Watch Apple’s WWDC keynote address right here

Get ready for a WWDC like never before, with a jam-packed, all-online experience coming to you from Apple Park. You can watch Apple’s WWDC keynote address live, right here. We will add our live notes here as well.

People around the world are watching Apple's WWDC20 Keynote Address
People around the world are watching Apple’s WWDC20 Keynote Address

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off with exciting reveals, inspiration, and new opportunities to continue creating the most innovative apps in the world. Join the worldwide developer community for an in-depth look at the future of Apple platforms, directly from Apple Park.

Today’s big events:

• Special Event Keynote – June 22, 10 a.m. PDT
• Platforms State of the Union – June 22, 2 p.m. PDT

Watch Apple’s WWDC keynote address right here:

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MacDailyNews WWDC20 Live Notes (in reverse chronological order):

• End of WWDC20 Keynote Address.

• Public betas start next month for iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS
• Cook: First new Mac with custom Apple silicon will ship to customers by the end of this year and Apple expects the transition to take about two years.

• Developers can apply today and units will be shipping out starting this week
• Mac mini with A12Z SoC for developers
• Apple is launching a quick start program for developers to aid in the transition

• iPhone and iPad apps run natively, completely unmodified on the new Macs
• These new Macs, they are fast
• Maya Classic works great using Rosetta 2

• New virtualization for macOS Big Sur and Macs with custom Apple Silicon
• Rosetta 2 auto translates Intel apps so they work on Apple silicon (translates the apps when you install and also on the fly when needed)

• Apple’s Final Cut Pro for the Mac runs seamlessly on Apple silicon (A12Z SoC)
• Adobe Photoshop runs natively on the new Apple silicon
• Creative Cloud’s Lightroom runs natively on Apple silicon-powered Macs
• Adobe is working on the transition already, too.
• Microsoft is working on Office for the Mac on the new Apple silicon – already running natively on new Apple silicon-powered Macs
• Universal 2 for developers: universal binary that works on both Intel and the new Apple custom silicon
• Developers can
• All of Apple’s apps, including Pro apps, are already up and running as native for Apple Silicon (using Xcode) already
• Craig Federighi: macOS Big Sur will aid the transition

• Apple will have a common architecture across all product lines
• Apple is designing a family of SoCs just for the Mac
• Advanced power management, high performance GPU, Secure Enclave, Neural Engine, and much more will come to Mac
• Apple will give the Mac a much higher level of performance
• Apple has shipped over 2 billion SoCs in ten years
• The iPad Pro is faster than most PC laptops
• Jonny Srouji: Apple started custom silicon design with iPhone

• Huge leap forward for the Mac: Mac is transitioning to Apple’s own custom silicon
• Tim Cook: Today is an historic day for the Mac

• Safari gets in-line translations
• Safari tabs get icons and previews by hovering
• Safari intellignet tracking protection
• Beth Dakin: New Safari for Mac – customizable start page

• In Safari, user choose which site can use extensions and for how long
• Mac App Store will showcase Safari extensions

• Maps for the Mac was designed using Catalyst and Messages
• Mac Catalyst gets myriad improvements for developers
• All-new version of Maps for the Mac (Favorites, guide creation, Look Around, friends’ ETA progress now viewable, and more)

• Messages on Mac get pinning and group messages features as seen on iOS, and iPadOS
• Messages for the Mac get powerful search, redesinged Photo picker, Memoji can be created and edited on Mac

• Widgets come (back) to the Mac
• Mac Notifications Center redesigned
• Menu Bar can be customized via drag and drop
• Mac gets Control Center in Menu Bar
• Federighi demos macOS Big Sur

• Alan Dye: “We love the Mac.”
• New icons, glyphs, and sounds – consistency is the goal
• Alan Dye film discusses macOS Big Sur
• Biggest design change since the introduction of Mac OS X
• macOS 10.16: Big Sur

