Apple patent reveals ‘head-mounted display device with vision correction’

Apple has been granted a U.S. patent (number 20200174284) for a “head-mounted display device with vision correction” that suggests work on “Apple Glasses” smartglasses that can be equipped with prescription lenses.

Apple patent application illustration for "head-mounted display device with vision correction" (source: USPTO)
Apple patent application illustration for “head-mounted display device with vision correction” (source: USPTO)

Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today:

Here’s Apple’s summary of the invention: “A head-mounted display may include a display system and an optical system in a housing. The display system may have displays that produce images. Positioners may be used to move the displays relative to the eye positions of a user’s eyes. An adjustable optical system may include tunable lenses such as tunable cylindrical liquid crystal lenses. The displays may be viewed through the lenses when the user’s eyes are at the eye positions.

“A sensor may be incorporated into the head-mounted display to measure refractive errors in the user’s eyes. The sensor may include waveguides and volume holograms, and a camera for gathering light that has reflected from the retinas of the user’s eyes. Viewing comfort may be enhanced by adjusting display positions relative to the eye positions and/or by adjusting lens settings based on the content being presented on the display and/or measured refractive errors.”

MacDailyNews Take: Please come to us in 2021, Apple Glasses – don’t make us wait until 2022!


  1. If Apple can make a “smart glasses” that correct vision (prescriptions) that would do to eyewear what the iPod did for music.
    I’d be in with that capability.

  2. Geez this really sounds like science fiction. Has massive potential if it can be made to work reliably. Though in truth seems like a concept that would have been thought of before but I guess only as part of a total smart glass system with added purpose and value would it be remotely practical to actually try to perfect.

  3. (#@%^(&% This will be amazing people
    You will have the ability to have super vision.
    Distance viewing, magnification and even improved depth of field.

    ps Time to go yacht shopping : }

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