Apple’s iPhone leads all others in smartphone customer satisfaction

According to the ACSI Wireless Service and Cellular Telephone Report 2019-2020, Apple’s iPhone leads all others in smartphone customer satisfaction.

Smartphones have never made customers happier as the overall industry rises 1.3% to a new high of 80. The gain follows four years of stability for cell phones at an ACSI score of 79. The industry has steadily improved customer satisfaction over time, with a net gain of 16% over the past 15 years.

Globally, smartphone sales declined 1% in 2019, and the United States saw an end to the high-growth trends in smartphone sales from 2017 and 2018. Amid this general softening in the smartphone market, Apple retains the lead position in U.S. market share, followed by Samsung; LG and Lenovo’s Motorola are a distant third and fourth.

ACSI Wireless Service and Cellular Telephone Report 2019-2020</a>, Apple's iPhone leads all others in smartphone customer satisfaction.
ACSI Wireless Service and Cellular Telephone Report 2019-2020,

For customer satisfaction, Apple’s iPhone (+1% to 82) reigns over all other smartphones for the sixth straight year. Apple’s overall iPhone revenue rose 8% year over year in the 2019 holiday quarter with strong sales for its iPhone 11 series, which offers advanced cameras and improved battery life. ACSI data show that Apple customers overall are more pleased with their device’s battery life compared to a year ago.

MacDailyNews Take: Why are the fake iPhone’s customer satisfaction scores so high? Because most of the Android settlers have never used a real iPhone. They have no idea what they’re missing and how bad their user experience really is.


  1. I just read an article where the iPhone line-up gained the most overall points, but the Note 9 was the one phone that topped all.

    Commenters (for what commenting is worth) confirmed an overall appreciation of the Note. Beyond the device itself, there seemed to be no refuting the security of the iPhone was superior. As well, software updates for iPhones enable much older phones to remain functional. In short, 6+ yrs for iPhones and about 3 yrs for Samsung/Android.

  2. I told Steve about various design changes needed to make iPhone the world’s best phone, and he listened. I was honored to have Steve’s ear and I still have a replica that he sent me framed on the wall. Tim sent me a replica of his too, but that one stays in the bedroom, it’s not for public view ring.

    1. Iphone physical design has been going downhill since the 3GS. While internal horsepower and camera improvements are always welcome, most of the design choices of the last decade have been steps backwards.

      thin to the point of bad battery performance and, yes, weak bending strength in some models
      Stupid Notch and useless rounded screen corners in most expensive OLED models
      no current model fits easily in small pockets
      ever-changing nonstandard screen resolutions and aspect ratios
      no audio jack is truly stupid
      glass front and back = twice as likely to shatter when dropped
      OLED and FaceID are hugely expensive for little usability improvement if any
      inability to add SD card means paying a huge premium up front for RAM
      Ive ruined the textual depth of the first 6 iOS generations, offering up iOS7 Flat Whiteout, with a useless flat monochrome look that makes zero use of the colors that the expensive display has the ability to offer
      single port device = dongle hell
      and most importantly :
      putting the power button immediately opposite the volume buttons is the stupidest thing anyone could possibly do on a phone. Apple now puts it that way on all models.

      Sorry, but Apple’s celebrated design genius hasn’t been showing for at least a decade on the iPhone and many other products.

  3. The last point re: “power button!” It’s astounding Apple has continued with the design…esp as iPhones have gotten larger and grip pressure is greater.

    I assume symmetrical chassis design is cheaper and is the ONLY reason the design remains? Here’s to another unneeded screenshot added to the library.

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