Apple Music joins ‘Blackout Tuesday’ awareness campaign

On Tuesday, Apple Music canceled the radio schedule for Beats 1 radio to support “Blackout Tuesday,” suggesting that listeners tune in to a “”Blackout Tuesday” radio stream.

Blackout Tuesday

On launching ‌Apple Music‌, users see a message that replaces the normal “For You,” “Browse,” and “Radio” sections. The page includes a “Listen Together” button that links to the aforementioned station.

In steadfast support of the Black voices that define music, creativity, and culture, we use ours. This moment calls upon us all to speak and act against racism and injustice of all kinds. We stand in solidarity with Black communities everywhere. #TheShowMustBePaused

Apple Music is searchable, but users cannot see the usual displays and links to new releases, featured videos, featured playlists, etc.

MacDailyNews Take: While we understand the sentiment, we’d prefer there were a way for users to be able to access the normal “For You,” “Browse,” and “Radio” sections if they desire, since they are paying for the service – the full service, with full functionality – not a subset of what Apple wants subscribers to be able to do, see, and hear.


  1. Timmy Cook, the sanctimonious, virtue-signaling beta strikes again. Only in Timmy’s little world is limiting functionality to paying customers “the right thing to do.”

    Remember this heavy-handed shit when you read whatever “Apple News” decides to present to you on their front page.


    F U C K   Y O U,   A P P L E.   

    F U C K   Y O U,   T I M   C O O K.

    Apple Music subscription canceled forever.

    1. I’m fascinated at the sense of proportion being illustrated here. Folks are more offended by a minor inconvenience using certain features of a music service I doubt many of them ever use than they are by the clergy and worshipers of a Christian Church being driven from their premises with pepper spray so that a politician could use their building as a photo backdrop. A one-day interruption that does not affect access to their library or their ability to search for new music is more of a calamity than a national disaster. Wow!

      1. You are the one who concocted the comparison between Apple’s virtue-signaling move and whatever outrage you’re preoccupied with for today. Nobody else.

    2. Amen and well said.

      I didn’t have to cancel my subscription, I never WASTED money in the first place on virtue signaling SJW Apple News or Apple Music…

  2. Typical. Tim Cook’s Apple is like watching a satire. One has to wonder how pragmatic Apple employees (hiding, as ever) feel under this virtue-signaling clown.

    1. Funniest part: Apple donated $1 million (at least, that we know of) to SPLC which is likely going to represent, for free, those who are destroying Apple Retail Stores.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if SPLC aren’t the ones buying and delivering the bricks themselves.

  3. I subscribe to the MacDailyNews view.
    I also think it’s reductionist to have mostly hip hop. What about jazz? Gospel? Blues? Soul? RnB? Rock, etc?
    Black music did not start in the nineties.

  4. What benefit does this really bring? Isn’t it really important to discern, parse and delineate who’s been involved with the malfeasance and to NOT clump all with the true hurt and pain of the matter? Reports of “out of staters,” imported protestors, antifa_rebels with a cause” are largely ignored, not verified/quantified and, therefore remain associated with THE TRUE NEED. Travesty of grand scale.

    This is true in general, but specifically applicable per Apple’s “Black Tuesday.” It’s giving credence to every player in the disruption and destruction we’ve seen in the country related to Floyds’ death.
    It’s premature. It conditions and promotes violence and destruction to achieve political/racial changes. In the end, it’s a phony pacifier to the PAIN DULY experienced by the Black Community (I posit—I’m white).

    This isn’t the only effort of virtue signaling. Trump is VS’ing. Biden is VS’ing. Law and order must be present/active for civil rights to be a reality and we don’t need reality show posing (Trump). Talking like “you’re them” and throwing bail money at people does little (Biden). Trump is not leading and Joe is following the usual D script. RepeatIng the same thing, expecting different results is a sign of a dumb shite and that’s what’s ahead, I expect.

    1. Spotify is doing it, too, so you’re out of luck there. Pity the company that fails to march along with this insanity in jack-booted virtue-signaling lockstep.

      Amazon Music still seems to work as its’ supposed to work. They’ll probably kowtow to the Twitter mob of blue check marks soon enough.

  5. I am obviously in the minority in views seeing the comments here, but I commend Apple and other companies. This shines a spotlight on Black artists, and the issues at hand in this current climate. I imagine if you don’t like this, you are the same people complaining there is no white history month, or white pride during gay pride. It’s ONE DAY. Sorry if you life is disrupted.

