Apple signs NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace to Beats endorsement deal

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has signed an endorsement deal with Apple subsidiary Beats By Dre, the headphone maker announced Monday.

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace
Darrell “Bubba” Wallace
Thomas Barrabi for FOXBusiness:

Beats by Dre said it moved up the timeline on its announcement after Wallace traded barbs with President Trump on Monday. The president called on Wallace to apologize after an FBI investigation determined a noose found last month in the NASCAR driver’s garage at Talladega Superspeedway wasn’t a hate crime…

NASCAR launched an investigation last month after a member of Wallace’s team found a rope fashioned into a noose in his garage. FBI investigators determined the rope was a garage door pull that had been in place since October 2019… Wallace, the NASCAR Cup Series’ only Black driver, said he was “relieved” by the FBI’s findings and thanked officials for treating the incident “as a real threat.”

NASCAR President Steve Phelps defended the premier stock car circuit’s handling of the investigation, arguing that it had acted properly based on the evidence at hand.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t buy Beats headphones because some celebrity endorses them, buy them for the over-modulated bass!


    1. The story about the noose isn’t about Bubba Wallace. It’s about the noose. Yet somehow, it has been made about him.

      Wallace didn’t create the story, didn’t report the story, didn’t even know about the noose until after it was reported and he was asked about it. He has nothing to apologize for.

      To me the question has always been: why was the noose there? Even if it wasn’t intended for Wallace, what was its purpose?

      The story is about the noose, not Wallace.

      1. Apparently, some mechanic last year tied a knot that looked like a noose on the door pull to the garage door. It didn’t function as a noose (I.e. it didn’t tighten when the loop was pulled). It wouldn’t have ever been noticed apart from the coincidence of the driver assigned to the garage and the timing of it being noticed during nationwide protests about race.

        Just a series of odd coincidences, apparently, but backed up with photographic evidence. Wallace doesn’t owe anyone an apology. Wallace wasn’t pulling a Jussie Smollett, and the president should know this, which means Trump is likely just race baiting.

  1. If Apple made bone conducting headphones similar to Trekz AfterShokz, I would consider buying them. But big over-the-ear headphones and tiny in-the-ear headphones are not a product that I wish to own at this time.

  2. This article is an example of how Apple has changed. IMHO it had changed for the worse. According to the FBI, this is a nothing burger story by an idiot who can’t tell the difference between a noose and A garage door pull that has been in the place for approximately ten months.

    If Apple wants to sponsor an athlete or race driver, that’s their business. What I object to as a stockholder is that someone at Apple was using corporate time and money to discuss this none event and decided if they can lend their name to fight for social justice in a pure symbolism over substance way. There will not be one less racist because this racer gets an Apple endorsement.

    Apple needs to worry about their own issues. They need to fix their own problems with how they treat employees, making sure their products work right the first time, and continue to create products that empower people to use their own talents and gifts to change the world. Think Different.

    1. Name one other potential celebrity endorser who is widely recognized in both the world of NASCAR fans and in the minority community. Where could Apple spend its advertising budget more efficiently?

      1. so rewarding someone for lying and making waste of law enforcement time and still lying about is still alright because he is a minority race car driver?

        1. Mr. Tuttle, As Locutus points out above, the only people lying about Bubba Wallace and his role in the noose controversy are the same folks who support the national flag of treason (that was never actually the CSA flag and only became popular decades after the Lost Cause lost).

          1. Lying is your pal Bubba who claims to this day, after an FBI investigation, that the noose is a hangman’s noose and it was directed at him. What he does not seem to be able to answer is why other garages have them and why was that noose in the garage way before Bubba arrived? It sucks to defend someone after they have been proven to lie but some people still defend Jussie Smollet to this day.

      2. Why are you so focused on skin color. You clearly are a racist. We are supposed to ignore skin color and focus on character. Something you know nothing about.

  3. I guess Tim Cook had to settle for this asshat since Disney beat him to Colin Kaepernick.
    But don’t worry Timmy, there will be plenty more worthless BLM clowns for you to sign up. Gee, I wonder if this is considered hate speech by the snowflakes?

      1. I’m sorry, but just because hate speech is constitutionally protected from government abridgment does not mean that it is not hate speech, or that private parties are required to tolerate it. Using demeaning terms to describe people is bad. Singling out the only African-American NASCAR driver with such terms is worse.

        1. “Singling out the only African-American NASCAR driver with such terms is worse.”
          Hey numbnuts, the article is about “the only African-American NASCAR driver”, so how am I singling him out? Anything can be labeled hate speech when it’s something a liberal doesn’t like or agree with. You people love to bellow about YOUR 1st Amendment rights but by God a conservative sure as hell better not try to exercise their same right.

        2. You are mostly filled with hate speech. Same with all those with the TOLERANCE and COEXIST bumper stickers who love to “cancel” people and silence people who don’t agree with them.

  4. Apples paying huge bucks to a loathsome human being who committed a race hoax and insulted the character of White people in doing so? Golly, how virtuous!

    Tim Cook is a disaster.

    1. Where to you get your fantasy info from?
      Go back to real news and stop poisoning your mind with that Fox dribble.
      If you get your info from the lier-in-chief, well, same thing.

      You know Trump is laughing at you for believing everything stupid thing he says, don’t you?

        1. No, because FBI. They found that the noose had been there before Wallace took over the space and one of his mechanics reported it. He heard about it on the news like the rest of us. The kind of person who singled out Wallace for criticism probably thinks that the only Black Formula 1 driver is also an “unqualified minority hire.” Ever hear of Lewis Hamilton?

          1. Wallace gladly went along with the hoax, he is a dishonest man of poor character and should not be given endorsement deals, he’s a crappy driver to boot. Like clockwork Tx is on the side of defending evil lies.

          2. Exactly and the FBI did not find anything but Bubba goes on the Don Lemon show and insists it is a racist hangman’s noose. If Bubba Wallace would have said that he will not comment on the noose or just say it was nothing about racism, maybe I can take your claim seriously.

  5. Hey Apple, it’s not NASCAR. It’s Noosecar!

    In some regard, I wish we had enough Coronavirus going on that all these virtue signaling sports teams with their systemically stupid, BLM and SJW, overrated, overhyped and overpaid so called athletes will go back on hiatus. I was so much enjoying the silence from the sports world, music world, and movie world. If any structure in American Society needed defacing and torn down, those would be my picks!

  6. You’d think Tim Cook’s Apple would invest that million in poor neighborhoods in need of investment instead of a spoiled millionaire race car-polluting driver…. Not a ‘Green’ investment or even close….

    1. You do understand that the money spent on celebrity endorsements isn’t a charitable contribution? It is a calculated business decision that the extra sales due to the endorsement will recoup many times over the money paid to the endorser. In this case, the endorser has a high public profile because he is the only African-American NASCAR driver. His face in an ad may attract the attention of both NASCAR fans and minority-group members. Hardly anyone else has that particular potential.

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