Apple hires Amazon Video exec to lead Apple TV+ sports division

In a continuing effort to broaden the appeal of Apple TV+, the Cupertino Colossus has hired executive James DeLorenzo, who has led Amazon Prime Video’s sports division since 2016. DeLorenzo was also Senior Vice President of Audible, an Amazon audiobooks subsidiary.

Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

DeLorenzo will work with the Apple TV team to lead sports-related projects, bringing his expertise from his work at Amazon to Apple. This corroborates previous reports that Apple is investing in live sports for its Apple TV+ streaming service.

Another report from Sports Business Daily mentions that Apple is interested in negotiating with the Pac-12 Conference for media rights deals starting in 2024. Sporting events, something lacking on many streaming services due to cable rights, would be live streamed to Apple TV+ subscribers.

MacDailyNews Take: Live sports on Apple TV+? What a genius idea!

Perhaps Cook should consider bidding for and winning NFL Sunday Ticket away from Direct TV, buying rights to Premiere League and La Liga games, etc. and making them Apple TV exclusives. Go directly to the sports leagues with boatloads of cash. — MacDailyNews, May 6, 2014


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