        1. Oh, thank you so much, Apple, for allowing paying subscribers still be able to click SEARCH after you crippled the service for 24-hours. How magnanimous of you!

          I will be filing a class action lawsuit demanding a 24-hour pro-rated refund to EVERY SINGLE Apple Music subscriber who has to suffer from reduced functionality so that Apple can attempt lecture paying customers on how to think.

          From what I’ve heard today, here’s what I learned, Apple:

          “Black voices” don’t define music, creativity, or culture. It’s lewd garbage that, if anything, desecrates music, creativity, and culture.

          Great job educating us today, Apple. Great job.

    1. I just want the page back that celebrates the artists I like and a lot of them are not “White”. Thanks for the race baiting and your higher moral platitudes. You like what you like and that’s fine. I’m paying for music and features that I like Michael.

    2. Bullshit.

      I PAY Apple so I can listen to music. I listen to music to ESCAPE the bullshit from fucking morons like you, not to be LECTURED TO and FORCED to click a button to listen to GARBAGE chanting about “bitches and hos,” guns, and drugs.

      Make that, “I used to pay Apple.” Canceled my subscription this morning.

      FUCK Apple. FUCK Tim Cook. FUCK every smarmy liberal do-gooder like Tim Cook.

      WHY does Tim Cook feel the need to VIRTUE-SIGNAL constantly? Because he HATES himself and projects it onto others. Because he was brought up a Christian in Alabama and is gay. Because he sold out his country to communist dictators. He tells himself and anyone who will listen that he has PRIDE, but he’s really a self-loathing gay. He says he loves America, but he FUCKED his own country and sold his soul to communist murderers and HE KNOWS IT, subconsciously, at least. The only thing he loves about America is that it allows him to spout his crap and rake in hundreds of millions.


      I don’t need fucking unending wrongheaded lectures from vastly overpaid self-hating multi-hundred millionaire pricks who sell-out their own country to communist dictatorships so they can live in protected splendor pontificating to everyone they’ve destroyed from their own actions.

      Go suck Soros’ dick, Timmy.

        1. Yeah, “civility.”

          Who’s buying the bricks? Leftists like you, that’s who.

          Follow the money straight to Soros.

          1. I’m sure the bricks are being dropped off by the planes that leave the chemtrails.

            Seriously, who stands to gain from provoking a race war in America? Hint: it isn’t people of color or the few dozen Antifa core members, but the thousands of white supremacists who have been gearing up for this since the 1960s.

            1. “thousands of white supremacists who have been gearing up for this since the 1960s.”

              Yeah, they were all over the cameras and cable news in dozens of cities the last week rioting, looting, beating and shooting police officers. /s 🤣

              You are a liberal racist and worse, BLIND TO REALITY…

            2. Wouldn’t that make those white supremacists who have been preparing for “this” since the 1960’s and so old that they are a threat to no one and most likely died in a nursing home from the Coronavirus? Great point Einstein!

            3. How do you know they weren’t? I watched a white guy smash the windows at CNN. Plenty of the other vandals (as distinct from thieves) were white as well. There are far more terrorist acts committed in recent years by white nationalists than by black groups or white leftists. Since their whole ideology centers on race war, they have more to gain from all this than any leftist group.

              That is not to say that there is no involvement from leftist groups and foreign powers, just that ignoring white nationalists who want to make non-whites look bad is ignoring the obvious.

    3. They are more offended by this than they are at cops killing unarmed black people. They are more offended by this than Trump tear gassing peaceful protestors in order to do a photo op holding up the bible which he’s NEVER EVER FUCKING READ.

          1. Why am I so doubtful whenever you are out of sight…


            Deflection… torments my heart
            Deflection… keeps us apart
            Deflection… why torture me

            User play on lyrics from “Suspicion” by the King Elvis …

  6. I just read MCD News take on this as well, and I gotta disagree as well. If you feel disrupted by one day of change, that’s good. That might be the point. And, if you say, it’s a paid service. Black people pay for the police, and public education, for political leaders… But they don’t feel that they are getting what they paid for, or the same service that white people are getting.

    1. That’s a separate issue Michael. Last time I checked Apple is providing music for a monthly fee. Not police, public education, or “political leaders.”

      1. @John “Last time I checked Apple is providing music for a monthly fee.”

        Then cancel your subscription and stop whining like a five year old. You right wing conservative types are the BIGGEST snowflakes I have ever encountered. You whine about EVERYTHING. It never ends. Where have all the REAL MEN gone?

