account @L0vetodream, which correctly predicted the iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard and iPhone SE launches several months ahead, in June tweeted further corroboration: “In my dream, the new iPhone will not come with the charger and earphone, this even applying to SE2. The new packaging box become thinner, and Exquisite.”

MacDailyNews Take: While we’ll hear complaints, many people have multiple chargers lying around from previous generation iPhones and iPads. Many people have already purchased wireless Qi chargers for their iPhones. Ditto for AirPods.

Don’t discount the possibility of Apple unveiling an “AirPower” wireless charging mat alongside the iPhone 12/Max/Pro/Pro Max reveal.

For those who don’t have a charger on hand, they’ll have to buy one. If they forget or don’t realize that, when the get home with their new iPhone or it arrives by delivery, those are who’ll complain the loudest. At least Apple ships iPhones fully charged out of the box, so the charger-less will have at least a day to get a charger (garbage versions of which can be found basically everywhere, COVID-19 issues to picking one up in person notwithstanding). Most users will want a genuine Apple or high-quality (Anker) wired or wireless charger.


    1. An underlying truth is the iPhone’s cash generation has dropped significantly, so cutting here and there is a necessity for the Wall Street “obligation.”

      It was just a cycle and 1/2 ago that Apple raised iPhone prices significantly for this exact reason…customers weren’t getting more, nor a better product. The backlash was apparently received and prices mellowed a bit and a new and cheaper iPh was released.

    1. I agree. As I’ve stated here before, what about people new to the Apple ecosystem? They don’t have a plethora of lightning charging cables. Is Apple expecting them to buy a power cube and cable just to charge their new iPhone?

      If this turns out to be true, which I sincerely hope it does not, expect multiple class action lawsuits over this. The ratinale will be, “Apple sold me a devices that cost $1,200 that is only good for a dozen hours of use before it is a brick sitting on my desk. They didn’t include any way to charge it. Therefore the device is intentionally incomplete. That’s an intentional defect.”

      You might even see class action suits claiming an anti trust violation. The rationale will be, “It is illegal to use a monopoly in one business area to expand another business area. Apple has a monopoly in phones that run iOS. Apple does not include a way to charge this new phone. Therefore Apple is forcing people to expand the sales of Apple’s add-on equipment just so buyers can charge their new Apple iPhone. This is a clear anti trust violation.”

      I don’t know if either argument will stand up in court, but if Apple does not include at least a rudimentary way to charge the next iPhones, you can almost guarantee that these kinds of lawsuits will come up. They may even cost Apple more than they save by not including those power cubes and a USB Type A to Lightning cable.

      1. “…is saying that iPhone 12 box will not include Apple EarPods or power adapter in the box.” Where does it say that the phone didn’t come with a power cable? I see EarPods and power adapter. I don’t see power cable. Of course the phone will be shipped with a power cable. Again most people, except those who are brand new to smartphones, already have power adapters readily available. I say, for those who need a power adapter, Apple can always add a policy where if you buy a new iPhone and needed a power adapter, you can take your receipt to the Apple store to pick one up free of charge. Chances are, some of those who visit the Apple store to pick up a free adapter probably will pick up other things. Apple make more money!

  1. It really doesn’t bother me if headphones and a power adapter are not included. I never take them out of the box anyway. I have many USB ports in my house already, a power bank that I carry on bicycle rides, and a cigarette lighter USB adapter in that car that I hardly ever drive. I use Trekz Air AfterShokz headphones because earbuds not only tend to slip out of my ears, but they also give me “swimmers ear” pain.

    I just wouldn’t mind that if Apple’s going to leave accessories out, that they might kindly pass some of the cost savings on to the consumer.

  2. I don’t need another slow USB charger and bad headphones included with my phone. I guess technically Apple are passing on some savings if they don’t up the price for a phone with more expensive parts… but more of a saving would be nice.

  3. Man, if you all care that much, don’t buy it! I have so many damn power cords and charging pads around it’s ridiculous. I haven’t taken out a set of earbuds since the iPhone 4 or so.

    1. When I sell a used iPh, it’s nice to be able to include a charger and the buds…which are always new b/c Apple’s buds don’t fit me. Not everyone that buys a used iPh has a drawer full of items mentioned.

  4. I fully support Apple taking that move. However, I also would like to add that Apple, just through principle, should give anyone who buys the iPhone an option to bring their receipt to the Apple store to pick up a free charger… for those who just switched to the iPhone or who just needs a charger. Think about it… while at the Apple store, the customer might be enticed to buy other things… Apple makes more money!

  5. Apple isn’t that crazy. There’ll be a stand alone cable as they’ve always done and if you want a charger you’ll pay extra. The company might charge bomb for their products but do you actually think they’d sell a phone that you can’t charge unless you pay an extra fee…come on?

  6. No Charger, No EarPods, No Problem. The price of the iPhone 12 will reflect the absence of these products, am I right, Apple? Apple?!? Apple??? Hello… Anybody home?…

  7. Apple should drop the ear pods but include a basic charging solution. At the time Apple could give buyers the option to buy ear pods/pods pro at a discount. To be honest after owning the EarPod pro I have no use for standard ear pods. Heck drop the price of the phone by a 150 and most buyers would love that

  8. Like buying a TESLA sans battery, absolutely useless, or any vehicle for that matter.
    as for the idea of using ‘old’ chargers, they’re bound to be insufficient wattage to fast or even trickle charge.
    Cables.. with 30-pin, Lightning, USB-C all still in active use, various headphone adaptors etc, the combined cost of these already exceeds some of my iPad hardware.
    Why drop the essentials for an “Exquisite” “open and shut” case that’ll gather dust in a corner.
    One of Apple’s worst ever money grabbing propositions, and maybe subject to Consumer Law rights in some jurisdictions. Hope Apple is ready for yet another Class Action.

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