eBay flooded with hundreds of iPhones with Fortnite installed

There are currently hundreds of listings on eBay for Apple iPhone’s with the Fortnite app installed as a selling point. While there are some iPhones available that are reasonably priced, many of the prices listed are BSI, ranging from over $1,000 to up to $10,000.

Epic Games' Fortnite
Epic Games’ Fortnite

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Unsurprisingly, few of the iPhones priced at thousands of dollars have bids, as most people don’t appear that desperate to play Fortnite on a mobile device at this time.

There’s one ‌iPhone‌ 8 with Fortnite installed that has two bids over $4,000, but those are most likely fake bids. An iPhone SE 2020 with Fortnite is currently priced at $345, which is reasonable, and there’s an iPhone XS with Fortnite that’s going for $233 at the current time. Given the myriad other ways to play Fortnite, most of these eBay sellers likely won’t see purchases.

MacDailyNews Note: While Epic Games’ clearly manufactured legal crusade quixotically plods along, Fortnite continues to be playable on iPhone‌s and iPads with the game installed before the app was pulled, on some pretend iPhone‌s and iPads (derivative Android junk) with the game installed before the app was pulled by perpetual Apple-follower Google, Macs, crappy Windows PCs, and Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft game consoles.

Good luck, eBay sellers of iPhones with Fortnite, you’re going to need it at those prices!


      1. Actually you can still run apps that were installed with an Apple ID. But you can’t update them or install on new devices. I don’t know if you can use in-app purchases in such an app, but you can’t Restore Purchases made with the other Apple ID.

  1. Wouldn’t it be mostly children or teens who are playing Fortnite? I mean, I hope normal adults wouldn’t be that desperate to play Fortnite and especially not desperate enough to dump their iPhones or other iOS devices. I honestly don’t see how Epic Games could have that much leverage over Apple just because some game was pulled. Because I’ve never played Fortnite, I can’t understand what all the fuss is about unless it’s just about Apple supposedly having TOO much control over their own App Store.

    It scares me to think if I owned a store and some outside company tried to force me to sell a product I don’t think is appropriate. My store, my choice of products. Maybe I’m just too narrow-minded.

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