Apple to re-close seven Houston stores due increase in COVID-19 cases

Apple will re-close seven of its retail locations in Houston, Texas again due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States, the company said Wednesday.

The stores will close today at 7pm local time and re-open at a date TBD. The stores are currently list as close through June 30th, at least.

Apple Highland Village
Apple Highland Village in Houston, Texas


Apple has said it is monitoring conditions in each community where it operates stores to determine when to open and close them.

“We take this step with an abundance of caution as we closely monitor the situation and we look forward to having our teams and customers back as soon as possible,” Apple said in a statement.

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  1. Where are all the posts insisting that 122,000 dead Americans are fake news and that it is perfectly safe to drop social distancing? Apple has been on the right side of this thing from the beginning. Would that others had been as wise.

    1. Of these increases in Covid-19 cases, how about the press report on how many cases required hospitalization and how many hospitalized required ventilators and of those how many recovered and how many passed away. You know, if we want to play the numbers game!

      1. The state had 5439 new cases today. Houston, which is the #4 City in America and the #1 medical center, is at 97% ICU capacity. For the first time in its history, Texas Children’s Hospital is accepting adult patients and 1000 overflow beds are being prepared. Normal hospital capacity will be exceeded as soon as tomorrow and the Texas Medical Center will transition to “sustainable surge” mode. By mid-July, the surge will become unsustainable.

        I hope all those patients enjoyed the bars and beaches while they were wide open against medical advice in a doomed attempt to make the Governor and President look good.

          1. As for the protesters, they were outside and many of them were wearing masks and observing distancing. The rioters were also mostly masked (for another reason) and there were nowhere near enough of them to account for these case numbers. The exponential growth of hospitalizations indicates that community spread had already accelerated before the demonstrations. It typically takes three weeks for a newly-infected person to get that sick, and you don’t get these numbers from just one generation of propagation.

            It is way beyond disingenuous for the same individuals who were telling us from January through May that the coronavirus wasn’t dangerous and did not justify any public health measures to suddenly claim against all the evidence that the demonstrations were the only significant vector of transmission.

            1. TxLoser wrote:

              “As for the protesters, they were outside and many of them were wearing masks and observing distancing. The rioters were also mostly masked (for another reason) and there were nowhere near enough of them to account for these case numbers.”

              Ow! My sides! Can’t stop laughing!

              Behold the quintessential lying liberal.

  2. A few weeks ago Houston had a huge worship-fest for America’s latest idol, George Floyd. Tens of thousands attended. People in a huge, crowded mass for hours. And all the riots and looting and arson and mayhem in every major city. But a few weeks before that cops were arresting White people for taking their kids to a lonely park. This resurgence is 100% the fault of leftists who blew a gasket over a violent felon who died of a fentanyl overdose while in policy custody. Brilliant!

    1. Cognitive dissonance prevented you from seeing all those “White people” participating in the “riots and looting.”

      You probably also refused to see peaceful protesters getting their noggins cracked by gang members AKA the police!

      1. In any case, the major transmission factor has been young people crowding into pools, parties, bars, restaurants, etc. without practicing social distancing or wearing masks.even the Governor is finally worried enough to wear a mask to his press conference today.

        1. Incorrect. The surge didn’t happen here in Houston until a couple weeks after the riots. I work in the med center and get direct updates about hospital numbers. COVID census was steady for over a month, then a couple weeks after the riots the census basically doubled.

          I went out on Memorial Day weekend and most places were pretty dead. The media threw a fit about one particular pool party at Cle and they were shamed into closing after that IIRC.

          1. Do not give facts which disprove the God of Doublespeak and Groupthink.
            He has articles, while slanted and many times incorrect, to back up every worthless point he makes.

            You have been warned (and noticed….)

        2. And the major factor in deaths is democratic governors forcing nursing homes to take in sick patients.

          The deaths we’ve had so far are a tragedy, but the predictions were over 2 million dead. If those greedy governors like Cuomo hadn’t forced the sick into nursing homes, we could have cut the cut the 122,000 deaths by over 30%.

          1. Just out of curiosity, what do you think should have been done with Covid-19 patients who were occupying hospital beds they did not need, but were too ill to go home? If they had clogged the hospitals, even more would have died there. There were no surplus health care workers to care for all those patients at home or in hotels. Sending them back to the nursing homes was terrible, but all the alternatives were terrible too. Which would you have chosen?

            1. There were plenty of options. Including thousands of extra beds built in the form of pop up hospitals as well as the Navy hospital ship hospital beds, which were never used. And pretty much any option would have been better than placing them in a confined area with the most at-risk population. Mandating nursing home placement was an invariable death sentence to thousands of people. It should be the biggest scandal by far of the epidemic, but it was suppressed by the leftist media, and the leftist sheep said nothing.

              BTW, Houston spent $17M on a pop up hospital at NRG that was never used.

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