        1. Let’s see whose whining when your store, home, workplace gets looted and burned to the ground. It’s not conservatives who are doing the looting, burning, raping, and shooting in our cities. By the way how do you even know what my political affiliation is. It’s definitely not conservative. By the way is your name whine, whine, whine? Because that’s what you put in the box that says name on the submit form.

          1. @John Did I touch a nerve snowflake? Did the poor little snowflake get so upset that you had to reply? If you don’t like Apple Music then cancel your subscription. Or keep whining like a snowflake. You have a difficult choice to make. For snowflakes like you whining and complaining is a way of life.

            1. I think it’s funny that Snowflake and whine whine whine are missing the humor that what they are calling John is what they are calling themselves because the submit for says “name” What’s funny too is how they say that someone is upset. Most likely a projection of what they are feeling themselves. Not to mention it’s probably the same person.

    2. Our society has allowed the murder of people of color to continue unabated, and folks are complaining about a mild inconvenience?
      If you live in a society and benefit from it, you are responsible when the structures of that society allow for murder-with-impunity by agents of the state.
      So, a bit of discomfort to get people to take action is perfectly moral.

      1. The people that are foaming at the mouth over one day of change like this are gross, and missing the point of it completely. No getting through to them.

        1. No, the point you are missing is those folks that paid for the service do not have access and revolting against denied access and being lectured by SJW policy they may or may not agree with and certainly did not pay for.

          Got it?…

        2. There should be no point for them to miss. Apple should not be involved politics ever and to throw politics into their customers faces for a service they pay for is insulting at best.

          Stick to making products and leave politics out of it. Apple is not to big to fail.

          A moron thug CHOSE to break the law and started fighting with idiot cop. Nothing good happens when a moron and idiot collide. The moron is dead, the idiot will be jailed for life and those protesting are using bricks to go flat screen TV shopping.

        3. First of all Micheal… it is not “the point.” It’s “your point” as in your point of view. Which I’m fine with if you want to make your self feel better and feel like you are changing the world by listening to someone else’s curated music list. Me I just want the functionality in the app and not have someone else’s music list chosen for me. So if I’m not getting it. Please go ahead and tell me what your point is. Please enlighten us all.

      2. Hey Krioni you want to pay for morals that’s great! But my music subscription and my support for the oppressed and vulnerable populations are two separate issues. Besides, how is listening to someone else’s curated music list going help anyone except line the pockets of those who claim to care while they sit in their well stocked mansions and don’t have to deal with any issues that the unwashed masses do.

      3. It’s not our society, but a few rouge police. This is like saying all black people are thugs and thieves. It simply isn’t true. But all police leaders of these supposed well trained cops should also be punished, because obviously these defective cops slipped through the cracks. And the cracks appear pretty wide now.

        1. Apparently we can’t. There are two groups of people. People who respect diversity of opinion and others who think one must think like they do. It’s funny how people judge others for their stance on civil rights based on their opinion of a Music app.

  7. “ But they don’t feel that they are getting what they paid for, or the same service that white people are getting.”

    ….and Apple’s music day is doing what to make things better…concretely, materially, effectually?

    It’s function is like, “Have a Great Day.” A pleasantry. Hardly more.

    In light of being broadcasted publicly, it’s a signal of virtue. BFD.

    1. “….and Apple’s music day is doing what to make things better…concretely, materially, effectually?”

      Yeah, what’s better? Guess it will stop the shootings, looting and burning of minority and upscale neighborhoods. /s

      Denial of normal service and lectured by SJW you may or not agree with politically — is FORCED ON subscribers without their input or approval.

      Do you understand?…

  8. Also, just so ppl know, you can still use the search option and find any artist and song to play, and playlists as well. It’s just a mild inconvenience really. So, if you are still upset…

  9. Well what if GM decided that next that on December the 2nd they would honor NATIONAL POLLUTION CONTROL DAY.
    So owners of GM cars could only do 25 mph the whole day.

    That would only be a minor inconvenience. And since they bought the cars from GM. GM would be in their full right to impose limitations to these cars. You know it’s only for one day

  10. I contacted support and got 3 free movie rentals for this arrogant takeover of a contractual agreement for a service I purchase from apple. Don’t let them give you the BS line of they cannot refund your account without canceling it. They will offer the free movie rentals credit, then you can cancel you account and get a refund after.

    It is truly arrogant of Cook & Co. to force his political agenda into paid service that no longer operates as contractually offered.

    Jobs was famously apolitical with Apple, and that is one of the qualities that made it great. So sad to see it destroyed by someone so obviously self loathing of himself. (and btw I’m gay, not the self-loathing kind of gay though)

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