Apple to re-close 14 stores in Florida amid spikes in COVID-19 cases

Apple will re-close 14 stores in Florida as COVID-19 rates rise in the state, the company said on Thursday. The shutdowns come after Apple recently re-closed stores in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, and Florida. Apple has now announced the re-closing of 32 stores in the United States due to spikes in COVID-19 cases.

Apple Aventura
Apple Aventura

Kif Leswing for CNBC:

An Apple representative said in a statement: “Due to current COVID-19 conditions in some of the communities we serve, we are temporarily closing stores in these areas. We take this step with an abundance of caution as we closely monitor the situation and we look forward to having our teams and customers back as soon as possible.”

Here’s the full list of stores re-closing in Florida on Friday:

• The Galleria
• The Falls
• Aventura
• Lincoln Road
• Dadeland
• Brickell City Centre
• Wellington Green
• Boca Raton
• The Gardens Mall
• Millenia
• Florida Mall
• Altamonte
• International Plaza
• Brandon

MacDailyNews Take: Again, we’re likely to see openings and closings of many retail outlets, not just Apple stores, fluctuate as COVID-19 spikes occur around the country and the world. Last month, Apple said they’d reopened 100 retail stores and they’ve continued to reopen outlets since then, so 32 locations is not really that many in the grand scheme of things. Apple currently has 511 locations, 271 of which are located in the U.S.


    1. So lets see.. the libturd media pronounces no social distance problems at protests, yet complains about social distancing at Trump’s rally. You are being fed lies, stupidity and BS but you are too stupid to know it.

      1. 125,000 or more dead since February. 38,500 new cases since yesterday. New cases at an all-time high nationally and in a majority of states. Hospitals in multiple US cities at capacity with patient loads rising not just at a constant rate but at an exponentially increasing rate. Antibody testing that suggests we are at no more than a sixth of the number needed for herd immunity. Average age of patients falling past 39 because they are not following advice from medical and public health professionals.

        And despite all that, the same people who have been minimizing this international tragedy since at least last December are continuing to blame everybody but themselves.

          1. Check a calendar—the President was calling for an end to social distancing before the demonstrations. The same President who has opposed meaningful police reform has consistently resisted meaningful public health measures. From a prosecutor’s point of view, reckless and unjustified conduct that causes human death is called “manslaughter.”

            Mr. Trump’s refusal to admit that we are in a health emergency took a new turn tonight when the Administration went to the Supreme Court with a late-night filing to terminate the Affordable Health Care Act. Denying millions of Americans access to subsidized health insurance, Medicaid, and coverage for preexisting conditions in the middle of a pandemic takes cruelty to a new level.

            1. Goddam even a broke record can be turned off. You’re like a Victrola on meth.

              Yes you oversimplified knave EVERY scientist in the world warned about this.

              NOT ONE said a curve would be flattened and the we could begin to return to work.

              NOT ONE said more testing wild lead to more positives.

              But wait, isn’t economics a science?
              Oh just ignore that aspect….and anything Democrat’s have said that would turn out wrong.

              You’re like the John Holmes of dicks around here.

            2. Basically NOT ONE of your assertions leads to the conclusion you are parroting from the Very Stable Genius.

              Yes, every scientist did warn this would happen, but they also gave detailed instructions on how to avoid it while still opening the economy—social distancing, masks, testing, contact tracing, and isolating potentially infectious individuals. They explained how people could go back to work and stay there, rather than going to work for a month before the economy was shut down again. That would be a disaster, as every economic scientist outside the President’s immediate circle agreed.

              This was the advice from the President’s own task force, yet he pressured the states to ignore the advice and open back up while infections were still rising without taking precautions. He even encouraged his armed supporters to go into state capitols to intimidate the governors and legislatures until his will triumphed. So the states opened up and we are seeing exactly what the President’s task force predicted.

              Obviously, EVERY scientist knew that there would be more positive results if there was more testing. Every third-grader should have known that. Similarly, if you do more pregnancy testing, there will be more positive testing results, but it isn’t the testing that gets women pregnant. It isn’t the testing that is driving hospital admissions and fatalities.

              How stupid does he think we are? Not only did he delay the initial response to the virus and utterly bungle the recovery, but now he wants to shut down a program that provides health care to 20 million Americans, provides $50B in funding for the overwhelmed hospitals, and employs at least a million Americans during the recession he could have avoided by addressing the pandemic appropriately.

  1. It looks like COVID-19 is spiking upward in the state-tax-avoiding, Don’t-Tread-On-Me, Teabagger, Bullets, & Bible Belt states. They honor John Wayne’s and Donald’s avoidance of military service and who never refuse federal funds mostly collected from wealthier states like CA, Apple’s birthplace.

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