Huawei passes Samsung to become No.1 in global smartphone unit sales

In the never-ending quest of fake iPhone peddlers to make it up on volume, Huawei last quarter passed Samsung to become No. in global smartphone unit sales.

“Apple is a uniquely American company whose success is only possible in this country. Motivated by the mission to put things into the world that enrich people’s lives, and believing deeply that the way we do that is by making the best not the most, Apple has produced many revolutionary products, not least of which is the iPhone.” – Apple CEO Tim Cook, July 29, 2020 (emphasis added – MDN Ed.)


Huawei shipped more smartphones worldwide than any other vendor for the first time in Q2 2020.

Huawei shipped 55.8 million devices, down 5% year on year. But second-placed Samsung shipped 53.7 million smartphones, a 30% fall against Q2 2019.

Huawei is still subject to US government restrictions, which have stifled its business outside of mainland China. Its overseas shipments fell 27% in Q2. But it has grown to dominate its domestic market, boosting its Chinese shipments by 8% in Q2, and it now sells over 70% of its smartphones in mainland China. China has emerged strongest from the coronavirus pandemic, with factories reopened, economic development continuing and tight controls on new outbreaks.

“This is a remarkable result that few people would have predicted a year ago,” said Canalys Senior Analyst Ben Stanton. “If it wasn’t for COVID-19, it wouldn’t have happened. Huawei has taken full advantage of the Chinese economic recovery to reignite its smartphone business. Samsung has a very small presence in China, with less than 1% market share, and has seen its core markets, such as Brazil, India, the United States and Europe, ravaged by outbreaks and subsequent lockdowns.”

MacDailyNews Take: This is an anomaly that won’t last. Huawei carries the CCP stench that the China market alone won’t be able sustain at No.1 in global unit shipments as world economies ravaged by COVID-19 shutdowns recover from a virus that ironically enough originated in, and was hidden by, the communist Chinese government, dooming the world to its present situation.


  1. Huawei will be number one in the rest of the world with smartphones for a while, and that is why Apple having in house A Series CPU and now Apple Silicon going into the future is even more important.

  2. As someone who used to live in China, I can tell you there is nothing remotely interesting going on at Huawei. Their CEO is clearly in cahoots with the PRC govt, and they’ve been thieving tech for years. The real story here is ‘What will it take for Apple to remove itself from China?’ … it’s a tough one because even if every phone was manufactured in India, the Chinese consumers would take it as a nationalist slight. There’s no wins here. The best Apple can do is “compete” against themselves by being a much more interesting, dynamic company than the boredom that is Huawei, and hook their users with things like ‘Apple-only’ wearable devices.

    Apologies if you actually work at Huawei. Please find a new job and have a lovely life.

  3. Can someone tell them to shut up? We can’t go on talking about Apple’s iPhone being a monopoly if people keep pointing out how the competition sells SO much more than the iPhone!

      1. Does that make the iPhone a monopoly as well? Or, from the day Apple started the app store, it was a monopoly, it’s just that no one noticed? How did the government even allow them to create it!

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