Why your iPhone wants you to update way more apps than usual

iPhone users have been getting notifications to re-download the updates for the apps installed on their device. Why? Most likely, they’ve installed Apple’s iOS 14 public beta.

Apple App Store on Apple devices
Apple’s App Store

Michael Gorman for Apple World Today:

One of the primary reasons your iPhone will ask you to update numerous apps at the same time is because you just installed a new or updated operating system. Apple has introduced iOS 14 [public beta]… and, as the usual practice is, it has new fun features.

While it might tempt you to jump straight into downloading and installing this new iOS, you should wait for a little and take your time. Downloading it at this time has some drawbacks to it.

Apple has been running the beta test for the iOS 13.6 since the beginning of June, and it will be out sooner than the iOS 14. It also has new exciting features such as health symptom tracker, Apple News+ audio support, and an “automatic updates” page that’s better refreshed. If you are so eager to update your iOS, you should wait for the iOS 13.6 first instead of jumping on the 14.0 beta version.

MacDailyNews Take:


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