• EPIC (as expected). Coming next year. (More Apple TV+ renewals loom – MDN Ed)
• Apple TV+ gets Issac Asimov’s Foundation: Sneak Peek
• Apple TV app already available on over 1 billion screens
• On Apple TV 4K, you can watch 4K videos captured on iPhone
• Apple TV’s tvOS 14 gets PiP across the entire Apple TV experience (includes AirPlay 2)
• Cindy Lin: Apple TV gets expanded multi-user support

• HomeKit cameras in iOS 14 you can define activity zones and face recognition (HomePod will announce who’s at the door, based on your friends afamily tagged in Photos)
• iOS 14 delivers Adaptive Lighting: changes color throughout the day
• Home app will now suggest automations
• Home app is the most secure way to manage your smart home
• Yah Cason: HomeKit helps devs create smart home products that are easy to use and work well
• Home products must offer ease of use, privacy and work better together

• Apps must self-report what and how much data they track – like nutrition labels for apps (will be shown in App Store)
• Tracking – apps now must ask, just like websites in Safari
• Developers can now let users upgrade from another sign in system to Sign in with Apple
• Apple delivers great privacy (example: Sign in with Apple: now with over 200 million accounts)
• Apple does as much as possible on-device
• Apple minimizes personal data that can be collected
• Privacy: Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right

• Siri language translation come to Apple Watch in watchOS 7, too
• Apple Watch delivers automatic detection for Handwashing so you wash long enough
• Shows battery level so you can remember to charge your Apple Watch in the morning
• Wind Down – helps you get to bed on time and helps you wind down prior to going to sleep
• Vera Carr: Apple Watch gets Sleep Tracking

• Activity app gets renamed to Fitness
• More new Workouts: Core Training, Cooldowns, and Functional Fitness
• Julz Arney: Workouts in watchSO 7 gets Dance tracking

• Maps on Apple Watch gets cycling directions
• watchOS 7 Face Sharing – discover and share watch faces via Messages, social media, etc.
• New Chronograph and Extra Large watch faces
• Kevin Lynch: watchOS 7 complications: Developers can enable multiple complications on one watch face

• Head tracking keeps sound field anchored even as you move your head and display
• AirPods Pro: Spatial audio recreates the surround sound experience
• Mary-Ann Ionascu: Automatic switching for AirPods will now switch between devices as you move from one to one

• Set default email and browsers
• Data detectors – phone numbers, addresses are recognized
• Scribble works in any text field, making Apple Pencil much more useful
• “Hello, Newton (2020).” – MDN Ed.
• Apple Pencil: Scribble comes to iPad: Handwriting auto converted into text (as with Apple Watch)

• AAPL: $356.82, +7.10 (+2.03%) @ 1:37PM EDT

• Search has been rebuilt from the ground up – it’s now universal
• Search is now also compact and does not take over the entire screen
• Incoming calls no longer cover the entire display – compact notifications (coming to iOS 14, too)
• Siri: Compact design comes to iPad
• Tool bar controls in apps are made richer
• Sidebars come to Notes, Files, and Music
• Photos get an all-new Sidebar – powerful way to access and organize your photos
• Josh Shaffer: New Widgets come to iPad, too
• Over 1,000,000 apps on App Store are just for iPad
• iPadOS 14

• App Clips must be less than 10MB, so they launch quickly
• App Clip code – is a visual code plus NFC (think Apple’s own QR code)
• App Clips make apps easily discovered in the App Store
• App Clips are a small, quick part of apps
• App Clips give you the app you need when you need it – no searching the App Store

• Apple expects to see other vehicle makers support CarKey starting next year
• New BMW available next month (CarKey also comes to iOS 13)
• CarKeys live in the iPhone’s secure element and can be shared securely via iMessage
• CarKey: Emily Schubert details digital car keys (BMW 5-series is first to support CarKey)
• Federighi: CarPlay gets new wallpaper options, new categories of CarPlay apps

