Texas jury says Apple owes $506.2 million in patent trial verdict

Apple was told by a federal jury in Texas to pay $506.2 million in patent royalties to Optis Wireless Technology over 4G LTE telecommunications technology in the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)


The jury in Marshall, Texas, found that five patents were infringed. It also found that the infringement was willful, which could mean an increase in the damages.

Otis claimed that Apple’s smartphones, watches, and tablets that operate over the LTE cellular standard were using its technology. Apple pledged to appeal.

“Lawsuits like this by companies who accumulate patents simply to harass the industry only serve to stifle innovation and harm consumers,” Apple said in a statement.

MacDailyNews Take: Rocket Docket. This won’t hold up on appeal.


      1. Texas as a whole is strongly pro-defense. It is only the Eastern District that is full of populist Luddites who hate corporations and technology in almost equal measure.

            1. Hello, Person Whose Temporary Name Is ‘Hi’ Because You’re A Chickenshit

              I am using the same Alinsky technique as TxEr and his lefty buddies of taking something someone says, distorting it with alternate facts and then throwing it in their face.

              So as a Conservative, I know how annoying it is to see people like TxEr and the media do this with almost every argument. And people like you who don’t know the difference are just as annoying.

              When the Left has no argument the first thing they reach for is racism. East Texas has the highest concentration of Blacks per 1,000,000 of all Texas regions.

              Therefore, if someone attacks the region I am from, I can immediately call them racist because Blacks make up way more than the average 12% of the rest of the state.

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      1. To repeat: Texas is a highly diverse state. Only a small minority of our population lives in the Eastern District, which has a significantly different educational, economic, and political profile than the metropolitan areas where most Texans live.

        1. No, it is only a small minority when compared to the larger cities, but it has a higher population density than the southern, western and panhandle regions.

          And its educational profile is probably pretty close to the inner cities of most of the metropolitan areas.

          As usual you skew facts and reality to your advantage.
          Served your career choice I’m sure…

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