U.S. senator demands answers after massive Twitter hack

A successful attack on your system’s servers represents a threat to all of your users’ privacy and data security… Did this attack threaten the security of the President’s own Twitter account? — Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri

Hawley made the remarks as Twitter was dealing with a massive Twitter hack of prominent accounts to tweet Bbitcoin scams.

Apple's Twitter account has been breached by bitcoin scammers
Apple’s Twitter account was breached by bitcoin scammers

Victor Reklaitis for MarketWatch:

President Donald Trump, who often makes news with his posts on the social-media platform, didn’t appear to have been among the users hacked, but presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama both had accounts taken over.

Hawley posed a range of questions to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey through a letter that he shared on Twitter. “How many users may have faced data theft as a consequence of this breach?” the GOP senator asked…

The CEOs of Google parent Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc., and Facebook Inc. are slated to testify on July 27 before the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust subcommittee.

MacDailyNews Take: Barry Collins, writing for Forbes, says the president’s account must have some extra security above and beyond regular users, blue checkmarks or not, to have remained secure during this Twitter hack:

While many of the biggest Twitter accounts were vandalized with messages urging people to participate in what appears to be a bitcoin scam, the @realDonaldTrump account and its 83.5 million followers were not targeted. Neither was the official account of the president @POTUS and its 30.8m audience.

The question looms large: why did the scammers not target the most high-profile account of them all?

The president would undoubtedly be the service’s prime target for hackers, so it is possible that Twitter has afforded Mr Trump and his staff some form of extra verification that made it more difficult to breach his account… Twitter may, for example, only permit tweets to be made to Trump’s accounts from authorized devices, meaning that the hackers weren’t able to tweet on the president’s behalf.


  1. Or maybe the hackers didn’t think the idiots that got suckered would have believed that Trump would send them back double their money? It is rather a pitiable but true, nonetheless, that entitlement-minded schmendricks would really think that these liberal icons that have tricked them with carefully crafted public / media images portraying their fabulous generosity and philanthropy (most of which are tax dodges and scarcely benefit the claimed recipient needy people) are eager to hand them free money at a 2:1 return ratio. Like we’ve said for years; the fools who fall for socialism and communism are merely useful idiots—until the takeover is completed and then they are the first ones to be slaughtered. These political systems get voted in (i.e. Cuba and Venezuela) and only guns can get rid of them with resultant loss of life on both sides.

    My name is citizen; and I support this message!

    1. It truly is amazing how gullible the left is. Dementia Joe, Hilderbeaast, Obamination, Pelosi, AOC, Schumer, Bat face, etc. Too many list.

      It takes and amazing amount of stupidity and gullibility to vote for the Demonrats.

        1. Thanks for reminding me. I will add “delusional“ to the list of the left’s traits

          I assume you are referring to the same pollsters who said Hilderbeast would win?


            1. @Ronner
              Yes, you could also conclude that the Electoral College does not represent the will of the people, and that you should either change it (proportionally assigning electors based on the vote) or abolish it.

        2. Buster, Why on earth would you do some so stupid as to announce to the would that you support a dementia patient? I guess I just answered my own question

          1. Becky,
            Thanks for calling me stupid. I did notice however, that Canada no longer allows Americans into our country. In fact, 87.2% of the people turned away at our border since the pandemic were Americans. Why is that? Because, unbeknownst to you, we live in the greatest country in the world and many (smart) US citizems know this and are trying to get away from the Coronavirus.
            So Becky, even us stiupid people up here realize that a dementia patient could do better than who is running the show now.
            I have an idea…. get a college education and perhaps you could understand what I mean…..

            1. You are welcome, Buster. I do it as a public service.

              You have once again proven that educated does not mean smart.

              How’s that socialist healthcare working out? The same plan that makes Canadian’s flock to the US to get GOOD healthcare.

    2. Demonrats created Antifa

      ANTIFA Profile:

      Violent, unstable personal background
      Clear pattern of sociopathic activity
      Hard left (Communist) political ethos
      Unkempt physical appearance, featuring filthy black clothing, skin piercings, tattoos, foul odor
      Perpetually non-productive, non-contributing. They don’t work. They parasitically subsist on government “welfare” and thievery.
      Extensive arrest/incarceration record
      Hordes of these ANTIFA clones, manufactured by our leftist public “education/indoctrination” system, are “in-
      action” in all major US metro areas, Western Europe, and the UK. They’re bussed-around by sleazy, leftist politicians who use them to terrorize political opponents.

      They enthusiastically share a vile hatred of “everything West,” and a nihilistic goal of destroying all trappings of of Western Civilization, history religion, economy, infrastructure.

      Being absolutely amoral (like the leftist politicians who support them), they are extremely dangerous and have no compunction about committing vandalism, theft, mayhem, murder

      That’s just one of hundreds of ways Demonrats are destroying this country. Only a f’ind idiot would vote for them

  2. Another possibility, of course, is that these hackers were state actors (Russian, Chinese, North Korean?) and did not want to provoke a state on state response. The President would take an attack on his Twitter account more seriously than all the cyberattacks he has previously ignored.

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