• Maps gets congestion and green zones
• Maps adds EV routing – tracks your current charge and IDs charging stops along your route
• Maps adds new ways to get around, including cycling (NY, LA, SF, Shanghai, Bejing)
• Meg Frost: Maps adds new Guides that can be saved and are auto updated

• New Maps data coming to UK, Ireland, and Canada
• Federighi: Apple Maps – new data finished rolling out the the U.S. earlier this year

• You can set Group image, too to help you keep track of group messages
• Messages Groups: Inline replies and Mentions (type someone’s name to reply to them)
• In iOS 14, Memoji gets even more options (including face coverings)
• Stacey Lysik: Messages can be pinned to the top of Messages list
• Federighi returns

• New app: Apple Translate is designed for conversations, can work completely offline
• Siri dictation is now run on-device
• Yael Garten: Siri can now record and send audio messages

• Siri: UI is now compact, not full screen which interrupts and obscures
• Picture-in-picture coming to iPhone (videos keep playing in movable, resizable window)
• Smart Stack Widget – lets you swipe thru Widgets (and can even present info automatically)
• Widgets can be added to the home screen
• More data-rich than ever
• Widgets – reimagined. Different sizes
• App Library: Automatically organizes your apps with search field and on-device AI to suggest appropriate apps
• Craig Federighi talks iOS 14

• Tim Cook talks “racism” and “inequality.”
• Tim Cook takes the stage at the (empty) Steve Jobs Theater
• AAPL: $356.91, +7.19 (+2.06%) @ 12:58PM EDT
• Just a few minutes now
• The memoji globe… has… mesmerized us…
• 9:42am PDT / 11:42am EDT – Awaiting start of the keynote


  1. Christ. The disingenuous hack is virtue signaling again about a huge non-issue in America. Why not go to China and talk to your party buddies about black people not being allowed to stay in certain hotels, visit doctors or even eat at MacDonalds.

    Wake me when he shuts up.

  2. Apple needs Elon Musk now more than ever. Mr. Musk is a visionary and makes the impossible possible – look at the Falcon 9 landings alone is an engineering marvel from SpaceX. Tim Cook knows supply chain management and is better suited to work at McDonalds to improve the Big Mac making process not Apple Macs.

  3. No Intel compatibility means no me. I will NOT be giving up computer gaming for an OS. It’s bad enough that I had to dual boot because they wouldn’t lift a finger to bring AAA titles to the Mac, but now they are going to kill Parallels and VM-Ware’s virtualization options. I won’t be buying such a Mac until they the PC is so dead that it’s last game runs in emulation. I’ll still be an iPhone user, but no Mac will mean no interest in getting the next Apple TV like I planned, and that my current iPad is my last iPad.

    1. They did announce they would support Intel machines for several years to come.
      Ultimately the Intel chips are going away (handwriting is on the wall), but you’ve probably got at least 5-10 years before you won’t be able to run macOS on an Intel machine.

    2. They also announced Rosetta 2 and baked-in virtualization. They only mentioned Linux, but there is no obvious reason that Windows (either x86 or ARM) could not be run as well. The Maya demonstration showed that Intel emulation runs really fast on Apple Silicon.

    3. They showed Parallels running Linux and implied it was Parallels running Maya. That’s heavy lifting. I’ll be VERY surprised if Parallels DOESN’T run x86 64 bit Windows VERY well on day 1 of the first “A series” Macs. Very surprised.

      Games? Immediately “A series” Macs will have access to ALL iOS/ iPad OS games. Gaming will quickly change. There was more about x-boxes and x-box controllers working too that I didn’t catch.

  4. Well Apple with coverage from MacDailyNews gave you a heads up today invest in Apple or be left behind and poor.

    Apple going to $450. Like taking money (candy) from baby…..

    Developers small and large Apple have given you the tools (an even better ecosystem, but you have to work at it and it’s not free).

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